an easy guide: how to build the perfect snowman - the best charcoal bbq grill to buy

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-12
an easy guide: how to build the perfect snowman  -  the best charcoal bbq grill to buy
It's not always easy and pleasant to make a snowman. it can be a serious and competitive business --
Especially parents.
So, given the recent snowfall, we think we'll build a beautiful guide for you to perfect Frost friends.
Thanks to a, you can get the advantage of the snowman throne in this way
If your snow is too fluffy or too powdery, you won't be able to make a snowman, an early version of the story.
Go to the snow and get some between your hands.
Press it together and if it forms a ball you can make a snowman.
If you make a snowman on the slope, it may turn over.
You also don't want to pile up on asphalt or cement because they store more heat and your snowman may get in the way of driving or walking.
Make sure there is enough snow for you in the area.
If you want your snowman to exist for as long as possible without melting, build it where there is not much direct sunlight.
If there is a big tree near you, it is a good place.
Building a snowman near the building also provides shade for some time of day.
Hold up a snow with both hands.
Wrap it round.
Add snow to the ball in your hand until about 1 feet (30. 5 cm)
Diameter, or until it gets too heavy.
Put the snowball on the ground and start rolling forward.
When you scroll, avoid making a cylinder by changing the direction in which you scroll the ball.
Keep scrolling until the ball is around 3 feet (1 meter)wide.
Hold some snow with both hands and put it into a tight ball.
Add more snow before the ball is too heavy to carry.
Put it on the ground and roll it like you do at the bottom.
This time, stop when the ball reaches about 2 feet (. 6 meters)wide.
Depending on how big you are, ask someone to lift the big ball for you.
Bend your knees and be sure to stand up with your legs instead of your back.
Pick it up and gently put it on the bottom.
Make sure it's right in the center of the bottom ball.
Lift the last snow to the head.
Wrap it by hand until about 1 feet (30. 5 cm)wide.
You should be able to scroll the head without scrolling, but it's OK to scroll the head if you want.
When you are done, carefully put it on the body of the Snowman.
Once these three parts are in place, collect more snow and pack between each.
This will give the snowman a unified look from top to bottom, rather than looking like three Snowballs stacked with each other.
Take a long raw carrot from the supermarket for The Snowman to eat.
Put it in the middle of the snowball at the top.
Make sure you put it on top so the eyes have space and the mouth has space.
Place them above the carrots and place them evenly on the right and left.
Push them into the head and twist them in a circle to make them stick to the snow.
Any circular object can work for the eye.
Use the same thing as the eyes to make the mouth, or mix with other circular objects.
Put your mouth under your nose, but don't be too close to the middle part.
Find a few of them about 1 inch (2. 5 cm)
Or about 3 feet wide (1 meter)long.
Push the stick to the middle of the Snowman.
Place the stick in the top and bottom tilt position to make the snowman look like your favorite.
You have more room to create here.
Take an old ball cap, cowboy hat, soft hat or top hat as the head of the Snowman.
A colorful scarf around the neck.
Use the old stuff that you don't mind might break.
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