15 quick tips to stay cool this summer without AC - barbecue grill machine

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-03
15 quick tips to stay cool this summer without AC  -  barbecue grill machine
When Mercury rises, a house without air conditioning becomes sultry and uncomfortable, making it difficult to relax, eat or sleep.Try these hot hacks and stay cool and calm all summer.1.Unplug the TV and turn off the laptop.The appliances send out heat, so turn off everything you didn't use and make sure they were pulled out of the wall as well.TV and computers are the worst criminals, so make sure they are all turned off.Even if a device is on standby, it still emits heat, so unplug all the power on the wall, including the phone charger, and take the opportunity to get yourself technically rested.2.Make your own air conditioner.If you have a desktop fan you can turn it into a DIY air-Adjust the air conditioner by placing a bowl of ice water in front of the air conditioner, so that the air slides on the ice and overheat.It's a great solution if the kids are having trouble falling asleep, or you need to sit at your desk or desk to work, as it can provide condensed "ice" air.3.Freeze your pillowcase.Cool pillows are a real luxury on hot summer nights.Wrap the pillowcase with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator before going to bed, then open it before you go to bed at night to relax your pillowcase.It sounds a bit strange, but on a sultry night it will provide cold relief and the soothing effect should last long enough for you to leave comfortably.4.Choose natural materials.Avoid using synthetic materials, especially in the bedroom, as the synthetic materials do not allow your skin to breathe normally, which may increase body temperature, especially in the warm bedroom.Change bedding to cotton or linen because natural materials help to regulate body heat and also absorb moisture from the hot skin.5.Make an ice-water bottle.Take your hot-Remove the water bottle from hibernation, turn it into an ice bag and cool a bed.Fill it with cold water, put it in the fridge, and then put it between the sheets before going to bed.You can also freeze wheat or rice bags and place a portable ice bag behind your neck while working or relaxing.6.Turn off the lights.All lights send out heat, some more than others.To avoid overheating in the room during the summer, please make sure to turn off all the lights as much as possible and install the energy-Efficient bulbs to reduce the energy released by heat.7.Limited shower time.Even a gentle shower heats up a small bathroom immediately, so keep the shower short and cool on hot days.You can also fill the tub or sink with a little cold water, then add the ice and make an ice bucket to soak the clothes and towels and put it on your hot head to lower your body temperature.8.Screen sun-facing windows.Again, it looks obvious, but make sure all the sunDuring the day, window facing is blocked and blinds or blinds are tightly closed to filter out as much direct sunlight as possible.Also close the window if it is a quiet day, but if there is a breeze, open the window or door to keep the air flowing.9.Keep the air flowing.The key to cooling the stuffy room is to increase the air flow, so once the temperature starts to drop at night, open the doors and windows and encourage a cool breeze to sweep from the front of the House to the back.Fans can help if they are still there at night.10.Spray clothes and linen with cold water.If you need to cool down quickly, spraying cotton coats with cold water is a way to reduce the temperature at the hottest of the day.You can also reduce the temperature of the room by soaking cotton sheets or light towels in cold water and hanging them on the window and cooling the air as it flows through the room.Keep in mind that this will only work at high temperatures.11.Do not use the oven.If you need an excuse to leave the kitchen, that's it!Using an oven or stove will increase the temperature in your home if you have an open planPlanning the living and cooking area, the hot air of the kitchen appliances will heat the whole space.Use the hot weather as an excuse, replace it with a barbecue grill, or stick to a salad on the hottest days.12.Drum dryer is prohibited.Running the washer and dryer on hot days is for sure --Fire protection method to improve indoor temperature.Limit the number of times the washing machine is used on very hot days to prevent the temperature from rising and dry the clothes on the outdoor clothesline instead of using the dryer.The Earth will thank you.13.City balcony screen.If you live in an apartment that is hot and uncomfortable in the summer, try making a sun screen with green leafy bamboo.This will have a double benefit to cool the balcony and other rooms by blocking direct sunlight and providing a privacy screen.Bamboo is a great choice for urban space as it grows quickly, is relatively easy to maintain, and has a pleasant tendency to swing gently in the breeze on summer evenings,14.Create a cool canopy.If you have a lot of glass or an overheated living area in the summer, this is an effective, stylish and eco-friendlyThe friendly way to cool down is to plant a green leaf canopy outside.This will absorb direct sunlight and filter it gently so you get soft spot light instead of dazzling direct sunlight.Not only does this help keep your living space cool, it also helps clean the air and create a soothing view in your cool and cool living room.This is long term-Term categories, not quick fixes, but your future self will thank you if you start planting green screens this summer.15.Use the canopy to direct the sun.Another way to stop the midday sun from flowing into your home and prevent the room from overheating is to place a canvas canopy in the hottest place or sail today on any doors and windows in direct sunlightThis will also create a cool outdoor place to enjoy in a beautiful summer day.
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