170 holiday gift ideas - replacement stainless steel grill grates

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
170 holiday gift ideas  -  replacement stainless steel grill grates
Whether you want to splurge or splurge, we have a gift for each budget.
Whether you want to splurge or splurge, we have a gift for each budget.
Price range: below $10 | below $10. 01-$25 | $25. 01-$50 | $50. 01-$100 | $100. 01-$250 | $250. 01-$500 | $500. 01-
$1,000 | Annie Cusack/La time customization program Super gift under $10
A one-minute gift, which will last for a full year, stops for custom planters in Culver City or the rolling greens of Hollywood.
According to the plants you choose on site, the arrangement starts as low as $10 and you are free to carry your own ships.
9528 Jefferson Avenue
Culver City, 7505 Beverly Avenue.
Los Angeles, www.
Rolling green nurserycom.
Travel: Guide by Doug Lansky this is a digital sock for thinking travelers: Doug Lansky's email
Book travel: a guide (274 pages)is a text-
Lighting, illustration
A lot of facts, provocative questions and clever side-by-side.
Lansky said he was inspired by disrespectful photos
The central method of color magazine (Established in 1991)
This is our harvest.
Ideal to read while waiting to catch a plane, train or car. Info: $4. 99.
Available from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and other online merchants.
Anne Cusack/LA Times stainless steel bench
A bench scraper is a simple thing in the kitchen, really.
Its name is true and the bench scraper is perfect for cleaning the working surface.
Whether you clean up after kneading a batch of dough, shaving tempered chocolate, or collecting all the freshly chopped carrots, the wide edges of the spatula allow it to work quickly.
It also works well when you distribute dough for rolls or cookie-cutting logs.
This stainless steel version is heavy-
There is a good grip on the top and a convenient measure on the bottom. $6. 95 from Amazon. com.
Los Angeles time lock-Anne Cusack
What is this novelty?
Holiday feast without cell phone interruption?
Teenagers who don't read text messages?
No executives secretly check the mail? The Cell Lock-
Up is a stupid project with a stupid advertisement: "It's a crime to interrupt family time.
"But it might be silly to have everyone put their phones in gray plastic cells and set a timer for some holiday home time.
The price for Amazon is $8 to $20.
Com and bed, bathroom and other places.
Now that you are already an adult, you need to shoot liquor in the right way.
There's no more room to shoot.
Take out the temperature lens of vodka from a Dixie cup in someone's dormitory.
Show your friends that you 've grown up, even if it's just a little bit, with these cold glass ice molds each time.
They are the perfect gift for recent college graduates or lifetime shoots-
All of us. $8.
Four people on Amazon. com.
Richard Derk/Los Angeles Times Wallet Ninja is a smooth and thin sock filler for the inspector gadget on your list.
Rugged Steel equipment packs 18 tools into one credit-card-
The size gadget that can easily slide into the traveler's wallet.
Ninja includes a can opener, bottle opener, nail clippers, box opener, hand rack, fruit peeler, four sizes screwdriver, ruler and six hex
Probably the most ingenious thing is the mobile phone stand, which allows you to support the device so you can watch a movie. Info: $9. 99, www. walletninja.
This is a very cheap gender eq.
It's easy for men to live in the wild when nature calls, and now this product makes women's lives better.
This is a small single.
Use the folding cardboard funnel that can be stored in the plastic cover and dispose of it after use.
There are also paper towels. $1. 75, www. thepeepocket. com.
Every ounce is important when you're backpacking, which is 1/2-
Oz multi-purpose appliances are a useful addition to any trek.
Sports hall from Oregon
The company that produces a large amount of outdoor equipment is titanium, which has four anointing colors, including silver.
If placed directly in a bonfire flame, it changes color, although it is not very common in the drought.
About $10 at REI and other outdoor shops and hotel Xuefeng. com.
Of course, Christina House/The spicesyou has an excellent spice cabinet that stores all The frankinks you need, fennel pollen and Iranian saffron.
On the other hand, your friends may not be lucky enough to receive a custom set of spices to enhance the perfume cooked in Tunisia, or a small portion of the pepper
Thai spicy chili, smoked chili, Turkish UFA raisins
On the barbecue.
There is no better place to collect spices in Los Angeles than Silver Lake Spice Station.
Various prices at www.
Spice Silver Lake. com.
Anne Cusack/La time atomic horse racing team's championship gift is $10 to $25, and Silverton is raving about it in one of her masterclass columns.
As good as she promised.
Just the right mix of Dou-
Sweet and sweet.
We always hope that other horses will be like a mountain sunflower.
Keep a couple for yourself and the rest as gifts.
Put the "warm" of the housewarming back. $11. 97 for three (6-ounce)
Jar from Amazoncom.
Harry Buck dog treatsHarry Buck recycling steel tank full mac-and-cheese-
Tasty dog food.
$12 Harry Buck
Kikkerland Design
Carrot spoon and fork with carrot spoon and fork make it fun to eat vegetables-
Or anything else. They're short-
Handle, more suitable for those small hands, and store in potted plants in Los Feliz gardens and lifestyle shops. $12. 50 at Potted (323)665-3861.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times says fixing gears together can be a challenge, but you can install lights on the tent ceiling or water bottles on your backpack, or install lunch on a bike, these ties are made of rubber --coated wires.
The size of the gear tie belt has been up to 64 inch, but the packaging of eight varieties includes sizes from 3 to 18 inch.
They can be twisted or bundled and can be reused.
They also make you look organized.
For $13 on camping and sports stores and Amazon, there are other sizes and prices.
Galina & Co.
Creative Galina dumbbell jewelry decoration by Committed Galina & Co: earrings, bracelets and necklace sports one or more dumbbells.
We love the silver bracelet with that string of dumbbells because it is beautiful and maybe a reminder to stay healthy.
From www. $13 to about $500. creativegalina. com.
Andrew Takeuchi/BauerBauer candle holder enthusiasts will love Bauer's new reel candle holder in three sizes, similar to the spool.
With 15 colors to choose from, the candle holder is another way to mix and match Bauer's colorful ring tableware dishes and accessories.
The decree of the month $, $ bauerpottery per person. com.
Designed by Nobuhito Nishigawara, the West River course laboratory, this collection of exquisite and beautiful tableware, glazed in pale gray, is made in the Orange County Studio of the sculptor/Porter, it is sold at the Turtle general store in Venice.
The collection includes bowls, plates, dishes, serving bowls, pitchers, cups and mugs, and gravy bowls.
There are three sizes for each (
Large, medium and small).
Month $, $38 when tortoiselife.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times Inn digital thermometer
The type thermometer includes a thin probe for measuring temperature and a large LCD display for easy reading.
