6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner How to Install a Gas Grill Ignitor

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-05
6 burner gas bbq grill with side burner How to Install a Gas Grill Ignitor
When you press the button, the ignition on the gas grill creates a spark.This spark ignites the gas in the burner and produces a flame in order to cook everything from the burger to the fish, and even bake the cake if you are adventurous enough.When the ignition fails to produce a flame after several attempts, it creates a frustrating situation, and if you can't light the grill without the ignition, it will give you a cold rack.The general-purpose firearms can be installed on the grill, so the damaged firearms can be replaced.View below the grill control panel where the Ignitor is installed.Find the small wires or wires attached to the back of the ignition.Push-Button igniters usually have only one wire attached to the ignitor, while there are two or more electronic igniters.If your firearms are connected with multiple wires, please pay attention to the location of each wire.Use a needle to catch the end of the ignitor line closest to the back of the ignitornose pliers.Pull it out of the ignition.If your firearms have multiple wires, pull out the remaining wires from the firearms.Release the lid from the button on the electronic ignition and expose the lock nut holding the ignition to the control panel.Screw down the lock nut on the ignition with pliers and loosen it from the control panel.Push-The button ignition model is maintained on the control panel by retaining the clip.Reach out under the control panel to squeeze the clip on the firearms while pushing the firearms out of the panel.Insert single-wire, push-Push-button firearms enter the ignition opening on the control panel until the fixed clip card is in place.Pass the electronic firearms button from the back of the panel through the holes in the control panel.Use the lock nut removed from the original ignition to secure the replaced electronic ignition on the control panel.Screw the lid onto the electronic ignition to cover the lock nut and the metal button.Push the wire into the back of the ignition.If your grill has more than one firearms wire, make sure you place the wire in the correct opening of the new firearms.
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