adding a pizza oven to your backyard grill party - backyard gas grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
adding a pizza oven to your backyard grill party  -  backyard gas grill
It's almost plum.
After Winterlong coop-
In their kitchen, for millions of Americans at this time of year, they begin to imagine something that has not been done yet: the fascinating scent of wood is controlled to burn under the wire rack.
It will soon be covered with delicious steak, just-held-
Burgers with butter, spicy salami, ribs and meat linesfat-meat-
Fat, of course, chicken in all their baked glory (
Whether the concept is an ordinary old south with barbecue sauce-
Ups, or the carefully marinated Geyang from Thailand, in all its lemon grass --Glory).
Barbecue is a religion in the United States,
From 5 to September, some families come to the church every night to attend the ceremony.
There is nothing new here: this has been going on for decades in the US . . . . . . The basic elements of humanity will never change.
But the backyard chef himself (or herself)
Changed a lot.
We are now a foodie country where foodies want new toys, new ways to cook old things, not to mention new ways to cook.
Rising from the spirit of the times is a dream company from the Midwest, Kalamazoo Outdoor food.
What they are doing may allow you to take a collision course this summer and eat the best pizza you can make at home (
A pizza that actually exceeds a lot of pizza shops! ).
Kalamazoo Outdoor food was launched in 1906
Manufacturer of sheet metal grade-
Then, as it is now, cut, shape, weld, fine and assemble their own metal in a factory in Michigan.
As the company develops in the 20 th century, they are attracted to special uses: Sheet metal for storing dairy products and outdoor cooking equipment.
In the 1990 s, Kalamazoo reached a turning point with the invention of a mixed Fire Grill.
Many gourmet backyard chefs suddenly argued about the respective merits of the gas grill --vs. -Charcoal Grill-vs. -
Wood grills at Kalamazoo came up with an innovative idea: Why choose only one?
The battery of their outdoor equipment always provides the user with the choice of fuel . . . . . . Clever corners, trays, rolling shelves, etc.
Place different kinds of fuel . . . . . . Always rely on gas as the basis of the system.
Even stubborn.
Gas backyard chef
A crowded crowd
It has to be admitted that the Kalamazoo Grill offers a great flavor of wood and charcoal, and the starting capacity of the gas is more convenient.
Add to this pyro-
Flexibility the strongest grill structure in today's grill-
When you learn one or two things on hand paper --
More than 100 years of metal business
Kalamazoo claims that their product is a "roll --
Roys cooked in the backyard.
"Just six weeks ago, I was looking forward to my own barbecue season and went to the spacious Kalamazoo showroom in Chicago, just before nature began to warm up Silwan Woods and the silver backyard.
It was the first time I saw a homemade fire pizza oven from Kalamazoo (
Basic price $6,895)
I fell in love with it at once.
Although it can be placed on the countertop, it is for outdoor use only.
Kalamazoo's designer will help you find the location to put it in the backyard or sell you the perfect base.
This is a gas grill, but you can lay hardwood floors on the pizza oven floor.
If you take the gas
Your warm-up time is only a few minutes.
There are two heat sources above and below, each of which can be adjusted by itself;
This means you can make the floor hotter to get a better lower side charring, or make the heat higher on the top of your head to get a bigger melt and a charring on the top.
Of course, pizza requires a lot of heat, high temperature, so you can do it in 2-3 minutes.
The indoor oven in your kitchen will never exceed 550 degrees, so it is not suitable for pizza;
Kalamazoo handmade fire pizza up to 800 degrees . . . . . . Much better!
Once your oven is installed, it's time to make a pizza.
I like to make the baking dough and have it fermented/fermented within 24 hours.
You do classic throwingaround (
Make the dough harder without rolling)
Until you have a small circle (8-
10 "good diameter).
Add a little tomato sauce on it (
Nice pizza not packed)
And slices or fragments of the masurre (
My favorite is the mozzarella cheese in the supermarket because of the fresh high
Quality stuff will leak your pizza!
Save it for Insalata Caprese! )
I also like to sprinkle some Pecorino Romano on mozz.
A fresh basil, or a handful of dried oregano leaves, surrounded by delicious olive oil . . . . . . There are still three minutes from pizza happiness.
Repeat frequently if necessary.
Kalamazoo also has all the pizza gear, just like a light but durable pizza crust!
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