The temperature range recorded by the thermometer is from-
40 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (-
40 to 232 degrees Celsius)
There is a metal clip on the back and on the lanyard so that you can get close to it at any time whether it's cooking, baking or grilling.
Easy to clean thermometer made of waterproof plastic with safeT-Guard anti-
Microbial protection on sleeves and shells. $14. 41 at Amazon. com.
What would be your favorite grill-
Like Meister under a tree?
How about things on the tree?
Sur la Table sells these very cool cooking
Themed stained glass decorations, including a decoration that looks like a Webb charcoal grill, with ashpan.
What about a boat shaped like cannoli, a pack of bacon or six bacon if their boat doesn't float? pack of beer? $15 at www. surlatable. com.
Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times red boat salt fish sauce may be the secret of Southeast Asian cooking, and Red Boat fish sauce or nuoc mam nhi is not a secret, and it is the chef's favorite.
The red boat has now added seasoning salt to the lineup, marinated in mango barrels that store Red Boat fish sauce for more than a year.
The finely chopped Salt adds flavor to vegetables, meat, fish and poultry. $15 for an 8. 8-
An ounce of Red Boat fish sauce. com.
Los Angeles shining sisters-
Inspired by all the sparkling candles of the Los Angeles sisters, whether you light it or not. $15 at www.
Sister of Los Angelescom.
UmbraUmbra hammer head bottle openerUmbra Chrome
Metal-plated hammer opener/bottle opener.
Prices on the black market, Los Angeles and Umbra are $15.
Jonathan Adler enterprise LLCJonathan Adler menorahJonathan Adler brass bird menorah and candles.
Jonathan Adler 45 boxes for $15 West Hollywood Los Angeles.
Fante's kitchen, ShopGraticola stovetop toasterFettunta, is one of the best foods in the world: a large piece of toast with a few drops of olive oil on it.
In places like the kitchen and Alimento you will find it part of half the dishes.
The secret is, at least at those times, there is no charcoal grill in your kitchen, this is a graticola, a perforated mesh
The top is a wisp of steel used as a toaster on the stove. (
Alas, only gas stoves. )
In Italy, you can buy graticola at any hardware store.
Here you have to order one online. $15. 99 at fantes. com.
Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles time Flight 001 eye masks these lightweight eye masks from Flight 001 make it possible for regular guests on your list to close their eyes --eye —
They may even cause smiles from unhappy seat mates. A light-
It eliminates the inserts on the bridge of the nose, the soft lining and the adjustable wide elastic band to make it comfortable to wear.
There are seven styles to choose from in this cotton/polyester mask featuring cat's eye sunglasses, pilot or candy Moates. Info: $16, www. flight001.
The Society of aromatherapy care bathes and showers the society of aromatherapy care bathes and bath oils, as well as sage, frankincense and cardamom.
The beauty shop in West Lake Village is only $17.
Zingerman sent OrderLa Quercia guthrialestraight from Iowa, where La Quercia guthriale is a cross-pig of Berkshire with just as serious premium bacon.
Not only don't you have to worry about the deterioration of these things (
It won't last that long anyway)
But you can put it in almost anything: pasta, pizza, omelette, or just shave with bread and cornichons. $17.
£ 50 on www. zingermans.
Com, or you can upgrade to their "Acorn Edition" Tamworth for an extra 50 cents.
Eagle WakawakaPho T
Shirt lovers at Pho can use this sturdy 100% cotton T-
Sonoma's shirt
Illustrator and wine writer for Illustrator Wakawaka. The hand-
Drawn design shows all the elements in a bowl of Vietnamese soup that can be bought at her Etsy store.
$25 for adults and $18 for Etsy children. com.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times's original food starter package is almost time to add a healthy diet, among other admirable behaviors.
For some, this may mean trying raw food.
It's not just Apple.
So for those loved ones who want to take their time, this deck is a guide to the world of raw food, and for most, the world is still very strange.
Cards include recipes (
Keale fries, almond milk, vegan cheese)
Shopping list, technology, etc. , from the raw food chef Emilie McBride. $19. 95 at www. deckopedia. com.
California Olive Ranch fresh California olive oil talk to Italian olive oil lovers and soon you may find them raving about Oreo Novo
Fluorescent green, vibrant flavorpressed oil.
Unfortunately, it's hard to find and it often loses this freshness when it gets to our store.
Luckily, one of the best olive pastures in California
Value around oil producers (
Their Arbequina is our house down)
, There is a solution.
The reserves here are very limited.
It went public just in time for the holiday. $19.
Buy 500 ml bottles of 99 in caliquiaoliveranch. com.
Anne trezeke/Los Angeles TimesOXO good grip bending Cup setOXO has been created by a classic kitchen tool called self-revolutionary, these angle measuring cups are a favorite test kitchen staff.
The patented tilting surface allows you to easily read the measurement mark by looking straight into the cup without filling, checking and repeatedly adjusting the amount of liquid you are measuring.
Set includes 1-cup, 2-cup and 4-
Cup measures, each with a comfortable non-
Slide handle. $19. 99 at www. oxo. com.
La Nogalera/Rancho La VinaWalnut oil if you go to the Salt and Straw shop these days, you can get a spoonful of La Nogalera walnuts from Rancho La Viña, a walnut farm located in Santa Rita Hills on the Central Coast.
Ice cream is a powerful thing that tastes as complex and inviting as vanilla.
But customers at the local farmer's market have known the company for many years.
A little bit of oil can increase the baking depth of salad dressing, sliced pears and even baked country bread.
$20 per liter (
A little more than a cup)
But a bit far away.
At the Santa Monica farmers market, Hollywood farmers market on Sunday and lanogalera, $20 a litre. com.
George William/Los Angeles Times hello Kitty if you have trouble
Hello Kitty fans in the circle of friends (who doesn't? )
He or she will love the Hello Kitty toaster oven.
Every morning, Fan says, Hello Kitty's sweet face turns into two slices of bread and he or she can start a new day.
The toaster has seven color settings and four toast modes, including one of the Hello Kitty bagels. From $21. 26 at Amazon. com.
Spoband portable fitness equipment has little weight, no space and is everywhere.
This is an intelligent elastic band with three resistance levels.
Use it to exercise from head to foot.
It comes with a poster showing the exercises.
The band was stitched double to create the hand
Along its length and foothold to obtain more precise resistance.
The price of the Uspromed is $23 to $27. com.
Annie Cusack/Los Angeles Times kitesvin has a kid who is just interested in cooking?
Kidstall could be the perfect gift.
You can order a suite or a monthly subscription.
For example, the "Bake Me Happy" kit includes recipes for banana bread, popcorn and apple crisp, as well as cool little background and experimental notes to play.
Including a can of chocolate whirlpool, a child
The size of the silicone mixer and the puppy-shaped completely irresistible silicone pit. $24. 95 at Kidstir.
