5 things we learned on the dad's trip - the best charcoal bbq grill to buy

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5 things we learned on the dad\'s trip  -  the best charcoal bbq grill to buy
When the team's plane landed back to St.
Louis 1:20 or som.
This marked the end of another successful dad's trip last Friday morning.
As usual, the tour is filled with unforgettable moments and stories, including exciting OT victories and unimaginable scenes against Tampa Bay Lightning.
Here are another five things we learned from Dad's trip this year: the best part of Dad's trip is how dad has a chance to experience NHL life.
From charter flights to bus rides to hotels, to team meals and meetings, we can all experience it.
But it's good news if you share a room with their son that doesn't happen very often.
"I tend to snore a little," Brian O'Reilly revealed on Tuesday's Blues game day live show . ".
"That's you," Darren Pang asked on the show . "
"You are four floors higher than me! I heard you!
Brian also told us a little secret: Ryan's nickname was "snook" when he was a child ".
"Something tells us that we will stick to it.
The Blues did not score in two periods, 1-
Forty minutes later, his father gave the Blues fans a break report at the BB & T Center and made a bold prediction: "I think the third phase will be theirs.
"As you know, the Blues are 3-2 come-from-
Victory behind the PanthersGo Blues Go!
When is Bruce weichte his favorite!
He greets everyone in the morning in a short time, makes people laugh with his story, makes a lot of friends
Including how he camped in the RV for more than a month to watch Thomas's first 15 NHL games
When the plane lands, stop and shake hands with everyone on the trip.
In the middle, he was interviewed by the media, often taking selfies, and even seeing him waving to his grandson while he was warm.
Ups in Tampa Bay
Rick Schwartz is a gem.
We already know, but when the team landed in Tampa Bay on Wednesday afternoon, it was even more obvious.
Wearing shorts, sunglasses and a Havana hat that only he can rock, our camera captures Rick trying to hit his son Jaden with a barbecue grill as he walks off the plane.
After marking Rick as "OG" on blues social media, the nickname was discovered
Even used it in a post-match interview with Fox Sports Midwest.
So what does Rick say about his viral video, "I like it, but I need someone to tell me what OG means," he said . ".
The Blues have made four trips to dad in their team history.
Their records in those games1.
"It was an exciting week for us," the Blues captain said on Thursday's 1-
0 victory over lightning.
"It's obvious that your dad is here. it's special.
We like a game that has a lot of hard work, hard work and perseverance.
That's how we are tonight.
"About half of dad flew home.
Along with the team, Louis watched Saturday's game against the Nashville Predator at the corporate center.
Some of them even drove to the Bridgestone Arena to watch the replay on Sunday.
The Blues won two games.
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