6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner Gas Grill Stopped Working

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-06
6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner Gas Grill Stopped Working
The gas grill is cooked using forced liquefied petroleum gas or liquefied petroleum gas.The gas comes from the tank connected to the gas line and fuels the burner of the grill.When lit, the heat from the gas-Like on gasoline.Fuel range at home--cooks the food.When the gas grill stops working, there may be several reasons for this.These trouble-shooting steps are also applicable to natural gas grills;Any leakage or gas valve problems, however, must be handled by trained technicians.This may sound simple, but make sure there is fuel in the tank.Improper or faulty hose, poor valve connection or slightly open burner, no flame, will cause the tank to leak.A leaking tank can cause the gas in the cylinder to run out quickly, and the next time the grill is opened, there may not be any gas to ignite the burner.Since mid-1990, the overvoltage device has been a safe addition to all cylinders.If the device detects a leak, it adjusts the gas flow.However, if the burner is opened before the gas tank valve is opened, it may also be inadvertently activated.You may get flames from the burner, but they will be small, weak and not very useful when cooking.To solve this problem, turn off all the control knobs on the grill, turn off the main gas valve, and disconnect the gas valve regulator from the tank.After waiting about 30 seconds, put the regulator back in the tank, open the main gas valve and re-ignite the burner as usual.There are small holes on the burner that allow the gas to escape and burn.When these holes are blocked by dirt or grease, they do not allow gas to pass through them, nor do they glow or burn effectively.In most cases, the burner is removable and can be soaked in a bucket of water and dishwashing detergent.After soaking, brush the burner with a hard nylon brush to remove any food particles and grease.Alternatively, if the burner is not removable or you want a quick fix, blow out the hole using a can of compressed air or a nozzle attached to the air compressor.If the grill is not bright from the ignition, then this mechanism is likely to get wet due to humidity and will not generate sparks to ignite the burner.The burner can be lit manually with a match or candle lighter, and the ignition will dry after a day of barbecue.Replacement is required if the firearms are still not working.
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