Back to topifts for $25.
01 for $ month Ricardo DeAratanha/Los Angeles TimesKitchen scaleStill do not use kitchen scales to measure?
What are you waiting?
Especially in baking, measuring the ingredients by weight is not only more accurate, but also more instructive.
When you understand the importance of ingredient proportions, you will see a whole new level of experiment.
Widely available from $25.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times's love of the sea gift makes you laugh?
You dare not laugh at least when you see yellow --
Carol Kaufman wrote the ribbon sweet lips on the cover of "ocean" created by Dan Kenning.
What's funny about the fish described by the author as "big blue skin hole?
Well, this is a visual book, which means that sweet lips move and octopus, shark, seahorse, sea turtle, etc will also move on subsequent pages. Info: $25.
95, workers Publishing House, lat.
MS/1zbzpA5 as well as bookstoresEmporio RulliPanforte from Emporio RulliPanforte dense, chewy, a little sweet honey and slightly bitter cocoa, rich winter spices and candied gourd and almonds inlaid.
And, as you may see from the description, make yourself a real project.
Thanks to Gary Luli, the candy maker in the Bay Area.
His version is the best. $27. 50 for an 18-
Oz cake www. rulli. com.
New York canvas wine handbag Kate Spade $28.
Wooden Spoon for ruhlmanacia Wood paddleskill? Why?
The paddle is much more useful.
With their flat blades, you can scrape the bottom and enter the corner of the pan more easily than with a circular bowl.
Cookbook book author Michael Ruhlman created a secondary sideline of the cooking product he wanted to have, and he sold a set of three products of different sizes. Three for $29. 95 at shop. ruhlman. com.
The W & P design giant Mason jar cocktail shakerRegular Mason jar is for amateurs.
Why not drink four instead of one at a time?
This huge jar will help your favorite cocktail expert quickly produce a batch of mints suitable for the crowd.
Embossed glass Mason tank with custom screws-
On the collar, filter cover and cover. $29. 95 at www. cooking. com.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles timescoti brothers
This is a really weird drink-
Not real whiskey.
Just like the Amado winery is aged in the old bucket of sweet quest del Sol sweet wine.
This result is described as a combination of bourbon and fortified sweet wine.
A sommelier's description: "This is the most exciting and unique whisky I 've ever tasted this year.
One of the few moments in recent memory
If not the only moment
I looked at the price and said, that's it? ! '" $49.
750 bottles 99, $29.
375 ml bottles of Corti Bros 99. , (800)509-3663.
Richard Derk/Los Angeles TimesSelfie remote camera photography company brookstone came up with a smart solution to get your entire team into your school party to take selfies, or in one
Selfie remote camera shutter with light holder for your pocket and no need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
The remote's working distance is up to 33 feet M, an instant for travelers who want to reduce themselves and their surroundings in selfies.
App for free download.
For Apple or Android devices. Info: $29. 99, lat.
Post Studio's MS/1s0wmq5Post StudioStripes coasters provide a compelling piece of pop art for your desktop.
Made from birch trees, there are four designs, coated with waterproof resin. $30 at www. postispost. com.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles-era pastry mat with measuring device
Non-slip silicone mat. At 24-by-16-
Inches, it's large in size, including measuring marks and measuring rings, so you can immediately know if the size of the pie dough you are making is appropriate.
Perfect for cookies and pastry dough and perfect for candy. Best of all?
The dishwasher is safe. $32 at www. pamperedchef. com.
The famous Sydney chef of PetunaSmoked sea troutThe, as exquisite as the smoked Tower state sea trout, can now enjoy Wakuda cuisine from Kai Zhezhe, L. A. -
The seafood company that delivered the door.
Serve fine smoked fish from the southwest coast of tazhou alone or on rye flakes
Eat cream cheese on bagels the next morning. $32. 50 per 1. 1-
Www. pound bagkaigourmet. com.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles vim & Vigr socksCompression socks can relieve leg pain after standing for a few hours, but they are usually far from fashion. These black-and-
The cute white stripes make a healthy life more attractive. $32.
95, Landis maze, 140 N. Larchmont Blvd.
Los Angeles, or at www. vimvigr. com. Brett LupferDo-it-Your own flowers
In Fleurish, new do by floral designer Amy Marera-it-
Flower Bar in Brentwood.
Guests can choose from nine custom FleurKits per season, which include everything they need to arrange: boats, flowers and featured decorations, and boxes for easy transportation.
FleurKits starts at $34. 95, and a 45-
The minute studio fee for spending the bar is $5 and may be booked in advance. www. youfleurish. com.
Sometimes it's old-Anne Cusack/LA Times
The most elegant old-fashioned solution.
This Los Angeles company recycled fabric, handmade pillows, stuffed with old pillowsstyle remedies.
We feel a little bit biased towards the texture that is filled with eucalyptus leaves, oil and rice.
Use it to ease congestion or stress, or relieve headaches.
Depending on your preference, it can be frozen or heated in the microwave oven.
Each one is unique.
In the mother's market, including the detox market, $35 for 8380 Beverly Avenue Whole Foods and boutiques. , L. A.
, Or find the store on www. wellnessbags. com.
Your friends like to have a few beers, but how much do they know about their favorite drink?
Whether they are beer experts or casual drinkers, they can have a good time in a nerdy beer board game with tests on stout, hops, brewing techniques and blinds$35 at Amazon. comTheWinebag.
This tote bag prepares comWine and cheese Totai for stylish outdoor activists or those who regularly attend a Hollywood Bowl concert, with a separate compartment designed to accommodate two bottles of wine.
There is also a woodboard, cheese knife, two acrylic wine glasses, a cotton napkin, and a wooden one --
Bottle Opener handle. $38. 50 at www. thewinebag. com.
Annie Cusack/La time you live once and flip the humorous mat over and you'll find "so think twice before you do . . . . . . " Bo Concept Hotel Los Angeles $39, 434La Brea Ave.
Santa Monica, 328 Santa Monica Avenue.
All retail stores listed by Boconcept. com.
Just because it's winter, McConnell's ice cream doesn't mean your friends don't want it.
Santa Barbara hotels-based, family-
Custom gift bags for self-owned ice cream companies (
They ship with dry ice)
So choose the taste you like (
Salty Caramel, Eureka lemon and marionberry, Turkish coffee or holiday mint stick)
And add free custom messages. $40 for a four-
$60 for a pack of six. pack (
Freight is not included)at www. mcconnells. com.
Baker's CreekBaker's stream seed collection is a great gift idea for family gardeners to pass on the heir seed collection --
Especially children who want to be gardeners.
Growing food from the pass-on heir seeds is a great way to observe the growth process and then try to cook and eat your products, however, this is also a great way to understand the issues of biodiversity and sustainability.
