4 Unexpected Things I Learned Smoking Crack Cocaine - the best 3 burner gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
4 Unexpected Things I Learned Smoking Crack Cocaine  -  the best 3 burner gas grill
I'm sure you remember that on this exact date last year, I helped our country celebrate independence with an American.as-apple-Pie story about the years I spent in despair.As we all know, summer is the season of the sequel, who am I disappointed?Of course, a completely faithful sequel to last year's vomiting and fainting victory in the bathroom will need to be re-addicted to dex Safin, I don't have a stomach at the moment, and I don't have a public restroom that the workplace can accommodate.Instead, you have to be content with the next best thing.Let's talk about how it feels to pump a crack.I talked about this at spodcast this week......There I joined half of the comedy, the cute comedy duo;Mayor of Podcast City and people who often participate in drug activitiesCheer for the band in the Tennessee forest.Let's solve a bigger myth first.You don't always need to find the crack, sometimes it will find you. I believe the main detail in everyone's mind is how I ended up smoking in the first place.I mean, it's a drug that needs to go to Rob Ford town, right?It would be simple to avoid open-air cracks unless you live there.Like many others, the story begins with a job.Specifically, I worked all night at a grocery store and smashed the box on a personCompaction of big garbage.This is undoubtedly the most boring job I love.Anyone who complains about making a living throws boxes into the machine that eats them, which is not life at all.I'm broke, of course, but it's easy to work.For experts, the workers who work all night are always goodPeople will look if there is nothing else.I went wrong with my crazy retail food trip when I met Neil, which may not be his real name, but no one will know exactly except me and Neil, huh?Anyway, I was living in Madison, Wisconsin.A quirky town known for having the most problematic ATMs in the country.I recently moved there from my hometown, Peoria, Illinois, where there are about threeDrive an hour from Madison.Only when their main University has a football team and our university does not have it is a cultural shock.This is a different story for Neil.He moved from somewhere in Connecticut, not from the town of Connecticut.It's not Connecticut, and it's not Connecticut, because Connecticut is actually Georgia.No, he shows up on ofor's episodes sometimes, becauseof-The national murder is a "sitcom family trip to Six Flags Road" made by the crime crew ".So Neil lived here before moving.-Not to Madison, but to a small town about 30 minutes away, which is still nameless.Poor Neil lost his mind quickly there.Don't get me wrong. there's nothing to lose at first.Neil is a character.He was Italian.Very Italian.The famous video game franchise in Italy.Or everyone is wearing sloppy, no one can dance.I have drawn a lot here and I hope it can do something for you.Jersey coast without abdominal musclesCan we move on?Neil moved to Wisconsin for love.He met a girl who, for reasons we might never understand, was on holiday in the damn place he called home in Connecticut, but inexplicably, the two girlsIn a short time, he picked up his belongings and moved to Wisconsin to live with her family.It is at this point that Neil is aware of some disturbing things.The family of his newly married wife is pious.Super religion.Not church-every-Religion on Sunday;church-every-day religious.As you may have collected, Neil did not.So he is 40 hours a week away from home, more like a released prisoner than anything else.He likes to work because it means he is free from the bonds of faith.Also, working overtime in a grocery store with a huge empty parking lot next to it gives me a lot of chances to get away with it, I mean drug use.In fact, in the days of smoking marijuana in the Midwest public, people are no less dissatisfied with it than robbing jewelry stores.Because Neil used every Sunday as an excuse to cook his borders.The Quaker family is a huge Italian feast. I often accompany him to church and always die of stone.One week, the sermon was about drugs.I'm saved next week.This is a non-sectarian church that believes that nothing can change it once you are saved.So I'm going to heaven and I'm going to kill every jerk who doesn't agree with me.As the church would say, "This is in the book," I wonder if Neil and I will use the same answer when one asks another if they want to smoke.Like many others, the story of this brother became very strange soon.One morning after work, Neil did not drive home but asked if I would like to hang out with him at the motel.This is called the product of my growth, but it doesn't trigger any rape alarm in my mind because I know