8 mistakes you make when grilling burgers - gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
8 mistakes you make when grilling burgers  -  gas grill
Whether it's simple or stacked with ingredients, a great burger is the king of cooking.If you ever ask for pliers on your own initiative, you will know that there is a lot of pressure.There are a lot of traps for a seemingly simple burger: too dry, too much to do, not enough to do, strange hardships, falling apart, burning outside, but somehow born in the middle --There's only so much ketchup to cover up.Want to bake a tender and juicy burger with a pink blush in the middle?Avoid these common mistakes that chefs make when baking burgers.Picked up a bag of pre-Making burger patties at grocery stores is definitely tempting, especially when your time is tight.But the best result is to start with the freshest meat.You can also have more control over the type and fat content of your meat (there will be more control in #2 ).Also, making burger pies from scratch is very simpleLook at our steps.by-step guide.You can make delicious burgers with turkey, chicken or black beans, just like these.But when it comes to making the best --We like the classic burger: ground beef.The real trick here is to choose ground beef with a higher fat content.The thinner the beef, the drier the burger.The ground beef loin is the thinnest, then the ground wafer, the ground chuck, and finally the ground beef.The package will tell you about lean production.to-fat ratio.85-Too low for a delicious burger;Too dry.But 70-30 made a super juicy, indulgent burger which we like to make the most.We like to add spices, spices and extra ingredients to add to the taste of the burger.I like garlic powder and chopped onion best.) But over-If the meat is mixed and smashed, it will become a dense and dry ice hockey.A simple trick to avoid overwork: combine any additional featuresFirst in a separate bowl.Then, gently push the mixture into the minced meat with two forks.Stop once the ingredients look evenly dispersed.If you 've ever done the shape of a meatballs, or have done a lot of processing on ground beef, you'll be aware of the situation.When you shape the meat into shape, things start to go well.But, gradually, greasy pink things start to stick to your fingers and become more and more difficult to manage.You will not be able to form any shape soon.To avoid confusion, first Moisten your hands with water.This will prevent the meat from sticking to the body when you shape the burger.When the meat hisses on the grill, it shrinks.The more fat the meat is, the more it will shrink.Prevent burgers from turning into pintsSize, plan ahead.The shape of the pie is slightly larger than the bread.You also don't want the pie to be too thin or fat.It's too fat. before cooking inside, it will burn outside.Too thin, the meatloaf will lose too much moisture and will soon dry.We like to turn our into 4-About 1/2 inches of bullets.inch thick.The beef will be slightly fuller when cooked.Reader's tip: "When making burger patties, I poked a hole in the center of each patties with my index finger.Burgers are cooked faster in this way and will not overcook outside until the center is finished.The hole almost disappeared when the burger was cookedIt was hardly noticeable when they finished.Whether you bake, bake or cook a burger in a frying pan, it works.” —Jean K.Gold, it is best to cook with medium heat.The burning speed of the gas grill will be relatively fast.But if you're using a charcoal grill, it's a bit tricky to tell you because it takes some time for charcoal to fire and the kettle to warm up.Follow this simple trick to measure the temperature of the grill: Hold Your Hand 4 inch above the coal.If you can put it there for 4 to 5 seconds (or as my grandma's old copy of The Joy of Cooking says, "until you can say Mississippi twice ") the heat of the grill is medium.(For more barbecue wisdom, check out our guide on using a charcoal grill.We all watched movies and TV.The chef picked up his spatula and pressed it on the meatloaf while they were cooking, releasing an anger of spitting and hissing.This is a huge mistake.The chef is actually squeezing out all the gravy and throwing it into the flames below.Although it looks satisfactory on the screen, do not do so at home.You should invest in a good moment.Read the thermometer(Psst: you can get cheap on the gadget aisle in most supermarkets.) Not only do you feel like a professional when you wave it, but when you cook it gives you more confidence.Our rules are: Use the timer for guidance, use the thermometer for final check.Bake burgers for 5 to 6 minutes each side.Then take the temperature.Hold the burger with pliers while inserting the metal spear level of the thermometer into the pie.Make sure the thermometer is centrally located.Beef, pork and mutton burgers should reach 160 degrees and chicken or turkey burgers should be cooked to 165 degrees.Avoid these Burger mistakes and you will be the hero of the next holiday cooking and backyard BBQ.Just remember to take a break from the heat and sneak into two corn holes.
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