Baker Creek is a company specializing in Africa.
Genetically modified and rare seeds, with cheap starter packs or seed collections, for those interested in seed preservation, the price of 1,295 seeds is as high as $1,000. $40 at www. rareseeds. com.
The sailing kites of the tactile laboratory and adults will all fall in love with the sailing kites of the tactile laboratory, hand-made in collaboration with Balinese artisans.
The kite made beautiful decorations for the house, but it did fly.
The larger kite (
"Flying Dutch" and "ghost" spacecraft)are $76;
The smaller designs for Haptic Lab, A. R. , Poketo and Plastica cost $40.
Jay Street Printing Co. , Ltd.
Ashti pillow on Jay Street, gassey Elm works with Brooklyn
Headquartered at Jay Street Block printing, the soft velvet Ashti pillowcase handmade by Craftmark is designed
Certified artisans and featured crafts in India
Stitching pom trim.
There are four colors to choose from. $43 (
$9) pillowcaseat www. westelm. com.
Jeffery Cross/Jeffery Cross aplatapat tote bagThis organic cotton canvas tote bag is a favorite of people who often bring plates to dinner.
Reusable. $44 at www. aplatsf. com.
Fredericks & merdrick & meddborough Fredericks & merch-
Screened boards and darts.
The price for Frederick and May is $44.
Jonathan Broida/Japanese Knife Imports Japanese bread knife, anyone who is seriously addicted to bread will appreciate this Japanese bread knife from the famous blade manufacturer geshen.
It is very thin and easy to pass through the bread, resulting in very little crumbs. With hard-
The trick for crust bread is to apply as little pressure as possible to get even slices. $45 at www.
Japan imports. com.
Anne Cusack/La point-in-time plant tentacle Wall plant is a whimsical way to cheer up your favorite plant lover's internal or external living space.
There are three sizes to choose from, namely, wall growers in orange, green and blue, and standing planters.
Start at $45 at www. pottedstore. com.
Silver Lake bar owner slow hand green bar winery slow hand six Woods malt whisky $46.
A gun Ranch box for aspiring chefs, healthy foodies or constant gardeners in Malibu-
Based on a gun Ranch (www. 1gunranch. com)
Farm box provided ($45-$350)
Or watering pot ($30)pre-
Planting chemicalsfree, nutrient-
Rich biodynamic soil and cooking herbs, flowers, mixed lettuce or custom planting (Two weeks allowed);
Also sold as a DIY farm box kit ($60-$225)
Seeds, compost, planters and instructions are included.
Place an order, call (310)456-3810.
Genaro Molina/la-era DIY studio Echo Park retail space and studio Otherwild and the women's creative work center unite to hold DIY workshops with a focus on craftsmanship on a regular basis.
In January/February: tie-
Dyed with marble textiles, baskets-
Knit With Nanette Sullano, make essential medicines with home pharmacists, and improvise quilting with Have.
Courses for other wildlife range from $45 to $130.
Com and creative work center for women.
Geo-space rest always seems cool, but they are usually hard to manipulate for kids.
Geospace has proposed an S-
Band design makes it easier for young people to manage.
Little Walkaroo.
The lightweight version is designed for 110 pounds or lighter people.
They have foam handles that can move as the walkers become more proficient. $46.
99 in geospatial and Amazon. com.
The Los Angeles Times foreign building blocked the ABC building.
There are 21 languages in Uncle Goose neighborhood, including Hindi, Persian and Hebrew. $47.
Uncle Goose, 99 at Tweak and egg yolk.
If you like macarons, why not do it yourself?
With a kit with a pastry bag and tips, and a cookie mold and a recipe, they are very simple --
Or more than you think of a delicate French sandwich cookie.
This is a wonderful gift in your life for teenage girls. (
Reward: also ask for her ingredients and food dyes. )$49. 99 at www. kitchenkapers. com.
BEMBEM speaker BandA built-in wireless Bluetooth speakerin microphone.
It is paired with a smartphone and serves as a speaker, and if you are working on your luggage, its buttons can help you answer the phone, play, pause music and switch tracks to keep your hands free.
Its square makes it a little big for most women's wrists. Info: $50, lat.
Ford MS for men's beard/1A2vuWrTom-Ford
Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills and Tom Ford's conditioning oil and comb for $50.
01 to $100 the most useful basin for Anne trezeke/La TimesPasta pot/steamerOne, you can yourself, this extensive manufacturing set includes a large soup pot, A steamed insert and a spoon in Italy.
There should be one in each kitchen.
Better yet, since you only use the base to boil water, you don't need to spend a lot of money on a very useful base.
$50 to $100 from various channels. E.
Waldo Ward & SonE Waldo Ward "treasure of California" gift collection send someone the flavor of California with this product gift package made in Sierra Madre.
The collection includes Santa Rosa plum jam, blackberry jam, and vintage chili sauce (
Alternatives to tomato sauce)
3 citrus jam, pomegranate jelly and 3 preserved fruit (
A mixture of peaches, plums and apricots), all in 10-ounce jars (
8 ounces of chili sauce). $51. 70 at www. waldoward. com. Williams-SonomaGin-
Making kitIf your friend is a snob and don't try to buy him or her any bottle of gin during the holidays.
The kit comes with a stainless steel filter and funnel, 2-
Plant tin 2-ounce
One can of gin berries and two glass bottles per ounce, and the bottle stopper is used for the finished product.
All your friends need to start with is some vodka and a little creativity.
We dare not let your snobbish friends scoff at this. $54.
At Williams Sonoma 95.
Joseph Eastburn Photography/group flaskhydrogrowth for groups and family adventures, camping and other activities, 64-
The oz container keeps the liquid hot or cold for an impressive long time thanks to its double
Wall insulation.
Hot chocolate after Crosscountry skiing?
Cold lemonade after a touch football match?
Of course, as a growler, it is also the perfect choice for beer. It's lead-
Brown, black and stainless steel are available for free.
There are other sizes, there are a lot of colors, there are various covers.
$55 for outdoor supplies in the city, REI and many other stores; hydroflask. com.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times Rancho Godo gift box has dried beans, and then there are Rancho Godo beans from Steve Sando, the pass-on heir beans discovered by Sando,
This box is five, one-
Pound bags for a variety of beans, plus a cloth bag and a signed copy of Sando recipes (
Soup, stew, posoles, etc. ). $57. 27 at www. ranchogordo. com. katespade.
IPad Air caseAsk Angelenos what is their favorite food, 9 of the 10 foods say sushi.
This iPad box is perfect for sushi lovers who will enjoy watching a bit of sushi porn on a regular basis.
Sushi is expensive.
Maybe your friend will like this sushi.
Cover the boxes and replace the $200 gift voucher for the new omakase place they are eager to try. $59 at www. katespade. com.
