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by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-06-28

Success is the result of certain habits and attitudes.You have to join a society without mystery and secrets.This is a mathematical equation: think that certain ideas do certain things = success.If you look, these habits and attitudes of success are everywhere.Take yours.However, they must be internalized in order to work for you.They have to be part of you, your natural way.In order for this internalizing process to be useful to you, you have to focus on habits/attitudes and allow it to be absorbed long enough.Focus time = internalizing.Reading an article like this, reading a book, or going to a workshop can give you an idea of this habit or attitude.If this information makes a lot of sense to you, you apply it right away and continue to use it, then every day you take a new habit/attitude towards success.But think back to the last book you read.If this is a good book, you may come across some meaningful ideas that will help you succeed.But when you think about new ideas that are being discussed in the next chapter, every idea is forgotten.This is not your weakness.This is human nature.People become or realize what they are concerned about.Once you incorporate this basic fact into your life, you can succeed in anything you are willing to do.Think that certain ideas do certain things = success.Certain ideas and certain things are habits/attitudes of success, such as desire, purpose, persistence, etc.To internalize these successful habits/attitudes, you must constantly strengthen them.part of you.The more you do, the more you bomb yourself with a focused topic at a time, the more you can internalize it.When they become part of you, each habit/attitude is intertwined, reinforced and synergistic.The whole is stronger than every part of it.The result of this synergy is desire.Our minds/bodies are very smart.We can't fool it.If it does not believe that we are capable of doing something, it will not let us do it.It rejects the Flame of Desire and we don't even have the energy to try.You can re-plan your mind/body and believe and ignite the flame of desire.Once you really believe it, nothing can stop you.It's like a big pot of water on the stove.If all the burners are off, there is no heat.no desire.Turn on the burner and the water starts heating.Opening all the burners will produce so much heat;Steam must be released.This is the steam of desire.The great thing is that this stove exists in the real life of each of us.Every burner is a habit/attitude of success.The label for Burner Hall says: dreams, goals, fulfillment, persistence, etc.You can read an article or go to the workshop and open 2 or 3 burners along the way to generate a lot of steamdesire.No one tells you that the gas needs to be continuously supplied for each burner.If there is no constant supply of gas, the flame will go out.Keep the gas supplied for long enough and internalize.At this point, you have permanently opened the gas valve to keep the burner running.This constant heat creates the steam you desire.However, it is unlikely that a high-altitude burner will produce steam.It produces heat and some effects.This is a step in the right direction.In order for the steam to continue, you need a lot of burners to increase the heat.Internalize many successful habits/attitudes and steam must blow off the top of the pan.It takes 21 days to develop a habit.Focus your entire month on every habit/attitude of success and you will blow up your pot.Every day, every day strengthens the habit/attitude of success this month.Pay attention to different success habits/attitudes every month.Stir it and let it simmer in your body for a month every day.Get higher and higher until the gas stays and becomes a part of you.Do this month after month, open the burner after the burner and blow your top.
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