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Adelaide’s best vegan and vegetarian dishes: here’s where you’ll find 25 of our favourite dishes | Messenger -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small  -  small grill with side burner
Are you hungry?
How about Yiros pizza, cheeseburger pie, scones or a salty caramel slice with spices?
Feel hungry, how about a ros pizza, cheese burger pie, tostaditas or a salted caramel slice? On the vegetarian and vegetarian menu in Adelaide you will find
You can also get an amazing vege stack, field mushroom and halomui Burger, zucchini pasta, vegetarian Buffalo wings and potato tuanzi.
This is the destination for 25 of Adelaide's best vegetarians and vegetarians in the metropolitan area, east, west, north and south.
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Daniel Milky White, owner of an Internet cafe in EastBy Wei Mai aniargo, 212, parade, NorwoodTofu scrambleARGO, said vegetarian diets should not mean missing breakfast staples.
Fried rice with tofu in Argo
Looks as good as eggs-based classic —
Including sauteed kale, peppers and zucchini, then sprinkled with zaatar, a mixture of Middle Eastern spices.
Match it with a delicious fruit smoothie or a piece of raw cake and you won't need lunch after that.
$14 fried tofu90.
Goodmias Wood oven pizza, 3/503 Goodwood Road, Colonel Light GardensYiros PizzaIT sounds like a perfect combination after going out on Saturday night, but Papa Mias
The family's favorite is the oven pizza.
A simulated minced meat made of wheat instead of lamb, while dairy products and eggs --
Cheese and garlic sauce are free alternatives. Gluten-
The hotel offers free and takeout.
The price starts at $11. 50.
Kate Allen, owner of nature Providore, 88 Duthy St, MalvernZucchini pastaNATURES Providore, said Fan
Favorite dish, zucchini pasta, all vegetarian and gluten friendly boxesfree eaters.
Typical pasta at the organic cafe includes long curly zucchini topped with fresh basil pesto
Dried tomatoes and goat milk.
$17 zucchini pasta50.
Happy dear far, month Aroha Tce, Forrest PieWHAT makes a hybrid cheeseburger, pie and vegetarianCherry bread factory selling 2 million cheese pies for a week, this is one of the most popular items in the restaurant.
The filling is made from simulated minced meat, made of vegetable protein, mixed with homemade cheese, and made from fermented soy yogurt.
$7 cheeseburger pie.
After leaving the government to work two months ago and spending more time with his 4-year-old daughter, Reefe, liu Meier, owner of creative fusion cafe 377 and organic store creative fusion, decided to enter the world of hospitality.
His store opened for about three weeks and is proud of its wide range of vegetarian and vegetarian dishes.
Mr. Liu recommended omelet made of pickled carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and a little pepper and coriander. Wrap $9. 90.
At the Amy Moranti ognik store on Broadway 37, a year ago, when the vegan establishment chocolate beans were closed, glenelge Namal Caramel Ice heart was in Adelaide
Don't be afraid of vegetarian cake lovers.
Genius dessert maker Ainslee deWet is one of the most popular sweets in the Organik Store-behind the salty caramel slices.
The cafe prides itself on providing delicious options for vegetarians, vegetarians and others with special dietary requirements.
Salted caramel slices for $5
90 Nettle Raw Cafe, 10 Rosetta St, West croydo vegetarian burger and kale chipsNETTLE Raw Cafe is the first Raw restaurant in Adelaide and has transformed many restaurants
Its vegetarian burger is popular among regulars and stands out from the colorful, delicious and textured food menu.
It comes with delicious quinoa, sweet potato and black bean pie, Mexican salad, harissa and avocado, and is placed on sour dough or gluten
Free, room service, raw bread.
Vegetarian burgers and kale fries for $16. Attachment cafe, Glenelg Soul Bowl 3 Waterloo Street, apply a little color to the fork with the attachment Cafe's soul bowl than ever before
Great service for vegetarians
The delicious salad has marinated mushrooms and kale, beets, alfalfa grass, tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, mung beans, and a homemade hummus.
Haloumi can be added for $3.
If you are not full after eating this bowl, there is a delicious raw dessert in the refrigerator and you can finish it.
