10 grilling safety mistakes you might be making - backyard gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
10 grilling safety mistakes you might be making  -  backyard gas grill
Hope for success, accident-free cookout?For a safe (delicious) backyard barbecue, you will want to avoid these common mistakes: you may want to stand in the shade when you grill.BUT!It may be dangerous to have awnings or branches too close to the grill;The floating fire is easily lit.Your grill —Whether it's charcoal or gasAt least 10 feet M from your home or garage, deck railing and other structures.Greta Gustafson, media relations assistant at the American Red Cross, said he also gave himself plenty of space.“Use the long-Handling tools specially made for cooking on a grill."Everyone wants to be outdoors when the weather is good, but it is important for kids and pets not to play near the grill.It's too easy for them to touch or touch a part of the grill.Even if you finish cooking, keep your child at least 3 feet away from you.Who doesn't want to skip cleaning the grill and go straight to the food?There is always a "next time" but your food tastes better and there is a risk of an outbreak --Ups will decrease when you keep the grill clean.Here's a test kitchen tip: clean the grill every time you use it.(Here are some information about preparing for cooking.) Regularly remove grease and fat build up in grill grilles and drip trays.It is a common mistake to think that it is safe to use a grill in your house or garage, especially a small grill.This is not true.In addition to the fire danger, the grill will release carbon monoxide-A colorless, tasteless gas that can be fatal.Put your charcoal and gas grill out there!It can be tempting to put as much as possible on the grill at a time, but if too much fat is dripping on the grill flame, it causes a flash --up.Instead, cook food in batches to avoid overloading the grill, especially fat meat.It is safe only when the food is heated to a temperature high enough to kill harmful bacteria.Many of the chefs at the Grill "stare" at their meat to see if it's done, but that's not enough.Test Kitchen Tips: cook the meat with a meat thermometer.Here is our recommended cooking temperature guide.Igniting the grill with a closed lid can cause dangerous gas build-up and generate fireball.Please keep the lid open when igniting the gas grill.If the flame goes off, turn off the grill and gas and wait at least five minutes before relighting.Charcoal afson says, the owner of the Charcoal grill, you are not out of the woods.Burning coal with lighter liquids is another big mistake, and doing so can easily cause flashup.Don't be distracted by the delicious food you 've eaten, and don't forget to turn it off properly.Immediately after the cooking is completed, turn off the fuel supply of the burner and gas grill.If you use charcoal, let the coal cool completely before putting it into a metal container.The fire happened very quickly, so it is important to be prepared.There is baking soda on hand to control grease fires and fire extinguishers nearby for other fires.Remember, you never put out fire with water."A great tool for any chef is the freeRed Cross first aid app," Gustafson said ."."This app gives instant access to information that handles the most common first aid emergencies --Including burns.Within reach."Food safety is critical when you are in charge of the grill.Raw meat contains bacteria and bacteria that can make you sick if they are transferred to cooked food, plates or utensils.Test Kitchen Tips: Throw away marinades and sauces that have been exposed to raw meat.Use clean utensils and clean plates to remove cooked meat from the grill.Wash your hands with soap (the right way) before and after processing raw meat, poultry and seafood.
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