Ariana Grande's tattoo says "BBQ Grill" in Japanese instead of "7 rings" - bbq grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-01
Ariana Grande\'s tattoo says \
To celebrate her new hit single, 7 rings, pop singer Ariana Grande has a new tattoo on her palm, honoring the song and its music video.The star said she tattooed the phrase "seven rings" on Chinese characters, a Japanese style of writing.But as some of Grande's Japanese fans quickly pointed out, it actually spelled the grill ".The two characters represent seven () and ring, respectively, but together represent Shichirin, the name of a small charcoal grill.There are several stores on Amazon for sale.The combined characters are roughly translated into "7 rounds "-not "7 rings.Looks like Grande has a nice tattoo.Yes, but she has a grill in her hand.The latest 2020 announcements "adversity score" share images of tattoos on the official Ariana Grande Japan Twitter page.Grande wrote in Japanese in the title of the photo, "Everyone thinks it's not my hand, but it's really my hand."It's not strange --Some fans think the tattoo has failed, which is a problem.[Instagram より words】 lose control. リ lose control. ナがま want for Japanese language のタトゥーを Additional!今度はなんと漢字で「七輪」?"みんなこれは private の hand じゃな O Muhammad っ going under the thinking っ going under the O Muhammad months み want for O Muhammad だけど, should have been に private の hand よ?」とコメントしています。How about "seven points" and "Seven points??とても気に入っているよう?#アリアナ pic.twitter.com/wR55jgu7FU—On January 30, 2019, many fans responded to the corrections and photos of Shichirins on Twitter.pic.twitter.com/iubQR0Fg8Y—クリックで救える命がある。(@ Vvasrta) ancient Japanese stove in January 30, 2019: D-Kotaku reported that on January 30, 2019, when the photo was left on the star's Japanese Twitter account, it was removed from her Instagram.Grande's description says the character on her hand is an abbreviation for "seven rings."In the video of the single, the title of the song is written in Chinese characters and in English.In the music video of "7 rings", the title is written in English and Japanese.Despite the failure of the epic "7 ring" tattoo, the song was very successful."7 rings" in the firstPopular on Billboard 100 chart.According to Nielsen Music, seven rings also made its debut with 85 streaming songs.3 million U.S.The stream of the week ending January 24.This is the second one.The biggest streaming week ever for a female artist's song.The biggest week was another big hit, "Thank you, next", drawing 93.The bulletin board reported 8 million streams.The success of the song reflects the popularity of Grande in the world.She may have received some criticism on Twitter, but many have made comments on Twitter in support of the popular princess."I am very satisfied with the tattoo because it is Chinese characters," one fan wrote in Japanese .".
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