35 new uses for the Magic Eraser - where can i buy a bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
35 new uses for the Magic Eraser  -  where can i buy a bbq grill
Now, this may not be the most fascinating post I 've ever written for BabyCenter, but I can assure you that it will be a helpful article!I believe that when it comes to the most awesome scrub pad in the world, all of you are in the loop: SirClean Magic Eraser.If you don't know anything about this product, climb out under the rocks you 've been living on and go buy some of this awesome product!I use Magic Erasers around my house for obvious general cleaning, such as scrubbing marks from the wall or cleaning dirt from the tub.But recently, some savvy Magic Eraser users have discovered some new ways to use this powerful cleaning tool.I was really surprised (and excited too!) In some of the options, I know I have to share them with all of you.By the way, I haven't tried all these tricks myself.I extracted them from various websites referenced below.But I can't wait to try some of them the next time I turn on the cleaning supplies!1.Remove coffee and tea stains from the cup.2.Clean stains left in the tank.3.Clean pet and child vomit on carpet or laundryBefore you use the Magic Eraser, I will try a test point on any fabric!4.After trimming the lawn, remove the grass stains on the shoes.5.Clean outdoor furniture and toys such as white resin, plastic toys or white painted furniture (but scrub gently on the painted furniture!).6.The pool pad was clean.7.Clean the vinyl surface.8.Wipe the wheel cover clean.9.Clean Building-Stinking from the refrigerator10.Clean the dishwasher inside.11.Remove rust from most surfaces.12.Clean up your computer, including your keyboard, mouse, and even someone says your laptop itself!When you wipe these electronic parts, I will light it down.13.Clean up your phoneTry to gently wipe the mouthpiece of the phone to remove the built inup grime.14.Remove cooked-Pots and pans in stains.15.Clean up the sticky range hood on the stove.(What, are you not sticky or dirty?Mhmm...well mine is!Ha!)16.Remove spills or stains from nail polish.17.Clean up your ditch.18.Clean mirrors and windowsSome people say that the magic eraser gave them a stripe.Clean mirror for free!It will obviously prevent the mirror from steaming hot in the bathroom when you take a shower...hmmm.19.Remove mildew from tents, vinyl canopy, awning, fiberglass items, etc.20.Remove the paint on the already dry spray.21.Remove food stains from plastic food containers.22.Remove fingerprints and dirt from the lightColor kitchen cabinet.23.Clean grout and tiles (I have to try this grout stain!).24.Remove the dry paint from the door hinge.25.Remove stains from silver.26.Remove the adhesive residue after removing the sticker.27.Remove the hair dye from the countertop.28.Clean plastic cooler inside and outside.29.Clean the oven rack and grill on the grill.30.Remove the melted plastic from the side of the toaster oven.31.Remove green algae from cement such as bird bath, steps, ponds, etc.).32.Remove toilet seat-Obviously, you can simply cut a magical eraser and have it cleaned overnight in the toilet.Sounds easy for me!33.Clean stained cauldron along the kitchen sink and countertop-Another must try!34.Remove paint scratches from the car from the small fender.35.Remove stains from the underside of the toilet seat.Thanks for some advice from family tips!Just a note.I didn't get the sponsorship of Magic Eraser to write this article, I just enjoyed the product honestly and found the tips helpful.So spill the beans out.Is there any other secret use of magic eraser?!
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