2 burner gas barbecue Character living with a modern extension that must be seen to be believed

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-28
2 burner gas barbecue Character living with a modern extension that must be seen to be believed
WayvilleSource's Trevelyan St: SuppliedACHARACTER home, with a modern extension behind it, offers a versatile lifestyle in a popular environmentAfter the edge of the cityLocated in 1747sqm block, sandstone Wayville regression-The verandah villa at Trevelyan St 9 is just a stone's throw from the city and the vibrant King William Road constituency.The home is surrounded by established gardens and is divided into dormitories for living and sleeping.Trevelyan St in WayvilleSource: Five bedrooms available, built in-The robes and open fireplace are located in the original part of the home, as well as a formal living room with built-in fireplacein cupboards.They are served by a featured bathroom with a bathtub, toilet and vanity.Trevelyan St at WayvilleSource: the suplieda porch leads to a large entrance hall in the center of the floor plan, which also has a second bathroom and a spiral staircase leading to 3 upstairs.96m x 9.58 m youth holiday or playroom.MORE: Glenside apartments will be available next monthFor the required historical record: a buyer keen on the Paradise Project, Trevelyan St at WayvilleSource: At the same time, modern extensions are provided behind the house, which is the beginning of the party.It includes an openPlan your living and dining space with gas heater and built-in-in storage.AFL star kick property door ball White-Toned kitchen with marble countertops, large island table and fiveGas stove.The space is rich in large windows that fill the entire home with natural light and offers no less than three outlets, located in the side yard and backyard, terraces, vergolas, spacious outdoor entertainment space with gas BBQ and kitchen.Trevelyan St in WayvilleSource: outdoor TV and pool cover are available for staying at home.The house is also equipped with floor heating and cellar 4.3 m ceiling and a double garage with panellift doors.Trevelyan St: SuppliedIt in WayvilleSource is close to quality shops and schools.The property is listed with Klemich Real Estate and there is no price guide.Quotation closed at noon on Wednesday, September 19.
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