Soul bowl, $15 Zenhouse Vegetarian Fusion, located at 462 Port Huth Road, shassen, west Sindh Marsh, is the pillar of a city, its presence in the western suburbs
Great menu-
Feast of dumplings, steamed buns, spring rolls and simulation
Satay chicken skewers-
When your friends choose vegetarian burgers and chips.
There is no salt and pepper squid here, but the choice of tofu is excellent, the taste is small and the seasoning is perfect.
Yum tea, about $5
Sustainable Cafe for PlateSarah sisters, 117 Semaphore Rd, lasorepeasant Foragers lasagne, 50 per seat. This cafe is in the area of making healthy vegetarian and vegetarian dishes as sustainable as possible
Local gourmets will love the lasagna of farmers, the delicious vegetables and peppers of lasagna, and the tofu of vegetarian choice.
The kale, stinging hemp, horse-and-tooth dishes and herbs grown in local schools can be found in this dish.
Nearby schools have prepared mysterious produce boxes for cafes in their gardens, so the lasagna is different every day.
Side salad.
City by Sophie perryvigo and Lovin, 240 stable burgers ($16), 240 burgers, a healthy jampacked burger.
Let's put it this way: if you buy all the ingredients at the grocery store, you will only make cuts for 10 or less items.
Stuffed with farlafite pie, hummus, avocado, tomato, carrot, tahini, sweet sauce, lettuce and lemon juice, this burger is Robin Eastwood 27year-old business.
It was originally vegan and is now completely vegan (except gluten)free bread).
Other items on the menu include packages, Curry and soup for the day.
Salad, of course.
Great burger, $16 Bliss Organic Cafe, $7 Compton StTofu scramble ($16), owner Ray Wang took over the popular cafe at the end of last year, but the menu is the same.
The favorite thing for breakfast is its signature: fried rice with tofu.
A variety of dishes include white mushrooms, potato chips, grated carrots, small spinach, tomatoes, raisins, pepitas and sunflower seeds, and finally sprinkle with fresh herbs, flax seeds and sesame seeds.
Replenish latte with coconut, rice or almond milk.
The milk used by default is organic, non-organicdairy soy milk.
Fried tofu, $16 happy discovery, 13 curved StSweet potato, zucchini, cauliflower and spinach curry. In a spacious cafe near Rundle St, one day it turns out that the most popular is this sweet potato version.
11-the woman behindyear-
The old cafe at Sipra Lloyd also produces a variety of burgers (beans, tofu, chickpeas and red kidney beans), frittatas and moussaka, as well as raw vegan chocolate cheesecake
She prefers vegetables to fake meat, so the only meat menu item is "no dogs", a soy hot dog on sour dough.
If you want more meat go to the vegetarian restaurant next door Zenhouselike options.
Lloyd meditate five minutes a day before cooking, so you can say she put om in nom.
$15-sweet potato, zucchini, cauliflower and spinach curry
$17 vegetable iron plate, £ 358 William Stein vegetarian Buffalo winspiratek panxia mixes flour, sauces and a bunch of spices, somehow
This works, as these buffalo wings quickly become a big hit in the various vegetarian menus of panchall.
About two months ago, Pasar opened the restaurant at the quiet end of King William St, and moved from Melbourne in January.
He made everything including sauce.
Other dishes include vegetarian chicken fried rice, rice noodles, iron plate eggplant and pasta.
Chocolate or caramel mug cake for dessert.
Cheese burger ($11) with Adelaide Arcade balcony (facing Rundale Mall ).
50) the meat listed on the menu has a quote, so would like to see a "beef" pie on the cheese burger or a sloppy Joe with a delicious "shredded meat.
A completely vegetarian menu means that the meat is made from soy, although it does not affect the taste.
Customers eat nuts on cheese burgers with soy sauce pies, pickles, cheese, onions, sauces and mustard.
There are also chili cheese fries, veggie burgers, mac and cheese.
All menu items have gluten except five menu itemsfree.
$11 Cheese Burger
Moon Bakery at SouthBy Michael MilnesThe Cottage, 196 Rd, McLaren valevegarian quicheDINE or take away, with or without a salad, vegan, omelet is an excellent love for her client, co-op
Said the owner, Mel hatch.
"Everyone likes our egg rolls," she said . ".
"It's full of roasted peppers, the sun.