Neil's meaning is completely different.Neil wants to smoke marijuana.I didn't, but Neil didn't want to be alone and offered to buy breakfast and marijuana.The motel room with cable TV is also a reward, it is an unspeakable sad thing no matter what ten years.So, I'm just morally supportive.If you keep up with my output here and know that curiosity makes me better, you're not at all surprised.I soon wondered how I could be part of the celebration.The federal government should find a way to attach Neil's initial reaction to the side of every crack vial in the country: of course, people with the ability to resist advice and people who smoke do not tend to run in the same circle, and soon I accepted a plea agreement and Neil sprinkled a little crack for me (children, this is a fool for you ).For the record, Neil was drawn from an empty body with a vodka t vodka mini bottle with an aluminum foil screen.It doesn't seem to matter, but it will be later.Now, let's talk about what you really want to know: how does it feel?To put it bluntly...it felt great?The question mark exists because there are a lot of things in the world that feel great, but crack should feel it.It turns out it's not because of how I smoke.Smokers with a strong ability to discern scoffed at such stupid behavior two.I'll discuss this in more detail soon, but for now, let's go back to a very important point.As mentioned earlier, there is still a feeling of smoking for the first time.It's hard to express a feeling in words, but it can at least let you know what I'm dealing.Remember when I said Neil bought food?I ordered a burger.We got to the room and Neil started preparing his cracking machine right away, but only after rushing to get my power connector ready and throwing it to me.I didn't want to be the only one in the room with cracks so I lit up immediately.Again, I can't express how good it feels in words.This is not overwhelming, but it is, there is a reason for the emphasis.However, I think I can explain how good it must be.Stay with me.Halfway through the game, I suddenly thought Len Bias was my favorite basketball player until he underestimated the ability of crack to kill someone who belittled him. So I think there's half of it right now.I took it out and decided to eat it.I must have taken it off the sandwich.I know this because I had at least three bites and none tasted like paper.I couldn't confirm, though, because I didn't get the half joint out of my sight for a second.I watch while I eat.In the end, the temptation is too great.After eating no more than five, I will not eat the rest.I can't let that feeling sit there waiting for me, no matter if I'm hungry.At that time, I reached an important agreement with myself.Don't do this tomorrow.You know, I didn't, and I was perfect.Free life at least six months later.This is the best feeling in the world and another feeling to find me.I was working in a place where the phone was sold, and that was legal at the time.It's much like working in a halfway house, except that not everyone leaves for a few hours a day to work, they just make a phone call and commit more crimes.For a college student (or someone who is young enough but doesn't have enough motivation to be a college student), this is a lot of money.On top of that, if you work there at any point in adulthood, you might screw up somewhere on the life Highway.No matter how many hours are left in the evening, Tom Cochrane will leave your damn road choice.Coincidentally, if you hear this joke, you may have applied to work at the telemarketing premises at least before.Other than the grace of God and caring parents, am I right?What I get is that there are more than a few people who smoke in my telemarketing job, most of them look exactly like telemarketers, including Slayer, I really don't remember him so I can at least give him something cool.Slayer divorced (surprise!He was in his thirties and knew a lot about music and drank a lot of coffee.He did well on the phone.He was casual but not sloppy.You can see that he cares a lot about what he looks like.He also smokes a lot of crack cocaine every night.What I'm trying to say is that when you think of a drug addict, he doesn't like what you might think, you're a racist.Just because the CIA sold it to black people in the first place does not mean that white people did not catch it in the end.Drug addicts are like agents of the CIA.There is almost no difference between people who really smoke and ordinary people, while those who scare the city center like Dave Chapel's nightmare version of the Tyrone might just be CIA agents having too much fun on the cover.The problem is that Slayer looks as normal as s * t.He was nothing remarkable, and when he took me home on a rainy night after work, I didn't think about anything.We drove for a while and he asked