5 old ways of cleaning grease stains - how to clean cast iron

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-07
5 old ways of cleaning grease stains  -  how to clean cast iron
Many of us spent a lot of time preparing dinner in the kitchen.
Obviously, you can get dirty quickly there.
Also, if eating on the couch is one of your favorite things, then it's only a matter of time before greasy things fall on the couch.
You have to move quickly when this happens, otherwise the stain can hardly be removed.
Oil stains are the most stubborn and difficult to clean.
At the moment the oil enters the fabric, it immediately begins to penetrate into the fabric's fibers.
The first thing we think of is that stains will never appear.
But in fact, there is always a way to remove the stain. -
If you're outside (
Coffee or lunch)
To your surprise, you'll get dirty, and on top of that, there's no cleaner in your bag like those women on TV commercials, then the only option is to salt the stains.
The fact is that salt is able to liposuction and prevent grease from going deep into fabric fibers.
You may not believe it, but salt has an amazing effect on all types of stains. -
The effect of applying baking soda on stains is almost the same as that of salt treatment.
But if the stain is old, then the baking soda will not be cut at all.
My nephew came to see me from Atlanta.
He accidentally dropped the fried potatoes on the sofa, but he did not dare to tell me so he covered the stain with his pillow.
I saw the stain a few days later and tried to clean it with baking soda and anything else that came to mind, but unfortunately it was too late.
So I called to help, which basically saved my nephew's skin. -
Surprisingly, toothpaste has a great impact on oil stains.
You should apply the stained area with a large amount of paste, then rub it and let the paste penetrate into the fabric.
Let the toothpaste work in the fabric for about 24 hours, wash the clothes or wipe with warm water.
There will be no marks of stains. -
Soak the beans in the water and boil them when they expand.
Later, soak your dirty clothes in the water and wait a few minutes.
You will see the stain gone.
If your sofa or mattress is dirty, fill the sprayer with boiling water and spray the area.
If the stain is large and deep, add vinegar or lemon juice to the water. -
You may be very surprised by the way fresh potatoes clean up the oil stains.
It sounds strange that fresh potatoes suck stains like baking soda and salt.
In fact, this is one of the easiest ways.
It would be enough to cut the potatoes into two parts and put some of them on site.
Put it for a day and then clean the dirty surface with warm water and clean cotton.
However, if there are still traces of grease, treat the spots with vinegar or citric acid and rinse with warm water.
Finally wipe it with cotton cloth.
All in all, there is always a way to remove those nasty stains if you have desires.
Professionals are always ready to help you if you are not successful.
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