Dried tomatoes, roasted pumpkin, Danish sauce and spinach.
"It's really delicious.
Ms. Hage said the bakery uses fresh produce from local sources as much as possible and offers a variety of meat
Free options including frittata, wraps, focaccias, soups and bliss balls.
The bakery, which opened in Main Rd for three years, has attracted a large number of locals and tourists, she said.
$18 vegan omelet for families.
Cafe at Agatha, NoarlungaThe Port NoarlungaThe veko breakfast owner David Bacher says the vegetarian breakfast selection at this cafe is already the most popular option on the menu
"The vegetable breakfast is boiled eggs, spinach and avocado with riccota on beet and rye toast and you can add dukkkah if you want," he said . ".
"Both vegetarians and customers like it. ”The Vego, $16.
Fleurieu Food room, 18-
Gawler St restaurant in Port Noarlunga this restaurant specializes in vegetarian and vegetarian diets.
"Our most popular vegetarian diet is our vegetarian diet," said owner Karly Hall . ".
"It started with roasted sweet potato puree, mushrooms, roasted peppers, steamed broklini, and finally with garlic sauce and roasted almonds.
She said that to change the dish to a vegetarian diet, garlic sauce and chili sauce can be exchanged. $18 Vege stackOh!
Think of 171 Main South Road, mofete ValeAloo shopkeepers and chefs Prague Bansal say the deception of most parts of the potato passion plate and India.
"This is fried eggplant and potatoes cooked with onions, garlic and my own spices and is very popular," he said . ".
"Just ask, it may be mild, medium or hot.
"We have a new menu with more vegetarian dishes.
Aloo Bagan, starting at $14.
50. take $11. 50.
Manager Barry magiggan said tin shed, 225 Avenue, McLaren Valleyfield mushrooms and haloumi burgerTHIS dish is a favorite for diners at lunch time.
"We replaced the burger pie with a whole mushroom and fried chili --
"Grilled haloumi cheese and roasted chili aioli," he said . ".
"Everything is in-
This is a very popular hamburger.
Mr. mcguigen said that more vegetarian and vegetarian options have been added to the menu over the past year.
"Our menu is very balanced between seafood, burgers and vegetarian meals," he said . ".
$19 wild mushrooms and haloumi burgers.
90 Sarah by Sarah RohwederTostaditasCoffee Amigo at SalisburyWE 36 John St, we are all looking for something to enrich our lives, these
Direct from the heart of Mexico is a delicious, delicious meal with fresh tortillas with fried beans, avocado sauce, red cabbage and cheese.
Vegetarian options include dairy products-free Biocheese.
Accompanied by two homemade salsa sauces.
$13 for two.
Salisbury Cafe, 665 Salisbury Highway, Mawson lakeshalomui stackFEELING
The vegetarian haloumi stack at Watershed Cafe is really enough for anyone's needs.
Grilled cheese is laid on Roquette's bed, topped with pickled zucchini and eggplant, and topped with golden fried leeks and hot and sour sauce.
Haloumi stack $21. 50.
Little Joey pizza, 110 Phillip Highway, Elizabeth vegetarian pizza. You won't be wrong. There are your favorite vegetables and herbs on the pizza.
Little Joy offers a delicious pizza base with tomato sauce covered with mushrooms, peppers, olives, pineapples, onions, herbs and fresh garlic and sprinkled with cheese.
You can order garlic bread and 1 serving.
25 liters for an extra $6. 90.
Vegetarian pizza for $11. 90, large $14. 90.
The Suria Indian dish at Shop 2, moduryvegetable biryani Reservoir Rd 66, this dish is labeled as a chef's special meal for a reason: your taste buds will be hit by the aroma explosion of this dish, this dish is served on fragrant long grain basmati rice stirred in fresh vegetables, saffron, Sudan, coriander and cashew nuts.
It also comes with a small piece of fresh Indian yogurt called raita.
Vegetables biryani $13. 90.
The bar menu at fox and fillin Fox Tree GullyPotato gnocchiTHE fox and Firkin, 1370 northeast Road, features an amazing Italian dish for any vegan or customer who doesn't like juicy steaks.
Baked pumpkin slices, blue cheese, pine nuts and a rocket leaf.
Fresh, delicious and incredibly stuffed.
$25 potato balls
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