auckland: best places to fire up the barbie - the best charcoal bbq

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auckland: best places to fire up the barbie  -  the best charcoal bbq
Nothing is more reminiscent of New Zealand's summer than a barbecue.
Are you in the perfect position to pursue a big family
Spend time together in the park or plan a romantic picnic on the beach
The BBQ is all over the city's protected area and is free for anyone.
We have found some of the best places to throw some sausages on the grill, take out some salads from your cold trash can and enjoy some of the outdoor dining as much as possible.
The council's barbecue is first. come, first-
Service is provided and the Council asks anyone using the facilities to leave them once their meals are cooked so that others can use the barbecue.
In some cases, you need to fuel yourself.
The first regional park in winderholm, Auckland is still one of the best.
Travel north before you reach Warkworth on the Furong Coast Highway. The bush-
The covered promontory stretches into the sea between the Cape and the waivela River.
It has a safe swimming beach where you can launch smallto-
There are medium sized boats and a lot of walking.
Visitors can also visit the historic Couldrey House and grounds.
Electricity and Wood
Barbecues can be used in public places, but you need to provide wood yourself.
Windholm has 4 BBQ points to book on special occasions and can accommodate up to 500 people.
The cost of these sites in a week is between $50 and $80, $100-
The price for the weekend is $160.
The entrance to the park, the walking access to the waivela estuary and the Bay of kokuru allow dogs, but prohibit them from entering the main parking lot, the Bush head, the picnic area and the adjacent beach.
Camps can also be retained.
West spring West Spring is a great place to get in touch with nature as there is not much place in the city to feed ducks while listening to the lion's roar. This inner-
The city reserve is next to the zoo and if you are there at night you can hear the animals settle in at night.
There are three electric barbecues, but they will be busy during the summer months.
If you have to wait, stroll along the path by the lake and tear off some bread for the wildlife. Native orea (eels)
As can be seen in the weeds in the lake, swans and ducks pass through the water.
They are gentle and can handle their hands. fed.
The fact that the lake is a sanctuary for animals that have been living in the lake is reflected in the gross profit name Te Wai Orea of the lake, meaning the waters of the eel.
Dogs are allowed but must lead.
Cornwall Park is one of the largest parks in the city and one of the biggest options for barbecues.
A total of 10, 4 gas, 6 Wood.
Reservations are not accepted, but groups with more than 30 people are required to contact the Cornwall Park Trust Board Visitor Center directly to make arrangements.
If you need to get off work for lunch, you can have a picnic under the tree, stroll around the landscaped grounds, or climb a tree Hill to enjoy the city's beauty.
You can take your dog with you, but it has to stay ahead due to the number of farm animals around it.
If you want to swim, you should aim at Huia at high tide, but if you only want to be with family, this place, near the Titirangi coast, has something to offer all day long.
Open your picnic under the pohuukawa tree and use the free BBQ when your child is playing on the playground and skate ramp.
Huia offers beautiful views in the port of manucau.
Camp is available if you want to stay longer.
Dogs are allowed but must stay ahead.
The most popular regional park on the North Shore consists of three beaches: Long Bay, Bo Huchuan Bay and Grandma Bay, which borders the marine reserve.
It is a safe place for children to swim and there is a playground for them to entertain for a few hours.
There are 10 electric barbecues and 6 single barbecues
4 Double barbecues
Provide timber to the public.
Some websites can book if you know you're getting up with a large group of people.
If you still have some energy left after your meal, take a look at the native shrubs and historical sites of the reserve, including the gun placement on the cliffs of the North of Vaughan home and the beach.
Changwan is a great place for family members of all ages, suitable for people in wheelchairs.
Dogs are allowed below high
They have to leave the beach before 6 except in daylight, otherwise there will be water marks. 30pm.
Milford Beach is a great family beach.
It has a large grass, perfect for cricket, beach volleyball, a good playground and a flat beach, perfect for picnics.
There are rock pools to explore, and the water is generally calm.
Its two electric barbecues are located on the grass under the tree.
Muriwai you can't get more typical wild West Coast than Muriwai.
It has a 60 km-meter-long surf beach, a colony of Gannett, along the rugged coastline and through the wild virgin bush, and is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast.
The hotel offers electric barbecue and a nice picnic area.
Dogs can be raised on the beach in winter, but there are restrictions on daylight.
Christmas beach Pioneer Island is one of the attractions that many Oakland people don't know about.
Christmas Beach is located on the sheltered side of Hong Kong Island, and Theo Crane is on the north shore.
There is grass on the beach, perfect for picnics, and a playground for kids with wooden pirate ships.
Free barbecue is provided in public places.
Located ten minutes from Titirangi, Armour Bay, this West Coast beach is a great place for family trips.
Its tennis court is probably the best view of the city and is free for the public.
It also has a petanque Stadium, a large grass for kids to run around and a coin --
Like many beaches on the West Coast, Amore Bay is very beautiful with Bush --
Usually a hill covered around an empty beach.
Located southeast of the city, the Omana Regional Park offers stunning views of the inner Hauraki Bay.
There is a safe swimming beach for farm animals for children to meet, and many barbecues for the public.
There are three single
8 Double barbecueswood barbecues.
You will need to provide your own wood or buy it from the park ranger.
Websites can be booked for larger groups.
In addition to grass and farmland, its native shrubs also have a variety of wildlife.
Judges Myer Robinson Park this Parnell Park, located above Judges Bay, has two electric barbecues, but they only run between November 1-4 and 30.
It's not so much a big family gathering place as a perfect place for a romantic barbecue.
It is full of gorgeous colors and smells
There are about 5000 rose bushes in the garden, showing new and old varieties.
The park extends to the Bay and Parnell baths below.
It is accessible from Gladstone Road and judge Bay Road.
Tapapakanga is just south of Orere Point on the southern edge of the city, a park close to Auckland's CBD but feels isolated.
The Ashby home on the beach looks like it hasn't changed since it was built in 1900.
With its rolling farmland and coastal landscape, the beach is an ideal place for swimming.
BYO wood barbecue by the sea.
Dogs are allowed to be in the lead, but are banned during the litter season from July 1-11 to 30.
If you can't imagine going to a family barbecue without your dog running around you freely, it could be a great choice.
The park, located in Cannon Taiwan, is a dog walker's favorite as their animals may leave --lead all year.
The park features a playground, a children's playground, a jungle walk with a creek, a dog agility course, and an electric barbecue for the public.
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