6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner Grilling with Indirect Heat

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-03-11
6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner Grilling with Indirect Heat
Have you ever tried baking some moist, even chicken on the bones with crispy golden skin, but ended up being burnton-the-Born outside.Can hardly recognize a piece of meat in it?Indirect BBQ is your solution.Indirect barbecues are valid for large pieces of meat (thick steak, barbecue or even whole chicken) that need to be heated for a long time, slowly, or foods that need to be scorched (such as pizza), and then finish slowly.If cooked with charcoal, add hot coal to the chimney starter as usual.When the coal has gray fine ash, pour them into the grill.To set up a heat layer, pile the coal on one side, or place a layer of light coal (or none at all) in the center, or spread them around.If a gas grill with multiple burners is used, open the outside two burners and turn the center burner off or off.During the cooking process, the food is scorched at high temperature and then transferred to a colder place to complete the cooking.Cover the lid on the food and make it into an oven-Like the environment.On the gas grill, it is good to use the included lid, but when using charcoal, disposable aluminum containers are the best as they help to avoid the resin flavor.Grilling vs.Barbecue and barbecue are two different things.As a verb, "barbecue" refers to a variety of styles of outdoor cooking.But the actual barbecue (as a noun) is a very special style: it's a slow cooking technique, meat-Usually a lot-Cook on coal for a long time at low temperatures (between 212 and 300 degrees F.The low temperature makes the meat soft and juicy, and the long time it burns on the Burning coal produces smoke, which you cannot get in any other way.Barbecue is not too fast, after allCook on weekends and nights.It's an event.It's party food: it's bound to attract every neighbor who can't smell it, which is why it's almost always cooked in large quantities.Barbecue, on the other hand, is the best fast food: it cooks quickly at high temperatures (just enough time to get a good charcoal and wood smoke ).You can do it by direct or indirect flames, the lid is on or off, but you are having a barbecue as long as it is hot.Versatile barbecue-Almost everything on the grill tastes better: vegetables, fruits, and even desserts, not just meat, fish, and poultry.
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