11 gorgeous cape cod airbnbs for the perfect summer vacation - gas grill for camping

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-25
11 gorgeous cape cod airbnbs for the perfect summer vacation  -  gas grill for camping
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Less than two weeks before the official start of the summer, the time to book the summer vacation has never been better than this.
What better place to spend a week than on the idyllic coast of Cape Cod?
There are celebrities in Martha's Vineyard and figawi in nantarket, but there are 15 pictures in Cape Cod, each with something different to offer a summer vacation getaway.
Fortunately, there are plenty of Cape Cod villas, apartments and carriage houses available for rent on Airbnb.
There are 11 gorgeous ones here.
Located in the heart of Falmouth Woods Hole village, this beautifully decorated 1930 s cottage is within walking distance of Woods Hole Marine Research Institute, Martha Vineyard ferry and beach.
This cottage comes with a delicious kitchen and the owner has built the cottage for families with children.
Commented: "This is a beautiful, quaint, comfortable home with beach by the sea --y decor!
The location offers an easy walk to Woods Hole and ferry to Martha's Vineyard, as well as a short drive to many nearby beaches and other points of interest.
"Cost per night: $88 for two months;
Each additional guest is $7, up to six.
2 hours from Boston.
Hygge is a Danish word that means "a pleasure of comfort and comfort that creates satisfaction or happiness --being.
"This sandwich barn is a great start if you're looking for more hygge in your life.
The barn loft features a kitchen with a European chef and a high ceiling, as well as a candlelight stove and a creek
Side yard with hammock and fire pit with accesssite sauna.
The comment said: "It was great to live in Krista's place.
We are very excited about the unique architecture and design.
Even better than pictures.
The open layout made it very comfortable for the four of us to hang out outside.
"Cost per night: up to $340 for four guests.
1 from Boston. 5hours.
This Mashpee townhouse is perfect for families with children as it has a spacious backyard less than 100 yards from the beach.
You can also easily get to nature hiking through Mashpee National Wildlife Sanctuary and Jehu Pond Reserve, which is only a short drive from the island of second sett and Monomoscoy.
The comment said: "We like to live in Dr very much.
Beach Villa in Rick
We have everything we need at home.
Beach supplies, games, etc.
We have two children. This place is perfect for them.
Close to the beach, lovely shops and restaurants within walking distance.
"Cost per night: $320 for up to six guests.
2 hours from Boston.
While the Atlantic has been hyped, you can still enjoy a swim in salt water from the Cape coast to the inland.
This beachfront Yarmouth home located in salt water follies Pond, if you want to view water activities from high above, it will provide guests with a private dock, kayak and elevated deck.
The comment said: "The house is as beautiful as the picture shows, full of all the comforts of home.
It's easy to get there from Boston and from home to restaurants, supermarkets, playgrounds and dog parks.
Fee per night: up to $285 for 7 guests.
2 hours from Boston.
Just to the north of the foltham pond is Dennis's freshwater linen pond.
Here you will find the Sea View Glass Cottage with solarium with cushion bench, vaulted ceiling, air conditioning and marble countertops.
Also, you can use a kayak if you want to explore the pond.
Commented: "Ocean Glass Cottage is the perfect comfort paradise for our group of four (plus dog).
Aruna is great and easy to communicate and she has a lot of great advice.
We loved kayaking in the pond and strolling on the nearby nature trails, the house was very convenient for all the towns around Dennis.
"Cost per night: up to $149 for four guests.
2 hours from Boston.
Brewster, located in front of Cape Cod, is a perfect midway point for a day trip near Cape Cod.
However, if you live in this beach villa, you can cancel all the day trips and enjoy the surround deck, open-
Concept Kitchen and comfyentertainment room on the ground floor.
The house is also a few steps from the city center and less than a mile from the beach at Cape Cod Bay.
The comments said: "The photos did not make this amazing place just!
The outdoor shower is amazing, spacious and hot!
Rabbits and other wildlife play on the lawn all day.
I like this place very much.
"Cost per night: $250 for up to 8 guests.
2 hours from Boston.
This carriage house in Harridge may be small, but it's also two houses in a house --
It was built as a combination of pillars and Crossbeam barns as well as ancillary cabins.
The cozy furnished house is centrally located for a day trip around Cape Cod, less than half a mile from the free ferry across from Port Saquatucket to Nantucket.
"We enjoyed living in the Sara carriage house in Harwich," the comment said.
We were looking forward to a cottage but what we got was a full house with a nice kitchen, living room and two bedrooms.
We will definitely come back.
"Cost per night: up to $250 for five guests.
2 hours from Boston.
This lakeside resort is located at the end of a private road in the quiet wood West Road section of Orleans, with views of Pilgrim Lake from both outdoor decks.
There is a lot of outdoor furniture, a gas grill and a private dock for swimming and boating.
In addition, it is only a short drive from four public salt water beaches.
Commented: "This private lakeside resort is everything promised-beautiful idyllic setting but close to everything on the Cape.
We loved having morning tea on the deck and looking at the mist on the lake.
"Cost per night: $250 for up to six guests.
2 hours from Boston.
If you would like to enjoy the B & B experience with some lively, creative owners, check out the captain B & B, run by a married couple who live in the recently built tree house in the yard.
Its vibrant decor features a large piano that serves breakfast on the porch or restaurant every morning.
Commented: "This place is amazing!
The room was clean, comfortable and beautiful.
My parents and I had a great time here.
"Cost per night: $110 for two countries;
Each additional guest is $30, up to four.
2 hours from Boston.
In this Truro beachfront condo, walk from the porch to the beach and see the unbeaten Atlantic Ocean.
The hotel is conveniently located, less than 10 minutes from downtown Providence, and guests can open two glass sliding doors to the fullest to let the sea breeze blow in, or cool with a central air conditioner when mercury climbs.
"Everything is perfect," the comment said.
We have three young children, which is no better.
The central air conditioner is very large and the view is incredible.
"Cost per night: $257 for up to six guests.
Distance from Boston: 2. 5hours.
This 1930 s beachfront cottage is located opposite the plowenstown/Truro border in the Beach Point area and has been meticulously restored to maintain the original wooden walls, ceilings and floors, as well as the sun --
Room with added luxury of new bathroom, new kitchen, gas grill and open living room with wood-
Brick fireplace.
Fortunately, no matter who built the house in the 1930 s, there is common sense to make sure that each bedroom is facing the water and has some really spectacular views.
The comment said: "This may be the best value we have received for a long time.
Will go back in the heartbeat.
The cottage is as great as the picture shows, etc.
"Cost per night: $145 for up to six guests.
Distance from Boston: 2. 5hours.
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