4 burner gas bbq Baulkham Hills barbecue blunder sets home on fire

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-19
4 burner gas bbq Baulkham Hills barbecue blunder sets home on fire
A barbecue on Sunday in Baulkham Hill sparked a false comedy similar to TV insurance ads.The fire is at 30-year-According to the hillsshire times, the old man began cooking a row of ribs on his six-burner gas barbecue in the backyard of his Justin Avenue home.He decided to go to the store at three o'clock P.M. and pulled the BBQ hood down before leaving.The fat in the drip tray appears to be on fire, causing the gas line in the gas tank in the storage area under the grill to break.Intense heat and leaking gas caused the flame to jump out of the back of the grill, which was so hot that they broke the window of the nearby bedroom.The flame then ignited a single bed and mattress in the room, which caused so much heat that the entire window frame was broken and melted.The fire sucked in additional oxygen, causing a large fireball to move along the corridor to other areas of the house.Fortunately, the neighbors found the smoke in the house before 3.On the afternoon of the 30 th, the emergency service department and the fire rescue unit issued an alarm and put out the fire.The information from the emergency service is, for any reason, not to leave your BBQ unattended.
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