- 4 burner gas barbecue

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  -  4 burner gas barbecue
Prince rose published: May 16, 2014 20: 36 EDT | update: May 17, 2014 04:28 EDT, the temperature will reach 24 degrees this weekend, it is time to throw a barbecue.
But is it worth spending more money on your outdoor feast, or can budget bankers do the job well?
Prince rose tested four complete shopping lists
Barbecue, food and wine included-
According to the four platforms provided, from £ 10 to £ 1,000.
So which one made a hissing sound and which one made a hissing sound?
One-time Poundland barbecue (£1)
1 pound bird eye burger.
Four votes 56, Tesco;
White steamed stuffed bun, 4 33 p (£1 for 12), Iceland;
Cheese, cowbell single, 32 p for four (79p for 10), Aldi;
Pork sausage essential every day, 8 66 p (99p for 12), Aldi;
Salad, 99 p, Morrison
65 p, Morrisons Classic coleslaw;
Tempenello wine, £ 3. 79 Aldi. TOTAL: £9.
30 bbq: this one-time barbecue bought from Poundland you can't find it cheaper than this one.
It is equipped with a 450g charcoal coal ball and a starter board for easy lighting.
It is ready to cook in 20 minutes and burn for an hourand-a-half. A no-
Stayed on the beach for a day.
4/5 Burger: bad barbecue.
Thank God because these bird eye burgers are the saddest little things I 've ever seen, with only 77 cents of beef.
The rest is yeast extract, onion powder, beef fat, expanded ingredients and additives.
But once the barbecue, the meat will be juicy, salty and surprisingly more.
4/5 buns: Icelandic burger buns are soft and elastic with fresh taste (
It's a miracle when you buy frozen food).
The sesame taste is light and can be served with two beef burgers.
4/5 cheese: cheap cheese is perfect for grilling, but these slices are too well made.
They are not mature and textured and stick to the top of my mouth like a paste.
They contain a large amount of preservatives and are yellow. Disappointing.
2/5 sausage: the Aldi sausage is very big.
It looks thick and pink, but only 50 cents of pork (
The statutory minimum is 42).
Water cut, rusk (
Fine crumbs for keeping moisture and increasing texture)
Wheat Flowers and pork protein, they leave a lot of things that are needed.
I tasted the flavor of seasoning, but there was very little pork.
I'm not even sure if my dog will like to eat these.
1/5 salad: The salad bag from morrisons is crisp and fresh with simple carrot slices, red cabbage and roll-in lettuce. A safe buy.
4/5 coleslaw: Good coleslaw should be cream in mayonnaise but still keep it sharp and crunchy.
It's nice, but sweet. It contains 5.
3 grams per 100 grams of sugarabout 1 tsp.
This is quite a lot.
3/5 wine: it is incredible that despite the expensive price, the taste of Tempranillo is not like paint --stripper.
It has a black fruity taste and is well matched with sausage.
A real winner and great value.
4/5 conclusion: budget salads, wine and disposable barbecues are clearly the way forward --
But it's worth spending on better sausages.
Sizzle rating: 26/40 Garden deals Whitstable bucket, £ 25, John Lewis or garden deals. co. uk;
Laverstock Park Farm burger for 6. 98 (£3. 49 for two), Ocado;
Steamed stuffed bun, 4 47 p (94p for eight), Asda;
Maasdam cheese slices in the Netherlands, 2 copies of Sainsbury's; sausages, £3. 20 (£4 for ten), Asda;
Steve's leaves. 40, Waitrose;
Essential cold cabbage. 20, Waitrose;
Yalumba Y Series Shiraz/Viognier, £ 9. 99, Tesco. TOTAL: £50.
Barbecue: White barbecueso-
Because it was inspired by the fishermen who cooked the catch on the beach with a bucket of coal
This is a very simple thing, made of galvanized steel, with a removable grill and large holes on the bottom for air circulation.
Just don't expect it to still look good after summer use.
4/5 Burger: delicious!
These burgers are made from 94 cents of water beef, a low
A substitute for fat cattle
The burger is thin and in large portions, with a bit of fresh onion and Baili Wood.
4/5 bunssized.
Although the bread is airy and soft, the sesame seeds on it have long lost their taste.
An emergency picnic is acceptable, but few others.
2/5 cheese: The Dutch Maasdam is the perfect choice for hamburgers. It’s a nutty-
Taste cheese, a little like Emmental-
Only not so strong, so it won't overwhelm the meat.
I like it very much.
4/5 sausage: Asda's own
The rich texture of the brand pork and vanilla sausage presents a pleasant mottled appearance, with its Chinese herbal medicine (
Basil, rat Lee and Baili
Quickly displayed and hissed.
