2 restaurateurs put plenty on the menu with 3 eateries at costa mesa center - white charcoal binchotan

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
2 restaurateurs put plenty on the menu with 3 eateries at costa mesa center  -  white charcoal binchotan
Jeff Joan and Christian Fernandez are becoming food stars on the 17 th promenade of Costa Mesa.
By the end of the summer, they will have three eating establishments in the strip center at 333 E. 17th.
The partner's second restaurant there, Oak & Coal, opened on May 30 and is scheduled to open on Friday.
This name represents the white charcoal of Japan, known as binchotan, in yakitori-
Stylish cuisine consisting of grilled bites-
Meat, seafood and vegetables are strung together.
"I grew up in this style of food, and as Koreans, we ate a lot of Korean and Japanese food," said Chon . " He also owns the alleys of Newport Beach and Wayfarer of Costa Mesa.
"My mom taught me how to cook, the first dish I learned how to cook.
"Binchotan is six times hotter than a normal block of charcoal and has no smell," said Chon.
We use all fresh organic food for free
Chicken, beef, prawns and scallops from Japan are all kebabs
"By indirect heating, cook food slowly and methodically on small skewers," he said . ".
We even added some houses.
We made dumplings on our menu.
"Five years ago, Fernandez and Chon had a strong interest in East Asian cuisine, and they opened a taboo sh pot across the parking lot, where it is now oak and coal.
Japanese cuisine in both restaurants
But use different cooking methods.
Taboo hot pot is specially used for Japanese traditional hot pot dishes ~
Top-grade meats and organic vegetables dipped in homemade delicious sauces.
Fernandez, a major investor and operations manager, said most of the restaurants attracted customers from Costa Mesa.
"Our aim is to continue the feeling of the community and to build a rapport that allows the wait person to know the customer through their name and to remember their [previous]
He said.
Adhering to the concept of open kitchen and fresh organic food, the two plan to open a third restaurant in E. 33317th St.
By the end of summer
This one, called Love & Puree, will be for young people
Even babies and toddlers.
Inspired by the bulldog from Chon, because his allergies require a special diet plan, starting with being a parent and a friend, they share the desire to build a healthy diet pattern for their children.
"I would like to develop a meal plan with organic vegetables and proteins grown locally that are mixed with healthy fats and do not contain hormones, add sugar, preservatives or pesticides," said Chon.
"It's an affordable, workable and convenient way to feed the children if they cook every meal, just like their parents do," he said . ".
"There is a lot of work to do to prepare the children's meals;
The concept saves time and avoids speculation.
Susan Hoffman is a contributor to The Times Community News.
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