if we could stop.Again, there's no "you're going to be murdered" alarm sounded as much as every show survey I saw later found that should be provided now, but that's OK ---It was not murder that night.When the killer asked the last question before leaving the car to run errands: "Hey man, mind if I buy you some marijuana?"This will not happen.People don't just take the initiative to buy drugs from you like they buy small bars.Of course I promised, but asked to know what I was in for myself in terms of repaying the favor.It's not a big deal, Slayer just wants to smoke a cigarette in my place.Why my place?Well, because his roommate also smokes, he doesn't want to share it with that jerk.With me?Any day, at any stage, mainly because I don't usually smoke, I rarely threaten to take him there.However, on this night I found myself strangely interested because, unlike Neil and his makeshift vodka unit, the killer showed up with the tools.Specifically, aluminum foil and handyman boy.Remember that column I wrote?The story you are reading now is why the housekeeping boys are on the list.In any case, I face a decision again: should I smoke tonight?Quote a quote from the Will Smith classic, "parents just don't understand," and yes, of course I should.This person is obviously a professional smoker, so missing this opportunity is like refusing to smoke bluntly with Snoopy dogs.I'm going to smoke. I'm going to do it this time.Slayer set up my first click and took me through the complex heating process needed to extract maximum fun from your new pet rock.I took a deep sip and held it for a while.Crack dealers should find a way to immediately apply what I said as they breathe on the side of every crack vial across the country: there's already more!What's more, guys, we just started smoking.However, from the initial feeling, I already know that this is not enough.So we went back.Twice.I don't know if I can describe this feeling, except to say that it is the only feeling I have ever had in my life.This is definitely a pleasure.That is to say, this is a strange excitement.It's good that you don't want to share this feeling with others.This is especially true for the children, and fortunately, the woman I was dating at that time had one.Not only that, she also made a sudden visit and asked if I could watch him for a while so that she could take her mother to emergency care.I had no choice but to refuse because I had reached a level beyond words.I didn't even open the door.If you look up the word "suspicious" in the dictionary, there may now be an animated GIF of the scene expansion.I didn't feel very good about myself, but when I got back to smoking, that sadness disappeared immediately.Still, the higher I get, the more I realize the fact that when I enjoy my new best friend, I definitely don't want this kind of depravity in my living roomSo, in retrospect, I did something that was likely to get me killed.I asked Slayer to leave with crack, but there was still smoke to smoke.I bought it. I want to smoke it myself. I set up a stall.It was a position I was very lucky to take and didn't end up with me and a boy who hated housework being suffocated to death.Ah, the stupidity of youth.Slayer left unhappily, but he kept calm about it.I think sadness best describes his manners.As for me, I ended my night calmly and have been thanking my lucky star for not having to look after the kids or win the Super Bowl the next morning.I also came up with an important smoking cessation rule that night.2 observe the rules of the day, as I have been trying to describe the exact feelings of a person when they smoke, I can say ---I knew right away that was something I couldn't do the next day.When people say they are addicted when they first try, I totally understand why.Actually, the first time I tried, I had this idea in my head, and because of that, I swear no matter how happy it is, I won't wake up the next day and buy it againLuckily, I didn't.I almost did it and it could change my life a lot.If you don't learn anything else from my column, you should at least know that dad needs his medicine, no matter what it is.I will be a completeIf it weren't for vowing not to do so the next day, it would burst.I know the people who sell it and they live very close to my apartment.All the ingredients are in the pan and I just never lit the burner.Please note, though ---I'm not saying that everyone should go out and try it once and see how it feels.No one should smoke under any circumstances.I can fight to be a complete-About drug addiction, just because I can say "no" the next day.You may not be so lucky.The problem is that I never give up the problem of anything, but just because I always replace it with something else.I don't need a bigger or better height next.I just need the wheels in my head to stop spinning