5-minute guide to Brazilian barbecue - the best charcoal bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
5-minute guide to Brazilian barbecue  -  the best charcoal bbq
(CNN) —Brazil may be the only country in the world where food is larger than American plates.This is especially true when it comes to the meat-eating aspect of things.In the tradition of barbecue, it is meat with a trolley.Brazilian barbecue tradition comes from the south of the country, from the technique of cooking meat in a wide place --Open country after a full day of bickering.These days wrang comes to chulacaria, waving the skewers of all kinds of beasts, taking the skewers one by one to your table.The Brazilian barbecue is high-Good quality meat and special meat.Joe Robinson has a choice of more than 20 different types of meat during a cathedral meal.Each skewer-Use a specific cut to handle the server.You checked and nodded as if it were a bottle of wine, then the waiter cut off a piece for you to taste.When a few waiters compete for your taste buds, it looks like the fencing competition will break out.It may get busy on the floor of the church, but it is worth it because of the slowThe Brazilian barbecue style known for rodizio offers some very delicious food.It started on the high-Good quality meat and special meat.The meat is stabbed to the skewers, and then slowlyScones-Style on charcoal, locked in juicy and flavor.When the top layer of the meat turns brown, it is cut into fresh slices for consumption.The barbecue is tailored to your personal taste.Not only can you get a variety of cuts, but you can also get a variety of styles: mal passado, medium rare (ponto para mal), medium rare (ponto) seven points (first bucket section load and excellent (bem passado ).Meatapalooza's star is picanha, a top bull loin that melts in your mouth.But there's a big supporter.-Alcatraz Island (top Shalang), baby beef, filet steak, garlic filet steak, mimiña steak, Costera steak (short pork ribs for beef), pork tenderloin, sausage, chicken and more.GALLERY: Take a look at the best barbecue in Brazil because of the Brazilian barbecue katassapen handThe most popular thing for Brazilians is picanha, a cut of hips eaten with sliced slices, rice and beans.Picanha is essential for anyone who wants to experience the Brazilian barbecue tradition.The meat comes from the top of the hip with both sides of the hip cap, one better known as tri-Tip and the other side, which is picanha.The Brazilian baked the pikania slate with fat meat and cut it off before serving.The delicious picanha is juicy and tender, which can stimulate the demand of taste buds.This is a premium steak that is juicy and tender beyond the normal steak experience.Keep the slices moderate and after the feast you can get up from the chair.Baby Beef, known for its American handle (pronounced "bebe beefey"), is Brazil's second most popular beef after picanha.It is considered a delicacy and is priced for it, the most expensive of the chulakriya meat.Baby beef, as the name suggests, is not as young as veal, but comes from young cows.The delicious meat comes from the tenderloin part, which is tender and thinner than the mature cattle, which is a great attraction for Brazilians.It's a super-The taste is good, but it will let your wallet go back a little.Alcatraz Island, a traditional dish for Portuguese families, is a top-notch beef loin meat, baked as a pot, but the Brazilian reinvented a delicious beef loin on the grill.The right seasoning, barbecue and smoked seasoning will make this tender cut taste and tenderness so you can't stop thinking.This is a whole new piece of Sarang meat.The King of steak filet is part of the pantheon of Brazilian barbecue.It is still the most popular, but there is competition with picanha and baby beef.However, the greatness of the chulakriya style is that you are not limited to a piece of meat.Depending on how many extra belt loops you have, you can have a couple of picanha, filet mignon and more.Filet steak is known for its lack of fat and tenderness, and can be refined in the hands of a great chulacaria chef.Lombo (pork tenderloin) is not all beef in the chulakaria restaurant, and there are pork, lamb, chicken and even fish on the menu.Lombo is a pork worth tasting.The Tenderloin is cut into slate and put on a skewer coated with Parma cheese.Just like beef, only the best tenderloin meat can be placed on the grill, so the pork is as juicy and tender as the beefend beef cuts.Gallery: delicious barbecue from all over the United StatesS.Do you have your own tip for chulakriya?Favorite meat?Share them in the comments section below.
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