aldi is selling a bargain £39 outdoor pizza oven so bring on summer - charcoal barbecue sale uk

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-04
aldi is selling a bargain £39 outdoor pizza oven so bring on summer  -  charcoal barbecue sale uk
ALDI is selling an outdoor pizza oven so that you can cook Italian dishes during the barbecue
But it won't exist for long.
The pizza oven costs £ 39.
Sold as part of its special purchase range, which means that the stock is limited.
The chef at home can attach the oven to their regular gas or charcoal grill, made of steel and ceramic stones so it doesn't burn at the bottom of the pizza.
The budget store promises that the oven will cook the pizza for you in 10 minutes, and it can also be used for barbecue and fish, which means there are fewer things to clean up.
Aldi even thinks it can be used to bake cookies and flatbread for more experienced barbecue chefs.
The oven is even fully assembled so there is no reason to limit yourself to hot dogs and burgers this summer.
Jamie Oliver's outdoor pizza oven costs around £ 1,700, but you can actually find it cheaper.
We looked around and found that while Aldi is making a cheap deal, you can actually get the steel version from Amazon for the same price.
On the street, the next cheapest option is the La Hacienda stainless steel fire box at B & Q, which currently costs £ 50 and is below £ 69.
Garden BBQ pizza oven for sale from tomorrow (April 4)
And can be ordered online and in stores.
In fact, people who are eager to shop can already advance
Order accessories through the outlets website.
Last summer, Aldi sold a full-size pizza oven for £ 99
£ 60 more expensive than the removable version sold this year.
This discount store has recently put shoppers in a frenzy as they try to get its sales --
Inflatable hot tub for £.
It also opened its first small local supermarket, but five percentage points higher than the average store.
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