10 things your butcher won't tell you - what's the best charcoal grill

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10 things your butcher won\'t tell you  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
With the economy on the verge of collapse, we cannot take anything for granted.
Not even groceries.
Now, more than ever, you should check your purchases carefully to ensure that your income is rewarded with the best possible results.
The meat in a grocery or butcher's shop is a huge expense.
The supermarket bill is usually higher than you expected.
Most of us have had a frustrating experience of spending money on meat like cardboard.
We asked a team of experts to help us navigate the butcher's shop to get the freshest meat at the best possible price.
Continue reading and increase protein intake without running out of bank accounts.
Photography: Phillie CasablancaButchers may be scared ~ But Carly Underly, the author's art beef, encourages consumers not to be afraid to sell: "think about him/her being your meat concierge and can guide you," she said . ".
After all, butchers can also provide tips and internal secrets for cooking meat.
Image source: VirtualErnTry studies all different types of meat
Especially small-
According to Theo Weening, global meat coordinator for the whole food market, known meat will "avoid waste and get a delicious beef dinner without destroying the bank.
"Here are a few different types of meat, provided by Weining: skirt steak: cut off from the lower abdomen, this long and thin steak comes with the taste of its beef and juicy tooth texture
It can dry if after medium cooking, so keep high temperature and short cooking timegrill, cast-
Iron pans or broilers are good.
Denver cut/beef cut Center steak: cut steak is not famous for its tender and juicy taste, but this cut is.
This is because the butcher cuts off the particularly tender muscles found in the chuck roll area of the animal.
A decent marble pattern means it can be marinated, grilled or potseared;
Or taste its rich flavor with very little cooking.
Beef ribs (English style)
These delicious ribs come from the end of the roast ribs.
There is a lot of meat here, although a lot of meat is layered between fat.
Braising is a classic way to treat short ribs. Tri-
Steak tip: three thin
Tips from the meat area between the tenderloin and tenderloin (midsection)and round (hindquarters)of the animal.
Like other cattle loin, it is very delicious and will keep tender if not overcooked.
Grill or screamhot cast-
The iron pan on the stove will scorch the outside and turn the center into a juicy medium --rare.
Flat Iron Steak: good marble pattern and strong beef flavor, which means it is tender enough to grill, but strong enough to simmer or bake for a long time.
Sometimes a muscle line extends horizontally through the incision;
It will melt in the slow process.
Cook, but if you want to roast the steak, it should be cut off by your butcher.
Source: cookbookman17 pre-order
In many cases, cutting meat from a butcher's shop is more expensive than buying raw meat.
"If you buy pre-
According to butcher Kari ly, cutting meat for kabobs is much more expensive than buying you a delicious top-of-the-line salad and then cutting meat yourself at home, "the author of the art of cutting beef.
There is also an expert tip from Underly below: "Bone --
The price is expensive in the eyes of the rib, but you can ask your butcher to cut a chuck eye steak that is cut from the area next to the eye of the rib, but is more affordable.
"Photo credit: krosbowthe butcher's shop or supermarket is not the only place to buy meat.
According to Wendy Knight, reducing middlemen by buying directly from farmers will reduce costs and improve taste
The owner of the sleeping Panton Farm
She said: "It's still cut and butchered like you did when you bought it in the store," she added, "with a farmer, you buy it in bulk --
So you order a whole or half pig/cow and you can pick it up or send it to you.
You may need a big fridge, but some farmers have the option to ship a certain amount of meat each week.
Knight reminds consumers that a large purchase does not mean that you will send a whole body to the door of the House: "It is slaughtered, packaged and cut into pieces --
It's like you're at the grocery store.
"Photo credit: Is there a good time to start shopping during the week when buying meat?
Butcher's master Ray Venetian at fair market says a day or week is not a problem: "When you shop in a shop that cuts meat and poultry yourself, there is a good chance that you will get fresh products any day of the week.
But what about the big grocery chain?
"In those huge stores, 60% of the products are already in the store in the form of packaging, and it doesn't matter which day of the week you buy," he added . ".
"There are 10 of these meats-to 14-day shelf life.
"Photo credit: When you see a lot of different types of meat that all look the same, it can be scary for Dave the butcher's counter.
Mr. Brisket's Hank Cohen Blatter suggested looking for marble patterns in the meat: "There may be 20 steaks in the window of a grocery store, but the best-tasting steak will contain the most interior
Fat and taste are synonymous.
If you see the fillet of beef tenderloin on display, you need two and buy those with the best marble patterns.
Ignore those that look very thin.
They will taste less.
Photo credit: trade of virtualernthough "great, not real", even in meat.
Be careful, according to Kornblut: "discounted items are usually old.
If a particular project is running, ask the people in the meat department if the project is old or if the price is down.
Avoid eating old meat.
If you see ground beef products that look brown in the cooler, please stay away.
But on the other hand, discounts are clearly a benefit for people with tight budgets.
If you're in the store and forget to look for coupons but have an iPhone on hand, download the free Grocery IQ app and find a ton of coupons for Grocery items.
Photo source: o5comRemember: the butcher is an expert, so ask questions.
Make sure the butcher is fully aware of your budget-
Otherwise, he or she may recommend filet steak.
Kornblut also encourages consumers to use the meat department of the supermarket if you don't see anything in advance
Attractive to you.
"Let's say you want fresh ground beef but don't see any beef that looks attractive," he said . ".
"Pick your own chuck (
Don't be too thin, otherwise it will be very dry)
Let them grind it for you. They'll do it.
He also suggested asking if there were any spare items to save money: "Even if not, most meat suppliers would agree to do so because they are used to selling.
They don't want you to leave.
They will be happier if you get a good deal and they make less money than you are empty --
They did nothing.
"The only time you don't have to ask is during a major holiday or other busy period.
"There is no need to offer giveaways in busy shops," Kornblut said . ".
It's also up to you to find the best meat!
"Don't be satisfied with the situation in the case --
Ask your butcher if you don't see anything.
You'll be surprised how many butchers are willing to customize the meat behind them, "says Justin Rosberg.
Founder and CEO of the National Butcher's butcher's shop.
Photo source: Horia VarlanSo you spent money on meat-what about now?
Rosberg suggested the following before cooking the meat: "Don't simply throw the steak of your choice on the grill.
The butcher would suggest frying the meat in a pot, putting a little butter on each side and cooking it in the oven.
This complete contact with the pan caramelized the steak with a burning butter coating.
"Photo credit: katerhaIt is a symbol of the times --
There is an app for almost everything.
One of our favorite butchers
The related app is the Ask the Butcher app for the iPhone, which provides information on all types of meat and has a large number of recipes.
Also, look at the grill!
IPhone app, which offers more recipes on how to make a delicious barbecue meal.
By the way, MainStreet collects some of the best barbecue recipes within budget, so get your last BBQ done before winter! -
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