This is the last thing to do, to be a gift for bacon lovers.
The wooden box was stuffed with bacon dried, bacon popcorn, Bacon Salt, Francis Bacon peanut crispy and bacon sunflower seeds.
It comes with a mini crowbar and you really need to open the crate. $59. 99 at www. mancrates. com.
Alice Feiring subscribed to Alice Feiring Line newsletterWine writer and natural wine advocate, and released a newsletter focusing on natural, organic and biodynamic wines
10 Feilin adventures in wine country every year, mainly in Europe, passionate little-Producers of scale.
This is a great read.
This is a wine expert who can write.
Subscribe at www for $65. alicefeiring. com.
Have you ever won a blue ribbon? Chicago-
My design studio at home has created a series of trophies that you deserve.
The daily rewards include "you should win", "at least you tried" and "good enough ". " $65 at www. iamhome. us.
Lost and Found ShopSoopsori breakfast package 17-
The Sosoopsori breakfast game set is made entirely of natural wood and made from flax seed oil, both safe and eco-friendly.
Due to the secure embedding of magnetic accessories, it is not possible to remove or separate, slices of eggs, sausage and toast can be cut in half.
It includes sausage, eggs, two slices of toast, four portions of breakfast, two forks, a knife, two small plates, two cups and a calico storage bag.
Lost and found $65
Del MagueyDel Maguey single village mezcalWidely, the single village mezcal collection by Ron Cooper under the label Del Maguey will be a fine gift for any spiritual enthusiast
We prefer one of Chichicapa's southwest village of Oaxaca because of its complex smoky and sweet tropical flavor.
The manufacturer is fusino Garcia Vasquez.
Drinks, no shots, cocktails are good. $66 at www. delmaguey. com.
Jiro schneidersport vegetarian cooking class has always been curious about vegetarian cooking, but may be delayed by such a frequent serious atmosphere?
This will not be a problem with sport.
Jenny Engel and Heather Goldberg sisters may be serious about their cooking, but they also know how to make it fun. $70 at www. sporkfoods. com.
Does GustiamoPanettoneWhat like to receive a holiday in panettone?
Maybe there is no better holiday dessert than Luigi biasto, a pastry chef in the Veneto region of Italy.
It is expensive, but made from a 60-year-old mother yeast, organic eggs from the Alps, organic honey, and honey fruit from Sicily.
If you think panettone is being consumed for a while, the price doesn't seem so daunting.
Gustiamo is an online supplier of all Italian cuisine. $70 for a 1. 6-
Www. pound pastrygustiamo. com.
Case for IPhone caseStella rubber red lip iPhone.
Stella McCartney costs $75.
There's a Kickstarter here-
The annually funded product seems to capture the culinary madness of this season.
This year may be Searzall, a spray light accessory that will allow you to apply the perfect scar on sous
Provide meat or fish in seconds, no strange hydrocarbonstaste. (
If you have a blowtorch
Bake toro at sushi, you know the taste. )
Designed by Dave Arnold, a crazy scientist behind many WD
50 of the weirdest works$75, at Amazon. com.
If you like coffee, you have undoubtedly experienced your share of chemical and French pressing --
And your friends.
So why not give your favorite coffee geek a siphon next?
These are not new discoveries.
They were invented in Berlin in the 1830 s.
But you can find them in the swank Coffee Shop and half the shops in Tokyo.
They will also make your kitchen look like a meth lab. $77. 87 for 5-
The size of the Amazon Cup. com.
This handy caddie includes everything your junior chef might need in the kitchen. The 30-
Kit includes a non
Rod roll pin, medium and large silicone mixer spoon, stainless steel mixer, nylon biscuit Turner, nylon frosting, pastry brush, poly spoon, vegetable peeler, service pliers, ice cream spoon, pizza knife, medium and large silicone mix spatula, six-
Six-piece spoon set
Measuring Cup group and small, medium and large nylon plastic knives (
The knife has a jagged cutting edge with a blunt tip that is easy to cut food but does not cut the skin).
There are all in the tool box. $79.
Curious Chef 99
Many of us are looking for more natural ingredients in our skincare products.
The raw materials used by Laurel of sosharito are organic, usually from California farms.
Laurel whole plant organic oil with roses, cedar and rosemary smells like a luxurious spa.
There are also facial supplies and gift sets. $80 at www. laurelskin.
Com and some spa.
Crane and CanopyCoral wind farm pattern throw away 100% cotton knit throw crane and canopy is a warm and warm alternative to itchy blanket.
Throw in 15 colorful Mod graphics to print and measure 50-by-60 inches. $85 at www. craneandcanopy. com.
Reuben Munoz/Los Angeles Times gourmandis school cooking class choose from a variety of classes to prepare sweets and snacks (
From chocolate making to Thai cooking
, From the local top chef mentor, Roxana Jullapat Stefano DeLorenzo Gil Boyd and Sonoko Sakai, except in-
The chocolate house in Ruth kennesen.
100% hand lessons-
Unless otherwise stated.
The school starts at $85 in gurmandis. com.
British designer Tom Dixon is in charge of the headscarf-
The Orsa & Winston restaurant in downtown Los Angeles features brass chandeliers. A.
But he also made some very beautiful dishes, including bowls, plates, tea cans.
There is also a bright and shiny pie and cake server.
Garde in Los Angeles also has his copper.
Cocktail plated.
At www. $85 and $135gardeshop. com.
Jonathan Adler's lovely brass elephant ring holder is the perfect accessory to store jewelry or other small items. $88.
The polished brass series also includes a sausage dog over time ($118)and horse ($88)at www. jonathanadler. com.
All knitwear baby boots all knitwear handmade cotton baby boots with picot edging.
$95 for all knitwear.
The little chefs can practice their fake cooking skills in the Ikea Duktig play kitchen.
The adjustable legs allow the device to grow with your child, and the hot plate with LEDs can be turned on and off.
The coordinated products include cooking utensils, tableware, vegetables and tea sets. $99 at Ikea.
Laroidpolaroid Rubik's Cube cameraPolaroid gift package enters this month in large quantities-inch, splash-resistant cube.
It takes videos of 1080 p or 720 p and 6MP stills with 124-
Angle of view, connected with a magnet.
It's cute, cheap, and a kid or technology.
Adults of fear can operate it, but it may be too simple for gadget lovers. Info: $99, www. polaroidcube. comKammok.
HammockKammok's Roo camping hammock may just be a solution for adventure-
The seeker was tired of the cold, hard ground.
Only 24 ounces, tears-
Durable, spacious enough for two (
Can accommodate up to 500 pounds)
And pack easily into the attached bag to get up quickly.
It has five bright colors (
Red, blue-green, purple, green and gold, and neutral tones)
So it's hard to get lost in the forest, but hanging in the back yard or in the front porch will also look inflated.
