America's Best Backyard Grillers to Battle at the BBQ; Call for Contestants as Men and Women Get ''Fired Up'' For Heated ''PAM for Grilling'' Competition. - what's the best charcoal grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
America\'s Best Backyard Grillers to Battle at the BBQ; Call for Contestants as Men and Women Get \'\'Fired Up\'\' For Heated \'\'PAM for Grilling\'\' Competition.  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
OMAHA, Neb.--It's not just another way to eat.This is a way of life.The outdoor grill has been heating up throughout the United States as one of our favorite pastimes continues to serve delicious food and family fun.In order for the food to continue cooking, PAM for Grilling (R) is launching a nationwide contest to recognize top grillers in the United States, along with some advice, help all backyard BBQ enthusiasts improve their skills.PAMazing Grillers battle will give enthusiasts across the country the opportunity to test their savvy and skills with others on the grill.The contest will be awarded $10,000, a custom grill, and the coveted title of America's most amazing Griller.Participants aged 18 or over shall apply at www before July 31, 2005.pam4you.Com/grilling replied, "Why should I be the most amazing Griller in America."Who is the tongs?The survey shows that the gap is narrowed. who is the best winch?Asking women and men today can produce some interesting results.A new national survey found that there is the biggest gap between gender on who fires the backyard grill --59% of men and 52% of women say they are now testing skills at least once a week on an outdoor grill.However, both genders agree that men still hold pliers more often as top winches for families.So is a man a better board?Not necessarily-According to a barbecue survey launched by Pam, surprisingly, three out of almost every 10 women admit to having their men grill regularly...Just to improve their self!But problems remain...Who is the better grill?Men or women?There may never be a final agreement.This will be debated in the coming years.But who is the best griller in 2005?The battle of PAMazing Grillers can help answer this question.When the pliers and spatula fly up, PAM from the barbecue team will be present to ensure a "clean" match --Plenty of PAM to grillCooking spray."We're not answering age questions --Old question, who's good-men or women?We will leave the gender debate to experts, "said Angela Joina, head of grocery marketing at ConAgra Foods."This game brings together great grillers-Women are the same as men.In a vibrant but friendly competition, recognize the excellence of the barbecue and see who should have the pliers and titles of the most amazing barbecue in the United States in 2005."In the end," said Joina, "it will give us a great opportunity to learn more from experts and pass on tools to Americans, tips and trade secrets that can make everyone a great griller."To make it easy for both men and women to get through the summer BBQ season, PAM for grilling has also launched the PAMazing grillers program to improve the level of confidence of all backyard barbecues.Bill and Cheryl Jamison are the best-selling writersBarbecue lovers and couples-Barbecue with PAM to help for information PAMazing Grillers website (www.pam4you.Com/grilling), showing barbecue tips, recipes, barbecues and some "trade tips "."Jamisons's newly released book" good times, delicious barbecues: Surefire recipes for delicious BBQ parties "provides family chefs with simple recipes for casual backyard entertainment."It's fun for men and women to have a barbecue --"Create a friendly competition to keep the grill in the backyard cooked and appetizing throughout the summer," said Cheryl Jamison ."."The PAMazing Grillers program gives everyone the opportunity to learn and practice tips and tools and enjoy one of America's favorite culinary pastimes."Pam of the barbecue: the trade secret of the big barbecue, while men and women may not see the eyes --to-Regarding the question of who is best at barbecue, both men and women think that cleaning is one of the three major challenges facing barbecue.For productionStick to the results at a higher temperature, PAM for BBQ No-Great cooking spray makes cleaning easyAlthough the barbecue is easier, the food display is richer.These features make PAM a "trade secret" for many barbecue enthusiasts ".72% of respondents believe the barbecue needs the right toolsThe BBQ's Pam won a spot next to the spatula and pliers.Beginners or enthusiasts, you can't barbecue without it!About ConAgra Food Company(NYSE: CAG) is one of the largest packaged food companies in North America, serving consumer grocery retailers as well as restaurants and other food service agencies.Popular ConAgra food consumption brands include: Act 2, armor, banquet, blue hat, brown 'n service, big fat man, Chef Boyardee, cooked, crisis 'n Munk, David, budd, Eckrich, egg beater, Fleischmann's, Gulden's, Health Options, Hebrew National cuisine, Hunt's, children's cuisine, Nott Berry Farm, La cai, Lamb Weston, lightlife, Louis Kemp, Lunch Maker, mom Rosa, Manwich, Ms. Marie Callender, auveredenbacher, PAM, Parkay, meatloaf, flying man, Reddi-Wip, Rosarita, Ro * Tel, Slim Jim, snack bag, Miss Swiss, Van Camp, Wesson, Wolf and many others.For more information, please visit www.conagrafoods.com.Opinion research companyS caravan conducted the survey on behalf of PAM, with a nationwide representative sample of 1,000 Americans over the age of 18 starting from May 1316. 2005 (margin-of-error +/-3 percent).
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