3 burner gas grills How to Indirectly Cook Pork Tenderloin on a Gas Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-27
3 burner gas grills How to Indirectly Cook Pork Tenderloin on a Gas Grill
A whole piece of pork tenderloin usually weighs 1/2 lbs.Usually considered the tender part of a pig.It came out of the ribs along the backbone of the pig.The cooking methods of pork tenderloin include roasting, frying, stewing and indirect hot roasting.Indirect heating can keep large pieces of meat juicy and delicious and cook without much burning outside.However, it takes some care to cook the tenderloin because it is a very thin meat that will dry quickly if overcooked.Preheat the grill.If you are using a gas grill, open all the burners.If you are using charcoal, drain your coal stove onto the grill, then roll the aluminum foil into a cylinder long enough to be placed from start to finish in the middle of the coal grate.Pour the lit coal on half of the grill and place your cooking grate on it.Season pork tenderloin.Spread olive oil, salt and pepper evenly around the tenderloin.Prepare a gas grill for indirect heating by closing two burnersburner grill.If you have threeBurner gas grill, close the middle burner.Place the pork tenderloin in the unlit part of the grill.Turn the pork tenderloin over with pliers every five minutes to make sure your cooking process is uniform.Check the temperature of pork tenderloin with your meat thermometer.The Tenderloin is medium with an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit.1 and 1/2.The cooking time is about 30 minutes.Once the required internal temperature is reached, the tenderloin is removed from the high temperature.Wrap it with foil and let it rest for at least five minutes before slicing or serving.
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