2 burner gas barbecue Four easy steps to get your BBQ ready for the summer

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-01-02
2 burner gas barbecue Four easy steps to get your BBQ ready for the summer
When the pleasant summer weather comes, your backyard is like an extra room in your house.Barbecues are often the focus.No matter how many barbecues you used last summer or how many barbecues you used, it's time for spring cleaning-for safety and better entertainment.Here are some basic barbecue maintenance and cleaning techniques.1.Whether you have covered some basic cleaning supplies or not, whether it is protected or not, use them together in autumn, winter and early spring, your BBQ has gone through a variety of heavy, stormy and dirty weather.Give it some love earlier in the spring so you can use it right away.Put together some basic home cleaning equipment: some high quality towels, brushes, buckets and some soap and water that you don't mind getting dirty, and maybe a shop vacuum cleaner.In addition to some cleaning fluids that can remove scaleGreaser really doesn't have to buy anything special.One thing you don't want to use in a barbecue cleaning --Up is an oven cleaner: it is corrosive and can damage the barbecue parts.On the surface you can handle, remove the grill for cooking, brush it and scrub it down.If these are cast iron, remember to re-According to the manufacturer's instructions, add oil and heat to the barbecue.Seasoned grates are important to prevent food from sticking together while baking racks, especially at higher temperatures.2.Take apart some of the BBQ sections and check the BBQ sections and you can basically see all the interior of the BBQ.Remove and clean the hot processor or plate.Then look at the burner and burner tube below.These will wear out quickly depending on the usage;Deterioration can mean hot spots and lack of uniform heat distribution when you cook.If you have lava and bricks, check the other interior elements of the barbecue.Grease, oil and food build up and cause flashups.A large amount of debris, food and other things will accumulate in the main body of the cast iron grill.Clean it out—This is a place where vac stores may be useful.Check the gas quickly outside the grill-Connecting the socket and any regulator is in good condition.Make sure the hose is free of cracks and deterioration, the knob works fine and push-Button firearms are working.These sometimes fail due to the heavy use and exposure of these elements: the generic alternatives are relatively cheap.The thermometer built into the grill lid is the same: they may fail over time, but can easily be replaced.Make sure the grease trap under the main body of the grill is in place.The outside of the barbecue may require soap and water, brushes and some good clothes as well as greaseCutting solutions, especially this way, you don't see a blurry, dirty look on stainless steel.The kettle has the same steps.The grill and the simple charcoal grill are the so-called pots of fire.Need to brush the cooking grille down and brush it againseasoned.The grease and debris formed on the barbecue cover need to be brushed off.Remove the base grill with charcoal and do a good cleaning.If there is old charcoal and ash, empty the bowl and wipe it clean.Soap water and steel wool pads work well.Check the ash-The catcher under the bowl (if any) is being repaired.Air circulation control is an important part of the charcoal barbecue, so make sure the vents on the top and bottom work well so you can control the fire temperature.3.Venturitube insect check an important word about the Wenzhong tube in the gas barbecue: these tubes extend from the burner to the control valve of the barbecue.They allow the air to be mixed with the propane or natural gas you burn in order to cook during the barbecue.If the air flow is blocked, the barbecue you don't want may catch fire.Because they are open to air, whether or not they have screens that prevent bugs and debris from entering them, it is wise to check if the gas is free to move: brush with a Wenzhu tube (yes, have this kind of thing) or clean the tube with a brush at homeCrafted flexible wire length.Wenqiu tube should be checked regularly during the barbecue season.4.You might say barbecue and outdoor entertainment are an emotion, a state that we expect almost every spring.In your "backyard room" there is some freedom to cook and entertain for guests and family."Keep it simple and stay ahead of the maintenance effort.The whole summer and early autumn of the barbecue means a lot of grease and cooking debris.Regular cleaning during this season means that the amount of work started in the spring will be much less.Extra tipsSave aluminum!If you use some tin paper packaging for cooking, don't discard it: crumpled into a ball, which is a great tool to scrape the dirty grille after a barbecue.If your BBQ is over and you want to go out for another summer, let an old BBQ swing for a while and add charcoal bricks or lava around the burner to help prevent hot spots, and distribute the heat more evenly.
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