6 Odd Things Doomsday Preppers Stockpile (That Make Sense) - wood burning fire pit and grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
6 Odd Things Doomsday Preppers Stockpile (That Make Sense)  -  wood burning fire pit and grill
Modern-Day-to-day survival activists are generally not considered to be the most sensible people on Earth.A quick look at any common and thorough website they post online will make you understand that any selfIdentified as "preppy", it is likely that it left the deep water area a long time ago.Of course, a few more cans of food and water can be kept for an emergency, but if you start adding body armor and ass cream to your storage room, you might want to tell George Miller, it's time to meet other people.However, taking a closer look at these lists will find that they don't think what you hoard is as crazy as you think.Maybe this underground bunker full of tin paper hats will come in handy after all.For example ...6Non-The lubricated existentialists have a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including a subset that seems to think this is an important step in ensuring their rightful place on tomorrow's barren wasteland.However, some unintentional similarities to sports do not mean that preppy students still cannot care about safety behavior.Hunting, cans, and doing nothing make the threat of sexually transmitted diseases less real.After all, gonoseria and condyloma acuminatum will be more difficult to treat without reliable medical care.There are at least some survivors who are rational enough not to put up with the absolutely necessary horrors.Maybe not a lot, but there are a few.In fact, the real reason is notLubrication condoms are such a hot item that has little to do with protecting your Panthers from disease and baby seeds, and more to do with the actual life of survival --or-Scene of death.I'm sorry to have all of these visions about the doomsday preppers dancing in your mind for no reason.A strong survivorFor preventive drugs that are not affected by chemical fun (yes, I will do the same again)The booster is the result of an in-depth understanding of the magical properties of our latex friends.According to our research, these flexible, durable, waterproof wonders will be a determinant of your dystopian life, just like fire and can opener.Here are a selection of gems from prefabrication Magazine: Fire (they are very good at protecting the velvet from moisture), looking for food (the sexiest slingshot ever!), Transport up to two liters of water (yes, Rule 34 applies;No, we don't provide links ).They also made repair brackets.Ins of rubber gloves, can be used to protect the muzzle of your other basic survival tools (kill it now ).It doesn't seem to be useful enough when you're a one-wife pill --Protect your stash of important other unavoidable problems.It is worth believing that in our post, the companion of the dogThe end of the worldThe person preparing the dog is no stranger to this mentality, which helps to pick the right dog for your "survival team."But should we really build our future survival strategies on these novels just because the cute puppy pulls our heartstrings?In Revelation, dogs are more likely to be consumed by human resources.Or they will eat us.Or they can infect us with rabies, a very common and terrible plague, even without the extra complications of a global disaster.Of course I don't want to deal with the free package --Rabies roamingIn addition to radiation and food shortages, there are many beasts.Even if they have cute boots and cute little backpacks.I don't want to tell you about it, but your dog is probably more likely than you to experience a total breakdown of society.A quick internet search for "dog survival" lists everything from drowning to being shot dead, from bear attacks to war-However, the closest thing you get to the "Surviving Disaster" is to unplug your wisdom teeth, even so, also only with the help of a group of trained medical professionals and a box of the most powerful painkillers on Earth.Dogs are workers before they become pets.They can carry their own food without complaint (which has now made them superior to most people), sniff out food and water, and look for and kill prey.Some varieties, such as husky, are specially tailored to smash the butt at the bottom of the ration.Dogs also have offensive and defensive combat uses, which makes them perfect for attacking anyone who thinks they have this sweet, sweet snack cake reserve than you do.That is to say, your fourLegged pal is just a few trainings and it will not take you to the rightful place as the God of the old desert/water man.The boozer who carefully and painstakingly prepared for the mass extinction did not look like the kind of person planning a grand party.At the very least, with these huge guns, ammunition and other terrible weapons, I certainly don't want them.Then I think everyone needs a drink or 10 glasses of wine to get through the inevitable fear, without seamless, or, you know, realize your cityFamily members who live may never appear from the ruins where their apartment was once.However, if there are stories of survivors hoarding, our crazy neighbors have enough social lubricants to stock up on the most epic ending --of-the-world-Party of all time outside Edgar Wright's social circle.This may not be practical, but who needs to be practical when you and everyone you know are destined to die from radiation poisoning or cancer?While this is a hypothesis, at least some will be consumed in the name of keeping the well-known party going, and more importantly, after the modern amenities go deep into the world, alcohol is almost vital to life --Crossing the desert and dust clouds will inevitably haunt our future.Historically, alcoholic beverages are safer than unfermented beverages;However, as any 17 thThe Century Sailor will tell you that it will be successful to add some spirits to the drinking water that has been sitting for too long.Liquor distillation was originally partially invented and alcohol can be used as a solvent to dissolve herbs-Also to knock the patient down during the good old man.Old-fashioned radiationShelter surgeryHigh-Alcohol is proven and it does a good job of cleaning wounds and preventing infection.In the living environment, the use of alcohol is not limited to things that are good for health.If your wine is high enough, you can light it.So immediately bypass the tedious fireStart your way of learning as a scout and leave enough time for the gender members you like nearbyNeed to scrub before snuggle begins.Of course, people don't stop drinking just because they can't go to bodega on the corner when the impulse hits.Portable and long shelvesLife makes all kinds of wine a valuable commodity.