6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner enjoy true cooking performance with charcoal

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-07-07
Cooking food outside can be fun and enjoyable, especially when you are with family and friends.Because there is nothing better than sitting outside in a nice summer afternoon or evening, enjoying the warmth of a grill or fire pit, tasting drinks, and barbecuing some of your favorite delicious food.The authentic charcoal grill gives an irreplaceable flavor and fragrance.The charcoal grill is the best choice for many barbecue shops as they give off real firewood, smoke and fragrance.But the charcoal grill is hard to use, and most importantly, if you don't have much experience with it.But don't worry, there are tips to get your charcoal grill running fast, which can greatly help make the preparation of your outdoor charcoal grill easier.In this article we will see a few different kinds of charcoal appetizers that can be used to ignite your coal and cooking food.Lighter: using a lighter is actually a traditional way to light a charcoal grill.This method works but is a bit difficult and confusing.Make a pyramid first.There is a pile of charcoal in your charcoal grill.It is very helpful to have a small indent at the top instead of the point.Just pour your lighter liquid bottle over and squeeze it hard for about 3 to 5 seconds, pointing out that the liquid enters the depression at the top of the charcoal grill.Close the lighter liquid bottle, store it in a safe place, and then ignite the charcoal grill with a match.Electric charcoal starter: The electric charcoal starter is basically a metal loop connected to the handle plugged into the standard power outlet.The power supply forms a current in the metal circuit, heating it to a very high heat, just like an electric furnace burner.With this heat, your charcoal grill will be lit.Cycle a layer of charcoal brick on the charcoal stove row on your grill.Next, place the metal ring of your electric charcoal starter on this layer of charcoal grill.Then cover the appetizer with more charcoal grill.Plug in the electric starter and wait 8 to 12 minutes.After that, the coal around the starter has been fully ignited, resulting in gray ash covering its surface in order to start the rest of the coal around it.Unplug your charcoal launcher and take it out.Charcoal chimney launcher: one of the best ways to start a charcoal grill for many people!The chimney is usually a large cylindrical metal tube with a large handle and a metal grate in the middle to support your charcoal grill.There are holes in the metal side at the bottom edge to illuminate your charcoal grill.The most important step for the grill to ignite is to fill the top of the chimney with charcoal.Fill below the top edge but not overfill.These are some of the most widely used options to start a charcoal grill in order to make it easier and faster for an outdoor grill.
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