7 tips to grilling the best burger: Andrew Coppolino - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
7 tips to grilling the best burger: Andrew Coppolino  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
Summer is a barbecue season, and burgers are a popular backyard barbecue.This summer's BBQ Classic requires simple and bare beef to be at its best.Here are some suggestions for making exquisite burgers.Start with the meat in the supermarket and find the quality beef that suits your budget.Looking for ground chuck-Don't use thin beef, because a good burger needs fat and taste: These two qualities are closely related.Also pay attention, although the grassThe beef Fed may be attractive.Trend, it may not have the burger taste you want.Andrew Coppolino: Canadian food identity is regional, not more food columns nationwide by Andrew Coppolino. Ask what meat mix you can use to make a burger with a balanced texture, taste and fat content.Many restaurants specializing in hamburgers combine two or three pieces of beef.Some people like to join the pork, but again, these are the beef burgers we are trying to get, not your pasta meatballs.Don't go into bindIt, it's usually not a good idea to wrap burger meat with crumbs.This taste will dilute the taste of the meat cake.Some people like to add an egg as an adhesive, but this is not necessary for cooking or consistency.Seasoning: appropriate amount, appropriate amount of time to enhance the flavor, is absolutely necessary to help you become a nearby burger expert;However, if introduced too early when mixing a meatloaf and allowed to sit for a long time, the salt starts to break down the protein and can cause the burger to become hard to eat.Season with salt simply and rich and Cook immediately.This is the chef's key advice.Nick benningle, owner of Waterloo marble restaurantHe is obviously a minimalist."I had a good beef.If you can grind it yourself, let (your butcher) put the tripe in it.Super delicious.Then nothing is mixed in the meat, "said Benniger."I just put salt and pepper out there, and a lot more, and then bake it hot and good.Don't over-It's just a good medium to cook them."The concave pie shapes your pie from a meat ball depending on the size of the desired burger.The bigger the meat ball, the thicker the meat cake when you flatten it.But don't make them too thick: a common mistake is to make a huge thick pie.If you want the maximum burger bite, it's better to put two thinner pies in the bread.Don't make too much meat!Like pie dough, your burger meat needs a gentle massage instead of a beat.After pressing the ball flat, add a little dent or depression in the middle to help them cook evenly.Place the meatloaf on a paper tray and let them rest in the fridge for 20 minutes.Yes, refrigerator!When you put them on the grill, it will help them to keep their shape.Be gentle, don't get your BBQ hot, lubricate the grill with avegetable --Coated cloth with pliers.Gently place the meatloaf on the grill and stay away from the grill.Don't beat the pie and press it, it just squeezes out the juice and, therefore, the taste.Turn the burger around and turn it over.Alex Janke, chef at the Kitchener Gilt restaurant, pointed out that constantly poking and poking pies will reduce the taste of meat."Don't touch it," Janke said .""Turn a quarter, flip it, turn it another quarter, turn it off and let it rest for two or three minutes.Add your cheese and ingredients and you go."Of course, the total cooking time should be between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the thickness of the pie.Like steak, the rest of the burger can rest, the juice can be re-assemble.I left a little pink in my burger, but the health authorities strongly recommend cooking ground beef to 160-70 degrees Fahrenheit.Beef with butter: another extreme type of beefAnd extreme homecook —The way to make a burger is to grind the meat yourself.Take out your food processor and get ready for a pound or so of beef loin tip or something marked with "steak tail.Cut the beef in half.Inch cube, add a few tablespoons of butter, and the butter is cut in halfinch cubes.Yes, butter.Next, freeze butter and beef before pouring it into a food processor.Stir the mixture carefully until the cube is cut into pea size.Season with salt and pepper, make a meatloaf, place it on the pan and freeze it for 20 minutes.Add more salt and grill.About your bread, there is a battle about bread: should they be the classic "magic bread?Style "or heftier version with absorbing quality and able to wrap toppings?That's what you can decide, but keep in mind: what we want here is the big burger taste, so bread takes a big advantage (and a buffet of 15 ingredients) can inhibit the taste of the meat you try to highlight.In any case, do not use the grill above in the GrillUnless you want a dry propane.Your burger bread is a little silky and solid gluten.Use your side burner or make room on the grill for hot casting --Iron pan and a few tablespoons of butter: put your bread into melted butter and make them Brown, very crisp.Your Burger Pie.Your barbecue guestsI will definitely love you.
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