12 great grilling recipes for your Fourth of July cookout - cool barbecue grills

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-05
12 great grilling recipes for your Fourth of July cookout  -  cool barbecue grills
And some of us say hello to summerTIME's favorite barbecue recipe.First of all, pick up your cool BBQ tool to show off to friends and family.You can heat things up with smoked roasted wings and cool them with a refreshing watermelon salad.So, take out the charcoal fire and the raw fire and have a cold beer.-Or a refreshing summer cocktail.-Enjoy the weather in summer.This burger is mixed with several segments of beef: Sharang, Chuck and bris to get the right proportion of fat and protein for the burger pie.The extra effort is worth it.The All-American cheeseburger recipe cooks faster than meat, is more tolerant in many ways and requires lower accuracy.The whole fish on the bone is more delicious than the fish fillet.Without a lot of roasted beans, the whole fish grilled with lemon and tarragon is incomplete.This recipe comes from twoWorld Barbecue Champion Melissa CustonBBQ roasted beans recipehe grill is not only reserved for meat.In fact, many kinds of fruit taste incredible when placed on open fire.The peach is especially delicious because the juice will be caramelized and unlike other things you have tried, it will leave you sweet desserts.Roasted Cayenne peach caramelized the lobster.This method can give full play to the taste of the lobster instead of washing it off like steamed or boiled.Other flavors in this recipe, vanilla and big Mannier, are a perfect addition to baked lobster.During the summer BBQ season, there is no reason why we only eat hamburgers, dogs and spareribs.This light and delicious salmon is a popular change to the heavier grill food, it is widely used and you can easily exchange salmon for hali fish, mahi, chickenGrilled salmon with avocado cream and mango salsa. The burger is juicy and delicious, and all the right ingredients are covered with a layer --With cheese, bacon and BBQ sauce.It's a long term.Time Tucson's favorite is that locals line up in the hot desert sun to get a hand.What they didn't tell you is that this quick and easy recipe will keep you away from the smoked barbecue in time for fun.Bacon-Wrapped Sonoran hot dog recipe is a great healthy meat tenderizer that requires full marinades with garlic, herbs and spices.Different types of beer create new flavors.This season, the grilled skirt steak is served with ravioli with sunflower sauce. the taste is the same. you can try the salmon burger.You can dress it like a regular burger, or you can make slaw do it better.Salmon Burger with cabbage salad and tomato corn salsa, of course, Turkey can be a bit bad at timesWell, these turkey burgers are served with chopped mint and parsley, seasoned with an interesting mixture of chili, cumin, coriander and pepper slices, both wet and delicious.Grilled Middle Eastern turkey burger with yogurt sauceOn a spring afternoon next to the grill, the loaded recipe is perfect.This dish, either alone or with rice, is a delicious main course for outdoor or indoor parties.
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