Better yet, Kammok provides treatment for five children diagnosed with malaria in Africa through a partnership with malaria.
Message: $99, kammok.
Com/product/rooBack to topifts $100.
MisfitShineA quarter-01 to $250sized, battery-
An operating monitor that is waterproof and does not require charging.
It also has free iOS and Android apps.
Shine can be worn as a bracelet or on a shirt or shoes.
It comes with a wrist strap and a magnetic clip.
Its watch battery lasts about four months.
Message: $100 lat.
To correct posture and reduce fatigue, MS/1vSm3ZcLumo Body TechLumo lift also measures steps and calories consumed.
Worn as a lapels pin, it vibrates when the shoulder is drooping.
It has a desktop app and an iOS app.
The Android app is under development.
Information: $100, www. lumobodytech.
JawboneThis rechargeable, water-
The resistance bracelet can be set to vibrate to wake up or remind you when you are not active for too long.
It has free iOS and Android apps.
Information: as of December, the price of the Jawbone website was $100.
25. $130 elsewhere.
MS/1u200LyNewsom country HamCountry hamCountry Ham is a nasty beast.
It needs to be soaked for a long time, it needs to be scrubbed and it needs to be baked carefully.
The best examples are the tendency of salt, funk and extreme smoke.
So if you're going to not only put all your work into cooking country ham, but love it, you 'd better go all out. Col.
Bill Newson's ham is James Beard's obsession, and the ham made by his daughter, Nancy Newson Mahaffey, has also become one of our ham.
The best place for country ham is red fried.
Eye gravy the next morning after the feast. $100. 64 for a 15-
The pound ham of newso montrenham. com.
Wolfum BBK setGame lovers may be very excited
Print step-by-step suit from Los Angeles design studio Wolfum.
Each kit consists of two sets of checkers and two sets of dice, and it has a colorful design whether it is on or off.
There are four different styles. $110.
Can be in L. A. County Store (lacountystore. com)
Burro in Venice (burrostyle. com)
Santa Monica Museum of Art gift shop (www. smmoa. org).
Hermes silk-
The Hermès notebook costs $115.
Tamar MogendorffFabric bird will enjoy soft-
Sculpture birdhouse by Brooklyn artist Tamar Mogendorff.
Every fabric and wire sculpture is handmade.
Unique patterns and textures encourage play and add warmth to any room.
Tamar Mogendorff sells for $120 to $185; Lost and Found.
Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times Thousand Buddha Lykins black? Gray? Hit the road.
Leggings for yoga and other workouts have exploded in wild patterns and colors.
We like these leggings, from the images hanging on the Tibetan wall, appropriately covering the Buddha statue sitting on the throne of enlightenment. $128 at store. aziam. com.
Graf & LantzFelt wine carrierYou will not feel embarrassed to walk into a restaurant with this stylish and simple wine carrier.
It was made in Los Angeles with thick Merino felt in red or charcoal. The two-
Bottle multi-model fold flat in your luggage.
Decorated in Italian leather, it is beautiful and generous. A single-
There are also bottle models. $129 at www. graf-lantz. com.
If you know a coffee fanatic, he or she might like the hand --
Coffee machine.
Your gift does not have to leave the office for coffee, but will be gracious when using Handpresso for espresso, cappuccino, American or latte on his or her desk
The machine only needs to grind coffee or coffee. S. E.
There are pods, hot water and some hand pumps. $129. 95 at www. thegrommet. com.
Anne Cusack of Los Angeles time doesn't need cold toes under the scorching sun.
These pads eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of outdoor activities in cold weather.
With the battery, the temperature is controlled by the wireless remote control, up to 111 degrees for up to five hours.
The insole is available in five sizes and can be trimmed to fit the boots or shoes.
$130 in Chuan, WoOr at www. heat. thermacell. com.
Michel Andreo/YogasmogaYogasmoga costumes designed for men's yoga gear are exploding, sold by a company created by two brothers and sisters in Rishikesh, the "mysterious" area of India
We especially liked the Damo jacket but also shorts, long trousers and long sleeves and short-sleeved shirts.
The elegant charcoal gray and orange shards will take anyone from the yoga studio to lunch.
The female lines are also lovely and very attentive to the details and fabric and feel great.
At Yogasmoga, $140 St Vincent Avenue 11911.
Hotel Los Angeles and jogas Moga. com.
Bureo skateboard (
Bureo small fish skateboard)The black mini-
Cruisers are made in Chile with abandoned and recycled fishing nets to prevent them from polluting the ocean.
A cool feature is drilling a hole in the front of the deck to allow the owner to lock before going to a place where the board is not allowed.
Patagonia store is $149.
Work by artist Rene Norman-of-a-
Earlier this year, when we showed the kind of ceramic facial vase of wr en ceramics in a shopping review, it was welcomed by readers.
Norman also designed wall hanging, bowls and plates, jewelry and small plates for condiments.
Start with $158 for wrenceramics. tumblr. com/.
Restoring the HardwareTent EscapeKids can return to their own black-and-white, printed-
Restore the canvas tent of hardware in this graphics fortress.
Made of sturdy cotton canvas, the tent is easy to fold for storage and can be personalized for just $7.
Fix $159 in hardware.
Nana de BaryLiaison perfume by de Bary $165 each at Kelly Wearstler.
Fitbitburger Burch FitbitBe is charming and strong.
The designer, Deborah Burch, and the tracker Fitbit, got together and came up with a pendant necklace that works freely (and a bracelet)
This masks Fitbit Flex.
No more rubber bracelets or clips
Make sure you're in step 10,000.
The woolburch boutique sells for $175, including Westfield Century City and toryburch. com.
McCartney wool-
The blend children's sweater in Stella McCartney, West Hollywood, costs $175.
Alicia ChoTimbuk2 x Blue Bottle when traveling, whether it's in your office, Sierras or a borrowed cottage in Joshua Tree, you'll need to make coffee on the go.
This luxury kit includes a manual grinder, a ceramic dropper, two Falcon lacquer glasses with felt, filters and coffee in canvas and leather Timbuk2 suitcases. Just add water.
$179. Bluebottle Coffee. com.
Anne Cusack of the Los Angeles Times
As an investment, Bao Zhou night PanLook-
You use this pot three or four times a week for years.
Grilled fish, pasta sauce, stir-fry or stewed chicken legs are all good.
You will find yourself turning to the working horse again and again. $179. 96 at www. surlatable. com.
Richard Derk/Los Angeles TimesSurf Style Weekend Pack & Journey bold surf style weekend pack is spacious enough to store a day's worth of family towels and gear on the beach
Or change a few clothes for you and your dear when you run away on the weekend.
It is handmade from strong cotton cloth.
Woven in Guatemala, metal zip closure with leather handle and removable shoulder strap.
