amazing folding barbecue that can be built in two minutes has a pizza oven and in-built water boiler (and collapses down to fit inside a backpack!) - built in stainless steel charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-23
amazing folding barbecue that can be built in two minutes has a pizza oven and in-built water boiler (and collapses down to fit inside a backpack!)  -  built in stainless steel charcoal grill
A British couple invented a barbecue that folded up and placed in a backpack.
The new grill, called Aquaforno II, can grill and bake food and heat the liquid using a dedicated water boiler.
The telescopic design allows the barbecue to collapse and erect in less than two minutes without any additional tools.
The folding stove can be purchased from its inventor's website at prices ranging from £ 215 to £ 1,097 ($239 to $1,249)
Depending on the specifications, color and quantity of the accessories.
The down-scrolling viewing video foldable device consists of three different layers-the base, the brazier, and the top of the oven.
The device was designed by Berkshire Redding's husband and wife, Tim Rhodes and Karen Jenkins.
The couple came up with an idea to make fresh pizza when they were camping with their little daughter.
The invention attracted more than 240,000 pounds ($315,000)incrowd-
When the couple launched a donation on IndieGoGo.
The couple are now working on Aquaforno II full-due to interest-
Time from their home
Follow the crowd-
Currently, they sell barbecue food through their own website.
The prices of these kits are between 215 and 1,097 ($239 to $1,249)
Depending on the accessories, specifications and colors.
It can be ordered in black or stainless steel and purchased with a variety of different accessories, including seafood rice pan, pizza kit, barbecue shop kit and gas stove.
The unit can be adapted to work with a gas burner, but can also power the oven using either lumpy wood or molded fuel.
Karen, 54, said: "Our journey started in 2011, so it's been a long time.
It can cook fried food in many ways-
Or simply keep warm.
"In terms of meat, it can be used for barbecues, smoking, barbecues and can basically be cooked in any way possible.
We are particularly satisfied with the telescopic design, which ensures the fun of using the product.
"It can be folded to a height four times lower than the normal height, and we are happy with its results.
A steel device measuring about 4 feet (1. 2 metres)
When fully vertical, you can also fold down to a height of only 11 inch (28 centimetres).
18 inch diameter (45 cm)
It can then be easily stored in a small bag.
The base is located on the tripod legs and can be adjusted according to the terrain.
It comes with a removable grill for BBQ food and a large fire pit that can be used as a traditional outdoor chim.
Coal or wood can also be placed on top when barbecuing or smoking.
The boiler is also located at the bottom and can be used to deliver boiling water for hot drinks of tea, coffee and even hot wine.
The barbecue can fry the food, which happens on the second floor of the brazier.
The frying pan or frying pan can sit there comfortably, which is said to be the ideal choice for toast.
There is a main oven on top and a pizza stone.
The creator of Aquaforno says that from large pieces of meat to casseroles and grilled chicken, this piece of meat can be used to cook anything.
The two said their target audience changed as development continued.
At first they thought they were creating a camping product, but soon they found out that luxury apartment owners were keen on the product because they could not meet the needs of standard smokers in their own properties.
This started with the first "prototype" they created in 2011, which consists of an old garden incinerator that was opened with a hacksaw.
Tim said the couple came from all over the world and responded positively to their creations, which surprised them. The 50-year-
The old added: "The idea started seven years ago when our daughter wanted to go camping and have pizza with her friends for a birthday party.
We can choose to spend about 100. $130)
On pizza, or come up with something ourselves, so we managed to find something from the old garden incinerator.
It has evolved since then.
"The response to our campaign was incredible, and we gained interest from all over the world, at least to say surreal.
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