11 mistakes novice grillers make — and how to correct them - the best charcoal bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
11 mistakes novice grillers make — and how to correct them  -  the best charcoal bbq grill
Ask the avid BBQ enthusiasts where they learned their craft and they usually quote their backyard.They will recall their father on the grill (always their father, rarely their mother) and sometimes flip the burger and sometimes smoke a whole pig.This sensory memory is often inspired by the passion of lifelong barbecue.Not for me.My father seldom cooks outdoors.He's more of a farmhouse on Saturday.Pasta for breakfast or weekendand-Guys like meatballs.The only time I remember my dad at a big family party in the public park, even around the grill, I was busy splashing in the pool, or chasing my cousins with a water gun, didn't notice anything about the barbecue.So when I was in my early 20 s I was a real newbie and I moved to Texas in the middle1970s.I made a lot of mistakes in learning this most basic cooking method.I made these mistakes so you don't have to do that.Here, just in time for the second half of the summer, I want to talk about the 11 mistakes that the rookies made on the charcoal grill and how to correct them.The weekend after I bought my first grill, I had a party.I put so many hands.The burger on the grill looks like a winding highway during peak hours.Within a few minutes, I took out the meat plate on the grill, and each dish was burned much more than before.Correction: leave enough space between your food to take care of each food in comfort.Pro tip: Live-Cooking on fire produces different amounts of heat.Get to know your hot spots and move your food around (now you already have a room) to avoid burning.Soon after I got married, I sprayed a fire hydrant on a pile of charcoal and lit it with a match.I was impatient with the progress of the fire, and I did it again.And again.Every time, the flames burn the demons of fear as if I were Jimmy Hendricks and the grill was my guitar.Right outside the back door, my fiancee Jessica expressed her concerns."Jim, if you kill yourself....She stopped to look for the right words.“Then...."Obviously I couldn't find the right one, and she said two words out loud --The word ending with "you.I laughed.“Really?"I was wrong to be a knight.The lighter liquid is dangerous.Risk yourself.There is no way to start a marriage.Don’t use it.The smell is very bad.These things are flammable, so it is an unnecessary accident when stored in a garage.Correction: charcoal chimney is used.You just have to plug a bunch of newspapers at the bottom, put charcoal on the top, ignite the newspaper, and within 20 minutes your coal will be gray and ready to use.Professional tip: When you cook, just fill your chimney with as much charcoal as you can.Grilled four burgers?About half.Eight burgers?Fill it in.More time than I wanted to remember, I sprinkled hot coal on the entire bottom of the grill.This caused two problems.First, I limit the capacity of the grill because all the heat is basically the same intensity.Second, I burned a lot of burgers because they were all cooked at the same time and temperature and it was not possible to take them off quickly enough.Lighting up the whole grill is like having all the burners on the kitchen stove surface stay at the same level of heat.No one can cook like this.Fix: create two areas, one for direct cooking with fire and the other for indirect cooking with fire.In this way, you have enough space to manipulate the food and cook at the speed or speed you want.Professional tip: Bake on the direct fire.Then, when cooking indirectly, usually close the lid and gently bake your food.In Austin in the 1980 s, there was a barbecue legend called C.B.Stubblefield.You may know that he is the inspiration behind the Stubb BBQ sauce collection.He is a burly, strong man, and behind the legendary blues club Anton, his figure is visible.Dance is not overLike one of his ribs.Meat, Burnt and tender like Elvis ballad, so wonderful that I credit them for the trade between my wifeto-be and me.(Full disclosure: as everyone has said, Stubb has served our wedding.) At the same time, my ribs are the opposite of Stubb: tough, dry, neverending chew.Finally, I found that my fire was too hot.Fix: to cook slowly, extend the fire, give smoked ribs, and cover the grill.You can also use less coal or let the coal cool a bit and cook at low temperatures, but both techniques are for food like fish and chicken nuggets, no big meat like spareribs will cook faster.Professional tip: your grill is a convertible.A quick barbecue of steak and ribs is the best choice.Open the top for slow cooking and smoking of pork ribs and pig heads and adjust the vents (faster cooking is more open, slower cooking is less open ).My first experiment with cow bris was so bad that I actually threw away a couple of cow bris that did a really bad job instead of eating them.One Sunday morning I called Jessica's cousin, Red, a family Bull bris legend who revealed his secret.Although my bris are not good enough at times, they are usually delicious --I haven't thrown it in years.The problem is that I opened the lid too often and couldn't see how the meat was made as if it was a movie and I didn't want to miss any good parts.This is related to temperature and cooking time.Fix: for big meat like cow bris and pig shoulder, don't peek.Professional tip: fire management and patience are two of the most important ingredients to create a delicious barbecue.Learning how to make a fire is helpful for both.Buy a hinged grate that makes it easier to add coal or wood chips to the fire to keep the fire stable for a