after 5 years in u.s., terrorist cell too complacent to carry out attack - grill gas

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-27
after 5 years in u.s., terrorist cell too complacent to carry out attack  -  grill gas
San Clement, California
Five years after settling in Southern California and trying to integrate into American society,
It is reported that the men's terrorist group associated with the army of martyrs of the Islamic militant group has become too complacent to carry out its suicide mission, an attack on the San onovra nuclear power plant.
According to the cell leader and ship owner Jameel al.
Sharif, which could be devastating operations, including the destruction of the reactor core of the nuclear power plant, triggered a meltdown that could compete with the Chernobyl disaster, "can wait.
"We are still fully committed to destroying America, the Great Satan," al-Sharif said.
"But now is not a good time for us.
The last season of Lost is a cliff like this.
We should at least catch the first episode of the new season.
After that, however, the pagans died.
Al-added: "possible"
He pointed out that his credit of nearly $6,000
52-card debt recently purchased
The Inch HDTV and the backyard gas grill prevented him from buying the material needed for the attack.
Although the members of the group said they were "alive just to shed the blood of the Crusaders who oppressed Muslims", they cited other reasons for the delay, including the unexpired free Netflix trial and nagging lower-back pain.
"I think I have the right to have a little time to fully enjoy
Dash MP3 adapter and head-
Showing that Allah, in his infinite wisdom, thinks fit to offer me, "ammunition expert Mohammed Akram said of the Mercury sailor on the 2006 th that the sailor planned to be used as a car bomb in the attack.
"Also, I have a lease for nine months.
But after that, I was more than willing to load it with explosives and go to my glory in all of it --
Leather interior and heated seats.
"Sayyid al, member of the community-
Tantawi in Cairo
Born former professor of physics, able to obtain the work of reactor technicians in San onover, who used to work 18-
This way he can secretly get a detailed schematic of the security code and facilities.
But since he was promoted to senior project manager in last November
Tantawi has become accustomed to benefits such as higher wages, mandatory holidays, devolution of responsibility, and long lunches with other managers.
"Don't get me wrong. I completely hope that all American pigs, especially the bastard, will die quickly and painfully. General managerDave [Landis]," al-Tantawi said.
But I'm not the new guy anymore.
Why am I going bankrupt all day?
When I get home after a day of work, I don't like to stay up late and design dirty things
The bomb trigger mechanism is like when I first came.
Sometimes, I just want to put it on a CD with the kind of deep-loving heretic Chris dortry. "Al-
Tantawi added that due to the sedentary nature of his work, he had to "lose a few pounds, Allah willing" before he could finish his most challenging task ": penetrate the reactor's spent fuel storage area and discharge the coolant, causing a fire and releasing radioactive material.
In fact, General preparation seems to be the biggest stumbling block for the group. "Five a. m.
The facility is most vulnerable when early shift security personnel replace night crew, "said Adib Dhakwan, a second member of the group. in-command.
"Unfortunately, Starbucks didn't open until six and I don't know about you, but if I don't have the first cup of coffee, forget it.
"Despite the successful integration of terrorists into American society, the FBI has been monitoring the activities of" St. Clement VI "since the end of 2005.
According to the declassified intelligence file, the status of the phone has recently been downgraded to "low risk", in part because, in addition to the movie, there are few mobile phone chats on all sides, and hammocks bought online last month.
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