6 new england-style recipes for 4th of july - grill basket for shrimp

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-06
6 new england-style recipes for 4th of july  -  grill basket for shrimp
Happy July 4th!
After nearly three months on the road (
Book travel and new book research)
I will go home with my family.
This means Martha's Vineyard.
Just in time for our town (but very big-hearted)
Take Independence Day parades on the main streets of Edgartown and then watch the fireworks over the harbor on the beach.
For dinner this year, we are planning a classic New England cuisine-grill --top clambake.
The traditional scones are cooked in the fire.
The heated underground pit, of course.
A dramatic process
But it's more like steaming than baking.
You guessed it, this version is screaming hot from the grill.
The secret of the grill-
Top clambake is divide and conquer-
That is to say, barbecue each dish separately instead of stacking all the dishes in a pit.
One advantage of this method is that you can explode various ingredients with the smell of smoke and fire.
The other is that you can cook each food to the extent you like.
You start with the Portuguese.
American Classic: grilled clams with Lingui.
The Portuguese arrived on the New England coast in the 19 th century to help those who sailed from the ports of Massachusetts --
Including vineyard paradise and Edgartown.
Their heritage is popular in local linguica-
A sausage with vinegar and pepper.
If all goes well, we will dig a clam in the morning of July 4 and grill on the wood --
The enhanced fire is long enough to open the shells.
Once cooked, clams turn into onions. linguica-
The wine broth is kept warm in the pan on the grill (
This eliminates the need for minute-to-second timing).
Soak in clam and wine broth and you can order garlic bread.
Bake on the grill.
To bake the lobster, you separate it from the back and smell sweet white meat with fragrant wood smoke. (
If you are pampered, cook the lobsters for a few minutes before you separate them.
A big and heavy chef knife is the perfect tool for this job).
When the lobster is so fresh, it doesn't need more seasoning than melted butter.
The same is true of corn. you bake off the shell of corn so that the high temperature of the grill can caramel the plant sugar.
While you're here, bake some salami to pay tribute to the north end of Boston, "Little Italy.
I lived in Boston for 20 years.
I bought my sausage there.
Direct Grill on moderate fire, long enough to crunch the shell and reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees F.
There's also a grill basket here.
This is for sausage.
Help keep the link in line on fire.
Or, like I do sausage, grill the sausage indirectly and throw the pieces of wood on the coal.
You can avoid the risk of fire.
Get extra flavor for Ups and start up.
For dessert, the first blueberry crop in New England should appear if the weather matches.
This means a sweet, bubbling blueberry cigarette.
Bake in a cast iron frying pan on the grill.
Take it out with apple or cherry slices and put it under a spoonful of cold vanilla ice cream for a bit of heat.
From my family to your family, we wish you a happy holiday!
Menu: roasted garlic bread, finger roasted clams and roasted lobster with Lingui sausage (Money-
Preservation substitution: Buffalo shrimp)
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