-People will kill people to taste the delicious bottomWhen their only other option is equivalent to prison wine, The Leftovers shelf in your local dive bar.When was the last time you bought baking soda?Maybe it's time for you to decide, just like me and everyone else.If you're really oldOld Fashioned, you might put a box in the fridge instead of the novelty deodorant.Based on this rough but honest assessment of the public's affinity for ordinary bicarbonate, you'll be surprised at how many survivors it has (number 2 on the list ).They have to expect some very serious tasty fermented baked goods or they will have a wide fear of their own fun.The comfort we get will be more and more important because the things that once made us happy will slowly break and break around us.But do you really want to put a lot of effort into opening a bakery when everything is going to stop?We hate to be a communicator of bad news, but there is not much scent elimination that will stop the uncivilized world from smelling very, very bad.Anyone with frugal family members will remember the benefits of baking soda a long time ago.Brush your teeth with it!Wash the dishes clean!Stop your feet and smell like!Again, the reason we tend to look at people from the side who are preparing for the end of the world is.In fact, people have a realistic attitude towards the dangerous future and will be better able to join the army or cater to the highGovernment officials will also be bothered by small horns or hairy feet, right?I'm sorry to tell you about it, but we have to give this to conspiracy theorists.Your run-of-the-Wearing shoes may not pose a big threat to survival, but the feet of the trench will definitely pose a threat;Baking soda is very good at absorbing water that can lead to you.As for the health of your teeth--It's hard to get through your day's homemade beef jerky and hard sticky without some high matchQuality cheatersYou certainly don't want to rely on those meetings (well, what?).You may have understood now, but we will continue to rub your face, non-believers, in fact.The feeling of a little body odor may be a little inconvenient, but, when it sneaks close to an animal, it becomes more important, the animal has not lost its survival instinct for the past thousands of years, this means the difference between feast and hunger.Finally, an unexpected fire that happens near your ammo store can easily be put out by a dose of non-combustible powder, which will definitely hinder your plan and make it for a while2 cigarette bombs dropped from the sky, alien ships dropped, laser lit, out of proportion, and the sea monsters that were irradiated tore the basic infrastructure.You will think that running, screaming and looking for clean underwear will be the top priority to improve your chances of living, followed by finding a sustainable source of food, and offer sexual favors to people with the most impressive arsenal.Unless you are a preparation person, you will be more concerned about the safety of your cigarette inventory in this case.But those people are crazy, right?If you dieWithout taking a sip of smoke, you can't face your daily commute, not to mention the end of life we know, and it might make sense to lie around with a few extra cartons.Otherwise, your sanity will be better by using this space to collect batteries and handheld game boxes.It turns out that when you eat the last piece of moldy bread,The share price mud puddle, allowing it to melt in the smoke for a few minutes, may mean the difference between giving up and giving up the rat (eat) game.If history has anything to say, people happily abandon MREs and gunlord harems in exchange for accelerating their outcome with carcinogens wrapped in it more often than you think.In the case of trauma like war, cancer often occurs.Even in the current (more or less) pre-Cigarettes are the end of the global economy.Cigarettes are also very useful for making fires and saving coal (like any fans of the latter)Revelation literature knows, this is ).While you need the patience of Stephen Baldwin, the filter can be used to clean the water.If you really live without pipes and the Internet for more than a few weeks, you can protect your pre-germination by soaking your cigarette butts in water and spraying the resulting chemicalsYour product is covered with tobacco juice.It's a technology that has been waiting for the apocalypse by people, even though it's ironic and fun for them to consider using cigarettes --butt sludge .All the people who hoard medical supplies are addicts.There are forums and articles throughout the online preppy world that sometimes detail how to source everything from to, because your "patient" is more likely to die from illness than substance abuse.Some of the survivors really wanted to go back to the past days with the saw blades, whisky calming agent and shredded cloth as health care.Others are more pragmatic and more willing to face the end of the world with the fragments of dignity provided by modern sterilization and pain relief.Of all the supplies they suggest you buy legally or illegally, adrenaline sounds like the biggest extension.We don't want to break anyone's bubble, but if you suffer from life --Threatened with an allergic reaction and really thought you would survive with limited food sources and virtually non-existent healthcare, we have a mint --The conditional radiation shelter is sold to you.DIY home surgeons will be excited to know that adrenaline can actually be used with licain to limit blood vessels.(Note: Never forgive people who express themselvessurgery.) When the disinfection resources become limited, the speed of wound healing will have a significant impact on the survival rate.The longer the wound is opened and bleeding, the more likely you will be infected.In history, infection is the deadliest and most difficultto-Treat diseases, even today.Plus, adrenaline is if you don't know.As it is now, the main hormones that trigger a fight or escape reaction, the "survival instinct", are mainly evolved to help our ancestors not be eaten.I haven't said that adrenaline will help you survive the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse (you can say that ).I'm just suggesting in a roundabout way that if you happen to come across a situation where something is trying to eat you, it's brought by a well --A timed dose may save your life..
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