6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner How Does Electronic Ignition Work on a Gas Grill?

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-06
6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner How Does Electronic Ignition Work on a Gas Grill?
There are two types of electronic ignition systems used in the gas grille.One is called a piezoelectric starter or a piezoelectric ignition.The other one is battery-Power spark generator.Piezoelectric starters are very common in all gasesSince it does not work with an external power supply, the appliance is fired.They have actually replaced the indicator lights for products such as natural gas water heaters, stoves and stoves.The spark generator uses the voltage of the battery to generate sparks.These have also become a common source of grill lighting.If you don't have a battery pack on your grill, you have a piezoelectric starter.Or, if you have a battery pack on your grill, you have a spark generator.When the ignition button is pressed, the electronic ignition will ignite the spark.The ignition rod is placed in the air flow leading to the grill burner.The gas must be turned on first before pressing the ignition button, otherwise the grill burner will not be on.Once lit, the flame is adjusted higher or lower for the best cooking heat.After opening the gas, the ignition must be activated to ignite the flame.Some electronic ignition devices rely on buttons that trigger the piezoelectric starter.Other people rely on the Spring Knob.Load and turn all the way to the left or right to activate the piezoelectric starter or spark generator.In the case of a piezoelectric starter, the sledgehammer inside the Ignitor will have a strong contact with the quartz crystal.This action causes the spark to jump off the ignition electrode rod and fall to the ground plate.When the rod is put into the air flow and the spark, the gas is ignited.Using a spark generator, turn the circuit off by pressing the button or turning the knob.The electricity from the battery will flow through the wire, and there will be sparks or sparks between the electrode ignition rod and the floor.The electric start ignition rod in the grill is often contaminated with cooking smoke, grease and food particles.If the ignition rod is covered with contaminants, it will not spark.However, the rod can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol at the tip of the cotton swab.Gently rub the cotton swab on the tip of the ignition rod and try to start the grill.You may need to clean up tips several times before the launcher starts working.If the piezoelectric electric ignition is no longer working after the ignition rod is cleaned, the device must be replaced.No user-Maintainable parts on the piezoelectric electronic ignition device.Alternatively, if the spark generator electronic ignition does not work, replace the battery after cleaning the ignition lever.If the spark generator is still not working, the unit must be replaced.
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