long cooking time.If using offset or other smokers, please use the larger-Hard wood of the size, such as blocks and split logs.They will help to maintain a uniform fire as they will burn for a long time and the space between fire and food will help to avoid excessive burningsmoking.There is a chain store known for its ribs, which I used to like.Sauce was on the ribs.I tried this at home.But my ribs will inevitably come out like slag.Then I learned a little chemistry.There is sugar in the sauce.Sugar caramel.If the fire is put too fast, it will burn.Leave the sugar in the sweet tea.Correct: season with sauce in the last 10 minutes of cooking.Pro tip: don't use sauce during the period.I rarely do this.) The taste of meat, spices and smoke is wonderful.If you have to use the sauce, you can choose at the table.When I started the barbecue, my food was often glued to the grate.I will take a spatula and pull a burger or salmon slice from the cooking surface and leave some of its parts on grates.Like Homer Simpson, I would blame the fire or the appliance: "Stupid grill."It took some time, but I finally understood that the fault was not on the flame or the grille --But myself.No self-Cleaning function on grill.Correction: after cooking, use a hard grill when the grill is still warmBrush and scrub the grille.Then dip it with a rag or rag --Vegetable oil and long paper towels-Handle the pliers and refuel the grille.You can also wait until the next time you cook, scrub and oil grates after starting a fire.Professional tip: wait a little longer than you think before turning food.Once it is caramelized or marked with a dark grill, the food is easier to release from the grate.Also, you can refuel your food a little.Pumpkin coins, steak or something.So far, from everything you 've read, you may think that all I 've baked or smoked is meat.You were right until recently.I was so meat-I think chicken is a side dish.Then I went to Italy.In particular, the Antipasti restaurant in Tuscany inevitably includes grilled eggplant, zucchini, onions and red peppers.This is a light bulb moment.Correct: BBQ fruits and vegetables, especially during the season when the taste reaches its peak.Try a tomato for a Spanish cold dish.Make a pie with blueberries that will shake your world.Professional tip: use the grill as an external version of the stove and oven.Anything you can cook indoors can be cooked outdoors.Free your imaginationRalph Waldo Emerson wrote that foolish consistency is the goblin of the little mind.I was a genius by this standard.The quality of my BBQ and smoked food is inconsistent.To help me reduce my mistakes, I started to record the seasoning, the intensity of the heating, and the cooking time.My food has improved.But reliability didn't become part of my BBQ vocabulary until I bought a simple tool.Correction: instant of use-Read the thermometerIt is glued to the thickest part of the meat, providing a reliable guide for donations.Pro tip: Don't rely on a thermometer alone.I may not be using feel specifically anymore, but I still use it a lot.The thermometer won't tell you if the cow bris will swing like it should.Trust your intuition.The more you learn, the more you learn.Until today, I'll ask a friend a question about what he did on the grill that I haven't seen before, or ask how exactly it was done, he made the perfect shell and juicy interior on the cow bris.Fix: Keep curious.Professional tip: Read the barbecue and smoking cooking books and check the Internet.Two reliable sources: AmazingRibs, the detailed website of Meathead Goldwyn.Barbecue Bible by Yoda Steven Raichlen.com.I'm not even a newbie to this, but mistakes happen to our best people.At the end of June, I visited my son in New Orleans and helped his friends barbecue.The fire is as serious as any one I remember.At too low temperatures, it will smsm and then soar horribly.The reason?No wood.More accurately, it is the wrong Wood.They only have logs.Adding a complete, large, circular log to a smoker's fire box is more likely to put out fire (without oxygen) than keeping the fire feeling ).This is basically something that has been happening all the time.Correct: of course, be prepared, but also adapt to the situation.Even if we had the wood exactly right and it was cut into our specifications, who knows what else could go wrong?Live-Cooking with fire is unpredictable.The climate, the moisture in the wood, the wind, any amount of things will affect the way the food is cooked.We are making two rows of ribs, a bunch of chicken wings, some sausages, an eggplant and a few pieces of watermelon.Now, I am skilled enough to handle many different foods at the same time.I know how long it will take for everyone, more than the intensity of the flame.On that day in New Orleans, about cooking time disappeared in slow timefast fire.We ad-Frantically lib water, moving the food from the fire to the top of the fire, and then back to the fire, I have been fiddling with the wood chips found in the local grocery store and the firewood provided by the barbecue shop, I regret it.Dear tip: Don't panic, slow down.For large meat (pig shoulder, cow bris, ribs), it is always allowed a buffer time of at least an hour, and for fast meat it is always allowed a buffer time of 20 minutesGrill (steak, fish ).If you think it takes 4 hours for a rib, give it 5 hours.The extra time can keep you calm as things go south.What if all goes well?Great.Meat should rest anyway.Sha Hin is an associate professor of journalism at Syracuse University.He will attend the free range chat at noon on Wednesday: Live.washingtonpost.com.Follow him on Twitter: @ jimshahin.
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