Two large internal pockets can be used to hold a phone charger or other small items.
Information: $195, www.
Paris tour
What is the problem? The exercise system of conanne Cusack/Los Angeles Times?
Find a way to do serious strength exercises on the road.
The solution comes from a company that partners with the Dutch Olympic speed skaters.
Disq is packed in a small bag that provides resistance exercises through belts and ankle straps that are connected to the pulley.
It is also used in the Crunch gym.
$199. com.
AdidasmiCoach's clever football lifted the next Beckham, but did not finish the task?
Adidas has a soccer ball with sensors that detect speed, rotation, and batting data that is transferred to the miCoach app, which also has a training and coaching tip
The MiCoach Smart Ball responds just like the traditional regular football of the 5 th.
Best Buy and Apple stores or Adidas are priced at $199.
The watch shows text messages, a few lines of email, and does almost everything except making a phone call. It is water-
Anti-164 feet, paired with iPhone and Android and vibrates with alerts.
Battery life is about five days.
The custom app helps Pebble to work as a fitness instructor and more. Info: $199 (
Sports Pebble $99), getpebble.
The Burg 12 smartwatch the Burg 12 comes with a SIM card and a microSD slot, a microphone and a speaker.
It can be used as a mobile phone, SMS device and 1. 3MP camera.
It is paired with an iPhone or Android device.
The call quality is not perfect yet.
A caller said I sounded good, but she sounded as if she had fallen into a well like a previous speaker.
Message: $199 burg smartwatch. com/burg-
HammockPet Lounge bamboo hammock with stains-
Pad resistant. $199.
Studio 99 in pet lounge.
Does the woodworking class always want to learn carpentry? The 1-year-
The old saw in downtown Los Angeles provides an introduction to the woodworking workshop once a month.
The cost of $200 includes all tools and materials.
Gift certificates are also provided.
The workshops scheduled for next year include the production of lights, sharpening of tools, stews, hastily woven and wood frames. www. offthesaw. com/workshops.
Samsung Gear Live pairs are paired with most Android phones but not with the iphone.
While it doesn't have a speaker and can't make a phone call, Gear Live will show you who is calling or what songs your phone is playing.
You can click on Gear Live and say "OK, Google" to get directions, check the weather, etc.
You can read the entire email, the Android app makes it a step tracker or sleep monitor that keeps track of how much time you 've tossed, letting you know how many hours you 've slept, this may explain why you feel groggy while traveling.
Message: $200 lat.
MS/1 wHjUCkAaron PoritzAaron Poritz toolbox, handmade from recycled tropical walnuts.
$219 Kaufmann Mercantile.
EtroEtro and Paisley play cards together-
Printed leather case.
Mount Beverly's Etro costs $221.
PoketoModern calligraphy lesson learn calligraphy with a wooden pen and a pointed pen tip along with artist, illustrator and calligrapher Maybelle ImasaStukuls Jan. 24-25.
Everyone will learn the alphabet and get a personalized calligraphy starter kit with black ink, pen holder, pen tip, exercise book and paper.
Poketo store is located in the lobby of Line Hotel at 3515 Wilshire Avenue. , Los Angeles.
All supplies are included.
Pot Cafe in Roy Choi will serve snacks and drinks. $225 at poketo. com.
MarsetLED Marset follow me to prepare table lights for planners who already have wellsstocked up-to-
Date earthquake kit, LED Marset Follow Me desk lamp is portable and rechargeable and works both indoors and outdoors.
It comes with a dimmer and has a USB port for charging. $245 at www. ylighting. com.
The Fatboy USAFatboy picnic will be with the Fatboy picnic in the park or on the beach, which is an oversized water --
An insect-repellent picnic blanket rolled up like a luggage bag.
It comes with four pins, a brush and an additional pocket for a key or phone. $249 at www. fatboyusa. com. Back to the top $250. 01-
$500 HITACHIYA USAYakitori charcoal grillMake like Yakitori-
Stainless steel charcoal grill from Japan.
Hitachiya, a Japanese cookware store in Hitance, offers two sizes of cookware.
You also need some Japanese charcoal.
Throw a pack of bamboo skewers so that whoever is lucky enough to receive this gift can roast chicken skin and chicken meatballs right away on that fierce lie bin chotan charcoal, chicken wings, mushrooms and vegetables.
At www. $274 and $379. hitachiya. com. (310)534-3136.
CoravinCoravin Wine Access System game-
Change the gadget that keeps wine, allowing you to pour a glass of wine without removing the cork
No oxygen contact with wine.
Insert a thin hollow needle through a cork to extract the wine.
When the wine is poured out, its volume is replaced by inert gas in a small tank.
Remove the needle and Cork itself. Nifty —
Wine masters and sommelier candidates are often used. $299 at www. coravin. com.
Anyone on Anne Cusack/Los Angeles Times Muse meditation head list might benefit from staying calm while meditating?
Or maybe one of those people who believe that technology will make everything better?
Thinking versions of all fitness trackers on the market, the Muse headband is designed to help users improve their meditation by making them aware of when their minds are calm and when monkeys take over.
It provides real through an app
In a series of guided exercises, pulses from the brain are tracked through seven sensors.
Meditation is bound to have its moment in our culture, so with this trend, it's not surprising to have something wearable. $299 at www. choosemuse. com.
JVCJVC Adixxion GC-
XA2 camera pocket-
Dust-proof, frozen size camera-
16 feet waterproof and 6 1/2 shockproof with no extra housing. It has a built-in 1 1/2 -
Take 8MP or 16MP stills with an inch LCD monitor.
Message: adixxion, $300. jvc.
ComTodd HerbstTrek Superfly 16 does not have more technical gifts than bicycles and Superfly 16 is orangeand-
The black children's mountain bike is light and cool, so a small one can ride a mountain bike with his family.
Equipped with a removable training wheel.
At the Helen bicycle store at 309 Lincoln Avenue, $2472.
Marina del Rey and five other locations in Los AngelesA. area.
PradaPrada trick robot Edward keychainPrada Saffiano leather and metal trick robot keychain. $330 at Prada.
Tommy Hilfiger woll sleeping bag with zipperoff down-
A tank top filled with porpoise.
$349 Tommy Hilfiger
IONION Air Pro 3 Wi-Fi photographer 4. 2-inch-
The long mounted cylinder is also in hand like a flashlight, ideal for travelers who would rather hold the camera than wear it.
49 feet waterproof, no extra housing.
The Air Pro 3 vibrates to confirm whether it starts or stops, not the sound prompt.
Message: $350 lat.
Portable grillRS Barcelona portable grill in Barcelona with briefcase-MS/127style carrier.
R stores in Venice and Los Angeles cost $375.
