- 4 burner gas bbq

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  -  4 burner gas bbq
Daily Mail update: 08: 24, September 20, 2010, Price: 130 for Marco Pierre White O Grill and 79 for Coleman folding Go stove.
It's too easy to fall into a trap camp while away from camping --jealously.
You are surrounded by happy families with luxury camping, satellite antennas and full service
The size of the camping stove, when you retreat in your two outdoor
Men's tent warm pie
Look for burgers on Tesco's one-time barbecue. Not this year.
We stepped up the stakes this summer and bought two new gadgets that made us in al-
Mural cooking Department
The first trial was Colman Fold n' Go 2-
Gas stove.
The unit consists of two gas burners that fold into a convenient metal suitcase and are neatly installed at the rear of the car.
Very easy to use, the main drawback of Colman is that it only needs Colman's own proprietary gas cylinder, not cheaper, and more importantly, easier-to-
Look for the brand Primus or Campinggaz.
After use, it is also strange tricky to return the metal ring that puts your pan in the storage position.
However, it is very convenient to be able to cook your whistle kettle when sitting outside the tent in the morning, and to be able to control the flame, which makes it a solid choice.
The company claims that the full power burn time is 1 hour and 10 minutes, which seems to be correct, and the boiling time is about 6 minutes-which may be a bit optimistic.
Marco Pierre White is more expensive
Portable gas barbecue sponsored. The fiery chef-cum-
The name of a TV celebrity may not have the cache it once owned (Knorr anyone? )
But in this case, his agent chose very well.
Similarly, only the O cylinders that can be put themselves
Grill is a compact gas Grill that folds into the size of a large handbag and has folding
Plastic legs.
Easy to use, very good control of the flame, its best function is a bulky casting
The iron baking tray, which spreads the heat well on the steak and masks the "potential" status of the steak.
It also has a removable drip tray that removes grease after you finish cooking the sausage.
A very beautiful camping gear is guaranteed to attract some envious attention at the scene.
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