4 burner gas bbq Gas BBQ Grill Restore

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-12-13
4 burner gas bbq Gas BBQ Grill Restore
Get the grill back from bad weather conditions.OK, let's screw down all the wooden parts, handles, side trays, etc.Keep all the nut bolts and washers so you can reuse them or find the same size in the hardware store.You will most likely only need a crescent wrench and a screwdriver, which may break if the bolts are too rusty.Remove the plastic envelope from the burner switch and they should be pulled out immediately, otherwise find a small hole on the plastic that may have a fixing screw (most likely a hex key ).If your ignition is broken, turn it off as well.Keep grates intact for the time being, but you can remove any baskets or other external accessories.Therefore, the easiest way to start this process is to move the grill to an open area for prevention and cover the grill with aluminum foil.Open the grill (high) and close the lid 15-After 20 minutes this will release a lot of smoke as it burns the grease inside into powder ash.Just like the automatic cleaning function on your stove.Turn off the grill and let it cool for a few minutes, then you can take out the brushes and spatula and go to town to scrape off all the old grease.This may or may not be good enough for your criteria (this is the grill ).Or you can take out the skim and spray it on it and let it sit for a while and clean it up with no grease at all.If you are going to paint the interior of the grill, I suggest you do so (steps to be taken ).Clean, everything with a Scottish bright mat and soap and water.Scottish light will act as gentle sandpaper, so be careful with the font and signage, but be careful with any rust you see.If you can't remove the rust, take out the real sandpaper to clear it.Remove all soap hoses and dry them.When we clean the grill with a Scottish bright pad, we also wear the surface slightly for the good adhesion of the paint, however, if you think it can use more things like 220-320 grit.You have to use two different types of paint when painting the grill.For the grill Shell itself, use high temperature paint (do not use on the grill or anything that comes in direct contact with the food ).If you are careful not to plug the holes, you can spray the inside and outside of the shell and cover and the burner itself.Spray paint on a clean surface, and there is no rust, even 1/2 to 1/3 overlap per line, or even cover.After a few hours of letting this paint dry, you have to solidify this paint with heat.(Read can for instructions) opening the grill for about 20 minutes should cure it.Next is the standard painting of wood metal plastic.This will be used for all other parts of the grill, using the same application method as described above, minus the curing process, which may increase the light sanding and the second application if necessary.Replace any broken or cracked wood if needed, then paint with sand and prepare all surfaces.Tape any brand or operation guide to avoid loss.(Or, you can repaint them if you want) precautions about sanding and painting propane tanks.Only slight rust on the surface of the sand (if there is a pit, you 'd better leave it alone, consider buying a new tank for safety reasons) and cover all the connected hardware before painting.If you are a person who trades propane cans at a local gas station or convenience store and don't paint, they may not accept it.Once again, you 'd better replace any grates with serious rust and pits and not paint.Or you can mix two cups of vinegar and one cup.Put the salt in a bowl.Put your rusty grille in a big loadGarbage bags on dutyPour vinegar and salt into the bag and tie it up.Lay the bag flat on the ground and let the grill soak for a night.After soaking, wipe the rust with the old rag.Salt should be used as a gentle grind to scrape away rust.These are food, so it's safe to eat.Replace all parts, screws, grilles, knobs, signs, etc.Connect propane to make sure everything works.HOLD UP!I haven't finished the meal on the grill yet.It's time to talk about maintenance, the grate you just got is very nice and clean, actually much like a cast iron frying pan, you actually need to heat and apply vegetable oil on it (don't use flammable fuel injection ), to prevent rust in the future.Do the same after each meal scraping the grate.Buy or make a grill cover so you can avoid doing this every year.Only a few years now.What's for dinner now?Enjoy!OK, after reading the structure, I realized that I might have skipped something.Also, I got some feedback from you guys that made me think I might need to add some precautions for health and safety.Comment: "reconsider painting inside any grill.Even dry paint can fall off.Cheer up some nasty things when heating."It's true if you want to be the safest person.Read all the precautions for the products you are using, you will not always find them on the bottles, research the safety hazards of a particular job.In this case you have heat, smoke, open fire, grease, oil, paint, propane, rust, food and so on that can be considered together."It is recommended that the interior be-Yes or clean to bare metal and seasoning with down type oil."I did the same thing to prevent rust, which is much easier than peeling it all the way down.Thinking afterwards: From the point of view of completion, painting inside the grill is a real nightmare for adhesion, because all the accumulated grease has it.Unless you peel the grill inside onto the bare metal, I don't recommend painting it.I personally do not paint the inside of the grill because after the fire cleaning the grill is very smooth and burnt evenly.Also, when you cook on it a few times, you won't notice from the grease build up anyway.I would spray a bit of paint in areas like drip holes, but just to prevent the rust that is common in those areas.But only if it's starting to rust.Also, the heat in these areas is not that high due to direct airflow (still hot, but hopefully your grill won't rust all the way) to give the high temperature paint a little relief.Although if cured properly, it should be able to withstand 550 f-when most grills can only reach 1200-700 degrees in the hottest place in the center.I realized there was something I didn't mention.Parts: If you go to the local barbecue shop, as long as you sell the same brand of barbecue shop, you can usually find all the parts needed for the grill, if not, i'll let you know this little secret I 've heard of, and you can find almost anything you can imagine, and that's what's called the Internet.......?Wait, you tell me you already know this place?My friend!Then you know a place where you can find the burner, the electric ignition, the hose, the grille, even the knob and the cover, whatever you need.!.!.Oh, there is an important thing about the igniters, even if they will ignite, if the rings around them are not screwed to the metal, they will most likely fail because they are not grounded, and it holds it, it's just a bonus.
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