long enough to focus.Weeds and all kinds of prescriptions are good.Not everyone is "party" like this ".Usually, if you want to try cracking in the first place, you will become addicted.So, you know, no.Consider it if you need another reason...When I wrote this column, I suddenly understood that two of the three or four main actions in my life were caused at least indirectly by crack cocaine.Technically, the first reason is a house fire.I rented a house with my sister at the time, and she was no stranger to herself fighting smokers.In fact, one of them slept on our couch at the time.We called him because he smoked marijuana and his name was Kenny.One day, crack head Kenny borrowed my sister's car and it was the only transportation in our house so he could find the drugs.He found drugs.He replaced the car with them.That's who Kenny is.But somehow Kenny heroically recovered from the car drama by recycling the vehicle and was allowed to continue to use our couch for a collision.At least he has a job and has provided some help on the bill, surprisingly.By the way, the job section will be very important from now on.Keep reading.One day I woke up early and drove my sister to work at a gas station a few miles away.It's payday today but I haven't got the check yet.For about $4 in my name, I have the option: buy cigarettes or buy breakfast.It was shocking that I chose breakfast, and on top of that, I did some Ido thing, which was to stay for coffee and read the newspaper for a while.But I did it this time, and that's a good thing.As soon as I got home, I decided to take a nap and have a short stay in the bathroom, paying tribute to the god of the fast food breakfast in the only way they accepted it.When I did, I noticed that the black smoke came in from a vent above my head.Because I was not sick, I was cleaned up and went to the living room to investigate immediately.All I can see is the sofa, the back of the sofa is orange for some reason.Then I suddenly realized that on the other side of the sofa, there was a vent leading to a glove room where the washing machine, dryer and water heater were all placed.I didn't have much time to think before the smoke was so strong, my only option was to go out and luckily, it was only a few steps away from going out.I did it unscathed, but a lot of things would definitely go wrong.First of all, if I choose to buy those cigarettes instead of breakfast, or even if I don't decide to read the newspaper everywhere after that, I will definitely fall asleep soon when that fire starts.If that's the case, I'll give you a second to solemnly reflect on all the comedies you may have missed.I added that title there for you, the one who assured me that the smoke detector would wake me up before the smoke inhalation kills me.In response, I said: "Yes, we do have smoke detectors, but we also have a fridge full of Tombstone pizza all the time."In the Old West, Tombstone pizza won their name by killing smoke detectors with normal function.By then, we may exchange our dishes for one.So, yes, I'm probably dead. thank you very much.Also, I was selling weeds at the time and only understood the fact when firefighters and police rushed to put out the fire and randomly strolled around the house to assess the damage.Arrest is the last thing you want to chase a house fire, so I make excuses for money and a jacket, and I want to catch it if they don't mind.This is true.The money is a profit from just selling an ounce of marijuana, and there is one in the left pocket of the jacket that is ready to be sold.I found everything back so I had a lot of party supplies if nothing else.Also, the rent was due that day, needless to say I decided to give up writing the check.Hello, more cash than I usually do!In addition to this, the Salvation Army will give you coupons for clothes, food and hotels in any house fire.The next day my sister and I went shopping at s y department store and had turkey dinner at Perkins.I said it's Thanksgiving, right?If you want to know what it all has to do with crack head Kenny, it's simple.Do you remember the job I mentioned?He came home from there, like a man, and immediately put his work clothes in the Coleman cooler.He then puts the cooler on top of the dryer, at which point the cooler quickly falls behind the appliance.Kenny did not hesitate to pay the fee and spent his day.In the end, the indicator light on the water heater lit the clothes inside the cooler, and then the cooler itself lit.We lost everything thanks to crack head Kenny.My sister and I decided to move to Madison, Wisconsin, as a sign that environmental change might be orderly, rather than finding another place to live in Peoria, before we find something else, we can stay with mom.That's how crack kicked me out of Illinois.
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