are you ready for the thrill of the grill? - the grill rust

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-28
are you ready for the thrill of the grill?  -  the grill rust
If you're not one of the stubborn barbecue artists cooking outdoors
Round, your grill needs some attention before you prepare your first meal. Once thoroughly
End: look for signs of rust or cracks in metal or grill lines.
Small animals may have found their way into the grill and need to be removed.
Wipe clean: recipe author Amanda Haas, who works with Traeger Grill, said: "There is a lot of grease on the grill, dust and pollen when you lift the lid after a long winter hibernation, so thoroughly scrub the outside.
Keeping the grill clean will extend the life of the grill and help to prevent accidents caused by sticky or greasy surfaces.
"Clean the inside of the lid: the build-up from last year not only looks disgusting, but could be a fire hazard.
Use a strong brush, probably the kind you use to clean the grill, or a nylon brush based on the grill material.
It's also convenient to clean up the built-in paint scraperup gunk.
Clean the interior: perform all of the following operations in the case of closing the gas: check the fuel line: brush the outside of the gas pipe with soap water, and then run the gas.
If the bubbles rise along the tube, there will be a leak and the tube needs to be replaced.
If you see the bubbles that the tube is attached to the grill or gas tank, these may just need to be tightened.
Cleaning grill: for gas grill, turn all the burners up and cover them to heat the grill for 15 minutes.
Then scrub it with a grill brush or grill scraper. A wadded-
The foil supported with pliers is also well done.
Haas suggested: "If you 've been cleaning the grill for a while, take them off and take a nylon sponge or a hard one --
Brush them with a brush and some tough detergent.
Make sure to rinse and dry them thoroughly before putting them back on the grill.
"Fuel Reserve: If you need a new tank of fuel, go grab it before you marinate these ribs;
Consider a spare tank so you don't get caught.
If a coal ball, wood or small ball is the fuel of your choice, please provide this fuel.
If you use hard charcoal or wood pellets, then take a closer look at any unused fuel and throw it away if there is any mold.
Find a safe place: your grill should be at least 10 feet away from your house, if possible, and not close to an open window or a prominent place.
It should be on a fire-proof, stable surface like concrete or brick.
Check your tools: worn out
The lower grill brush is not clean well and the grill brush that is not properly cleaned before the end of the season may need to be replaced.
Haas likes long, stainless steel
Steel tongs, oversized spatula, perforated pan for grilled vegetables and small kitchen towels protect her hands as she goes up and down the grill.
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