A rare breed, cowboys live on - charcoal pit

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A rare breed, cowboys live on  -  charcoal pit
The heifer bumps on the railing of the rusty bulltrough, two ranch hands pull the lever and squeeze the fence of the narrow passage together, like a metal Venus fish catcher, fix the animals in place.
The hand of one ranch vaccinated the heifer, and the other cut off the tip of its horn with big scissors.
From the end of the black, the bright blood was sprayed, and the male cowboy's hat and shirt were splashed.
On the other side of the chute, it works word by word.
He raised a fire.
Remove the hot Cow brand from the burning charcoal pit and print it twice on the side of the animal-
The first is D of his father Duncan, and then H of his last name.
The cow called again.
"It won't hurt them as much as they did," Hirsch said . ".
The cowboy image could be something from Texas legend, and some ranchers say it's a way of life for fewer and fewer people.
But Hirsch, who turned 67 on Tuesday, proved that Cowboys were still alive, at least in some places.
"This is in my blood, I think," said Hirsch, who manages 6,000.
Acre ranch in the west of Atascosa County, the land owner of Austin.
"I like it," he said.
"Some people may not.
Everything I like to do is here.
"After winning more than 100 Luo Ping Champions, Hirsch won the 45 th cowboy award for regional newspapers this month.
Competition judges, past winners, considered nominees for years of cowboy experience, the agility of horses, the ability to train cattle, the understanding and character of cattle diseases, said the editor of Pleasanton Express
"There's a lot of production.
Bob Hinds said: "He is the winner of the past, 83, and still the ranch.
"But when you really start working, you have to know what you're doing.
Hirsch is wearing jeans, hats and Justin's black boots.
But on any day he can ride his quarterly horse, brush jacket, repair the tractor, rope steers or cattle.
He is the kind of person who wakes up before dawn, always carrying a DVD of the Western mini-drama lonely pigeon whenever he travels.
"They are Jack from all walks of life," Elizabeth said . "
They're vets.
They can fix everything.
They are individual people.
"Most of them are God --
"Fear and gentleness," he added . ".
"They are just gentlemen.
Hirsch and the hand of his ranch were silent.
"They are conservative," said his wife Sandy . ".
"They tend to do business.
"Most ranchers, nothing gorgeous," agreed the 32-year-old great man.
The nephew of Bob sinds.
He grew up with Hirsch and continued to help him today.
"He has a reputation," said the young Hindes . ".
"He's really fair.
"Hirsch has been a fireman in San Antonio for 20 years and has proved that he is not in the ranch.
Even so, he used the day time to catch cattle, pull ropes or take care of the ranch.
But Hirsch's chosen life is changing.
From Here to Laredo, there are a few acres of land where there are no cattle, he said.
The landowner may not have experience with the ranch or prefer to raise deer only for private hunting.
Where working on horseback, many ranchers today hired helicopter pilots to help round up cattle hidden in the bushes.
However, in the Hershey family, there is a great chance of survival for the cowboy's lifestyle.
His son runs a ranch for a man in Houston, and his teenage granddaughter has proven herself an expert rider.
Hirsch himself has no intention of resigning.
Not now or in the future.
"He said he would never retire," Sandy said . ".
Hirsch just smiles.
"I will retire when they start letting me work.
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