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In recent years, whenever a friend of a pet has a common dog disease, pet owners are learning to use herbs for dogs.There may still be some controversy about the use of herbs for dogs, but their benefits are beginning to be considered a natural cure that can improve your pet's immunity to certain diseases.However, it is best to treat dogs with caution using herbs to make sure your pet gets the most out of it.If your vet is against the use of herbal medicine, maybe you should get a second opinion from another person who understands and accepts dog herbs.There may not be a lot of veterinarians who can understand herbal remedies for dogs, but you can definitely find one.After all, most of the new drugs given to dogs today come from plants.The basic elements extracted from plants that are beneficial to animals are often studied and concentrated to form new drugs.However, due to the high concentration given to pets, sometimes your dog may experience some dangerous side effects.Herbal treatments have no side effects because they are small in concentration and are usually natural.1.Garlic is considered an ancient herb and is used as an-fungal, anti-Bacteria and resistanceParasite solutionHowever, you should not do this if your dog is suffering from anemia, as garlic may make his condition worse.A little bit, though, like a few cloves a day, will help.2.Ginkgo is a popular herbal medicine for people who want to improve their memory.For dogs, it can work the same way, especially for working dogs that are considered for police and military work.Ginkgo can not only improve the memory of dogs, but also relieve the anxiety of dogs.3.Tea tree oil is often used as a skin ointment to relieve itching and control dog fleas.It should be used moderately, especially for small and young dogs.4.Chamomile is a great herb that can promote rapid healing of wounds and also relieve respiratory diseases.5.Lavender essence is a soothing aromatherapy that can help your dog solve sleep problems.6.The oatmeal bath can help your dog prepare a oatmeal bath for him while the flea is itching or if it has a skin infection.7.Yeast is useful for diarrhea, and if your dog is suffering from constipation, flax seeds can be a good commenter.The herbs used for dogs have been in use for centuries, but have faced many controversies in the past.When these herbs are considered effective and have fewer side effects, you will wonder why this is the case.Perhaps these herbal remedies could take a huge market away from the controversial big pharmaceutical companies.When using these herbs for dogs, be sure to read more about them to know which ones are best for your dog.Better yet, consult a professional who knows about herbal solutions to give your dog health benefits.
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