Christopher John SztybelChocolate tempering the machine prepared for the home pastry chef on your list, how about this chocolate tempered machine from ChocoVision?
Warming or heating and cooling the chocolate to keep it smooth and make it hard quickly is absolutely necessary for making delicious candy, but this is the resistance of hand-made.
With this machine, you won't need it. $393. 30 at Amazon. com.
David Kirkwood limited edition of BrookNicholas loafersNicholas Kirkwood
Metal leather Bottalato casual shoes.
Nicholas Kirkwood is $395.
Francisco San Francisco Baking instutesan baking classhe Institute German high vision baking school offers two
Day workshops in bread making or pastry shops.
It's a great, though maybe self
It is interesting that the gift is true, but why not let your friends learn how to make bread, rye bread and chocolate? $398 at www. sfbi. com.
Batagonia Snap-Batagonia
Undyed cashmere captureT pullover.
$399 in Patagonia.
Signature photographer with 136-
Autoview, Autographer is ideal for travelers who want the camera to charge.
Five sensors detect light, color, motion, temperature, and speed to help Autographer decide when to capture the action. It has built-
Apps on GPS, desktop software and free iOS and Android.
Message: $399 for the store. autographer.
Dow Jones photography's her4' silver camera includes a built-in
Touch screen, easier to operate, more advanced
High fidelity microphone
Its shell is waterproof to 131 feet.
Message: $400 lat.
MS/1tNZ8uHJustin Sullivan/justinsullivanphoto.
ComVesta candle sticker Los Angeles artist Kelly Lamb's Vesta cast bronze candle stick holder is an elegant addition to any desktop surface.
Kellylamb has three sets of geometric trio for $425. net.
Through the opening ceremony and Intel, the wearable technology MICA bracelet was launched.
At the opening ceremony in West Hollywood, $495 per person.
This month's chocolate, nothing loves you more than a box of chocolates.
But if you have a real chocolate lover on your list, compare chocolate-of-the-
The monthly club will have plenty of handmade chocolate for him or her throughout the year.
Easter collection in Aprilthemed treats.
July means sweet summer berriesand fruit-
Chocolate and truffles.
During the holidays, there are gingerbread and cinnamon latte truffles.
$499 a year in compartes. com. Back to the top $500. 01-
Burton x Martin guitar limited $1000
Easy life skis. $519. 95 at Burton.
Alexandra von Furstenberg acrylic prism bookmark.
West Hollywood Alexandra von Furstenberg is $570 a pair.
Mignonne Gavigan scarf necklace $575 in Mignonne Gavigan.
Miss Dior four-
Miss Dior's four fingers-
Finger Rings in pink gold and Ji luoche finish.
Dior Hotel Beverly Hills is $710.
AireAire Tomcat double inflatable KayakThis blow-
Up craft can accommodate two adults and one child
This is a great way to exercise your body, marvel at nature and pass on these values to the next generation.
It is solid and stable, with plenty of room for equipment, designed for lakes and calm rivers.
And a self-bailing floor.
Put it in the trunk when deflated.
REI and other outdoor shops or Aire are available for $749.
Pierre Hardy limited-edition floral-Pattern sneakers.
Pierre Hardy is $795.
Sunglasses in black acetate, glass Pearl.
Chanel in Beverly Hills costs $800.
Christian Louboutin loubotuinchristian sneakerChristian Louboutin Suedetop sneaker.
Christian Louboutin $845.
Tenaya LodgeTenaya Lodge retrestart 2015 on January, with some "me" time and a healthy vacation. 16-
Located in Tenaya Lodge, it is only a few miles from the southern entrance of Yosemite National Park.
The package includes guided walking tours, yoga, spa, healthy living lessons, cooking workshops and, of course, stunning views of the environment.
All lunch and dinner are included.
$889 for one person and $1,119 for two. tenayalodge. com.
Hobo EsquivelEsquivel BootEsquivel hand handbag guide vachetta leather.
Shoes from Douglas Phil, Los Angeles and esqueville cost $990. Smeg USA, Inc.
Fan of Smeg mini fridgeFor retro design, 1950 s-
The stylish Smeg mini fridge is small enough to fit in tight spaces, and bold red, black, orange and cream colors can make your home very active.
Although it may be small, it still has space for an ice cube tray. $999 at www.
Device connection. com.
Back to topSplurgeElsa PerettiElsa Peretti painted hair claws $1,050 at Tiffany & Co. Beverly Hills.
At St. Laurent in Beverly Hills, St. Laurent is worth $1,145.
Martone Cycling Co. , Ltd.
New York, New York
Colorful bikes are designed based on Martone, taking into account city commuting.
With double
Wall aluminum body, red chain.
Bicycle for men, $1,100;
Women's bike, $1,200. martonecycling. com; www. Saksfifthavenue. com.
Girlfriend holiday camp-
Hosting games and workshops with business, parenting and health experts is a long weekend.
Bed bug juice is Spike, but singalong and s' mores are not much different from the past.
Occurs regularly in several places across the United StatesS.
This includes April, September and Seascape Resort in Malibu. First-
Time campers pay $1,199. www. campowerment. com.
Marc Jacobs smarc handbagMarc Jacobs small trouble handbag party in metal leatherbow detail.
Mark Jacobs Hotel West Hollywood is $1,350.
Google glasses Google Glass browser version with titanium frame.
Google Play is priced at $1,725.
The LanvinLanvin watch braceletLanvin timeless watch bracelet is matched with a pair of the crystal of the shop.
Lanvin Hotel in Beverly Hills costs $2,190.
Fanny Pike Prada mink and leather fanny bag.
The Prada restaurant in Beverly Hills costs $2,390.
Copper Pendant Copper chain and Brazilian quartz crystal Kelly pendantKelly lamb.
Kelly Lamb is $3,200. Kathryn M.
Does IrelandDesigner boot camp need to be redecorated or redecorated?
Learn the basics of interior design business from celebrity interior designer and textile designer Catherine M. Ireland.
At the training camp, students will learn about project management, how to make a comprehensive budget, furniture layout, and fabric selection. Jan 22-26 and March 1922. $3,500. (323)965-9888, Ext. 200.
Gold long hair mammoth elephant seal ring fossils.
Monique Pean sells for $6,920.
Saint Laurent sequins-Saint Laurent
Satin coat.
Hotel Saint Laurent is $6,950.
Alexandra llewellyn Alexandra Llewellyn step height setAlexandra Llewellyn handmade Baz dazzling wooden step height set.
Barnes department store is $6,995.
Roll suitcase berlutiberuti F500 in Beria leather.
The price of hotel Berluti at Costa Mesa South Coast Plaza is $7,000.
The sculpture of Kelly Wearstler sculptureKelly Wearstler is dotted with the crystal of the shop.
Prices are available at Kelly Wearstler's request.
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