3/5 salad: This white rose salad has beans (
Choose a little earlier so that it won't be so muddy)
And baby chard and baby red cos.
It was an unusual choice, not so squeaky, but a wonderful pepper.
4/5 coleslaw: enough, but need to be lighter, crispy and thinner.
It is in danger of drowning in mayonnaise.
2/5 wine: this is from Barossa Valley, South Australia, by Rhone-
Shiraz blends with the inspiration of the white grape Viognier.
It's big and bold, with a lot of strong black fruit and alcohol (14. 5 per cent).
It is also suitable for all roasted red meat.
4/5 conclusion: I will definitely have water beef again, and the cheese and salad are delicious.
It is certainly possible to get a good all.
Round barbecue for £ 50.
27/40 Fyrkat picnic grill, £ 46, John Lewis;
Beef Burger, 27. 90 for four (£13. 95 for two), Asda;
Warburtons buns, 4 83 p ,(£1. 25 for six)Sainsbury’s;
Salut cheese harbor, 1 pound.
4 pieces of 33 pieces ,(
6 pieces 2), Asda;
Sausage with fragrance. 19 for eight (£3. 29 for 12), Waitrose;
Florette's, flourette crispy salad, 2 servings;
Tesco's best coleslaw, £ 2;
Zinfandel Lodi, the Old Vine in, is 2011. 99, Waitrose. TOTAL: £95.
24 bbq: 46 charcoal bbq is a stylish portable number for Bodum.
The silicone handle stays cool when touched, and you can adjust the airflow into the grill.
Light enough to take to the beach or park.
3/5 Burger: this meat comes from cows who eat beer and grains and then massage regularly to get more fat.
There are many of the best burgers here.
Juicy, especially tender.
5/5 steamed stuffed bun: steamed stuffed bun is planted with sesame seeds and black seeds (
The latter onion tastes mild. )
Flexible and delicious.
4/5 cheese: The Salut harbor slice is one of the best cheese I have ever used in my burger.
They melt beautifully and are in large size.
4/5 sausage: you can't beat witrose because of the sausage.
The pork and cilantro are seasoned with rosemary and Baili leaves, with a pork content of up to 88 and of good quality.
4/5 salad: the flourette salad is a bit soft and humid.
Including the flower borage (
A kind of chrysanthemum)
Lamb lettuce and radicchio usually crispy leaves
But not in this case.
1/5 coleslaw: coleslaw was drowned in mayonnaise.
Too sour and too heavy.
0/5 wine: This Zinfandel is very tasty.
Aged in oak barrels, full of plum and fig flavors, wrapped in smoked spices.
Worth 12. 99 on.
4/5 judgment: Melt-in-the-
But this coleslaw or salad is definitely not worth more.
Sizzle rating: 25/40 Hood four
John Lewis, a burner gas grill for £ 429;
Gourmet Burger, 300, Harrods; buns, £4.
Four, Selfridges;
Barber's cheddar 612, Partridges;
Pork and leek sausage for 5.
Fortnum & Mason, 65 in 8;
Harvey Nichols, 5 years old;
6 small lettuce, Selfridges;
2000,235 Robson Palmer Castle (robersonwine. com). TOTAL: £991.
13 bbq: this gas model barbecue is lit when the dial is twisted.
Frame and grill made of hard porcelain glaze
For industrial kitchen.
There are four burners on 2911 cm square feet of cooking surface, one cover for baking, one heating rack and side shelf.
But it's too expensive!
3/5 burgers: £ 75 per serving, the price of these burgers alone is enough to make you feel uncomfortable.
Wagyu beef is served with truffle oil and foie gras.
They are large in size and are kept moist right in the center.
May be a bit rich for some flavors.
4/5 buns: these buns are very fatlike.
In fact, they teamed up with Wagyu beef to make my stomach so rich.
2/5 cheese: Barber's cheddar is from Somerset and has matured for 24 months.
The creamy flavor is strong, but it masks the truffles in the burger and is best matched with the oatmeal cake.
2/5 sausage: The sausage is thick, fragrant and juicy. At £5.
Eighty-five, buy it.
4/5 salad: Selfridges salad
Lettuce, rocket, red beet and spinach
It looks fresh.
But it is a pity that it was imported from Italy.
3/5 COLESLAW: coleslaw is wet, not exciting and expensiveoff.
A green apple or fresh parsley will cheer it up.
0/5 wine: Palmer Marge Castle is top wineend Bordeaux. It’s rich (
You must afford it)
It has a mature leather fragrance and thorns fruit fragrance.
The 3/5 conclusion: while the individual component is delicious, it is half-rich in general.
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