auckland: ten of the best secret beaches - where to buy charcoal for grill

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auckland: ten of the best secret beaches  -  where to buy charcoal for grill
The Oakland area has three ports and hundreds of kilometers of coastline, with dozens of "secret" bays and beaches.
Many people are rarely known outside the nearby area, and lonely lovers will have their favorite places.
If you're looking for a really secret beach, go to a remote location.
In the Auckland area, you can't be more remote than the southern part of the Kaipara peninsula.
People who don't live on the peninsula have little reason to venture from 30 km north of Parakai near Helensville to little-
Famous Regional Park Te Rau Puriri. If the 80-
A few minutes drive from Auckland is not enough to keep crowds away from here. 5 to 2-
Return an hour walk.
A wave walkway leads to Waipiro Bay, arguably the most beautiful beach in the south of Kepa la.
The track has been downhill, which means there is a uphill slope on the way back.
But anyone arriving on the coast will be rewarded with a sandy beach/Shirley coastline dotted with wading birds.
Depart from parakai, take parakhurst Road, and then South Head Road.
After donojo road, keep an eye out for the Te Rau Puriri sign and parking lot.
There is nothing more about Kelvin Strand beach than the long peninsula that keeps the masses away from the lovely little beaches.
Kelvin Strand beach, which is almost at the top of the Te Atafu peninsula, is such a hidden treasure.
I do want to know if locals will avoid tourists with signs that warn the tsunami, mudflats, quicksand and shallow water.
The beach is a real gem.
Beautiful white sand beaches, reclaimed wetlands, and a large lawn park and playground.
On a clear day, the views of the Tower of the sky and the Harbor Bridge are spectacular.
This beach is best to go at the climax, although you can walk to the beach bar about 100 away from the beach at the low tide.
A great option is to take a bike and ride along the relatively new Ocean View Trail.
Get there: enter from Kelvin Chris on Gillette road.
I often notice people on kites --
Surf and swim at Eric amishaw Park, as you can see on the Northwest Highway between pattiki Road and Pt Chevrolet exit.
Instructions from the Oakland City Council sent me to the park, which was packed with people.
But the secret is at the end of a path down the Bush at the north end of the park.
Eric amidshaw Marina reserve is a 10-minute walk from the hotel, and its end is a staircase and a beautiful beach, forming a perfect bay.
The spectacular pohuukawa is sprinkled on the beach and offers outstanding sunshades.
According to the Oakland Council, the Bay has no official name and is magical at high tide.
Get there: go to the parking lot at Eric amishaw Park at the end of Walker Road, Pt Chevy.
There are many popular beaches around the open Taraki Bay in the northern port of manucau, no wonder this is a quiet place.
The beach is sandwiched between Cornwall and Huya, entering through a door and closed at nine o'clock P. M. in daylight and at seven o'clock P. M. in other times.
In a quiet day, Kaitarakihi is quiet, water cup-like.
There is a grass-covered reserve behind the beach where you can see the head of manucau.
Sprinter Memorial is just a few steps away from Kaitarakihi Bay and worth a visit for its head and harbor views.
The good thing about this bay is that it doesn't have tides like some of the beaches around Huia etc, which means swimming is good, thanks to its proximity to the head, there is clean water going in and out of the bay every 12 hours.
While far away and quiet, Kaitarakihi Bay is only a five-minute drive from the wonderful Huia beach shops and cafes with great coffee, ice cream, fish and chips.
Get there: turn left after Kona Wallis Road and enter Kaitarakihi Road near Hugh Road.
The two best secret bays in Auckland are called Wattle Bay, both in the port of manucau.
This is a 60-
It is only a few minutes' drive from the Awhitu peninsula in downtown Auckland.
This means that a day's trip almost guarantees loneliness.
What's more, the coastline has lovely golden beaches, which are very different from the rest of port manucau.
On the beach in Watt Bay, although there are tides, there is always dark green water to swim in any tide.
I was told that the fishing people really rated a place called the Wartel Bay strike hole, which is a bit like a tomo deep under the sea.
A few minutes walk from Wartel Bay to the northwest, you can see the old cottage, the local character Mavis Brambley wrote the sea cock of manucau in the 1960 s.
When you are on that road, a place worth a visit is the historic Awhitu lighthouse, where you can see the beautiful scenery of Manukau head.
The entrance is located at the junction of manuchaide Road and Haruna Road.
Get there: Take Wartel Bay Road from orua Bay.
Charcoal Bay, Beach Paradise charcoal Bay is perhaps the most beautiful port of inner Whitehorse.
It's not a signpost, it's a relatively good-
New tracks have been formed, falling from Rosecamp Rd to charcoal Bay through an original Bush and mature pine tree.
What impressed me about the beach was how quiet it was but noisy at the same time.
The voice came from the Symphony Orchestra.
Another surprising thing is how clear the water is considering how far away it is from the open waters.
The foot is a mixture of sand and shells.
This is a good beach with children, because the water is quite shallow and the bay is protected by the promontory.
Because it's Western.
Facing, worth checking in Before Sunset.
From the bay side you can see Hobsonville in one direction and Te atatatu North in the other.
Anyone looking for loneliness on the beach can find it in most bays off the coast of bihaven and Chatswood, such as Island Bay, soldier Bay, onetonga Bay and Kauri
Get there: Park opposite Rosecamp Rd, 31 beach paradise, walking along the track of the unmarked reserve.
If you think the popular West Coast beaches like Piha and Karekare are wild and remote, you haven't seen anything yet.
Mercer Bay eclipsed them.
It is the safest way to get to Mercer Bay by boat.
It takes a steady nerve to get there on foot, a good ability to mess, and maybe even a rope.
Mercer Bay is located in the north of Karekare and enters through a series of tracks.
Even if you don't have the courage to go to the beach, the track should be on the bucket list for all auctioneers.
The cliffs on the Gulf of America are the highest cliffs in the region, and in addition to the hardest cynics, it will take everything away.
Anyone who goes to the beach needs to realize that this is not a safe place to swim.
Beauty is in the environment, get there.
Place of arrival: Karekare Beach Park.
Go north along the Coleman track and then north along the Mercer Bay loop track.
The steep, rugged rocky track leading to Mercer Bay is closed at the northern end of the bay.
Wichowewater Bay in the north of manucau, used to be a broken home
Until a few decades ago, the council cleared up a bag of illegal cockroaches.
Now, it is updating the Bush and, of course, the trees.
The owner of a local leather factory once planted a pond as a pigment.
It's not just human beings who appreciate this corner of Port manucau. Kereru abound.
The best time to go to Wartel Bay is the high tide because the water is very long.
This is a safe and sheltered beach for the children.
Energetic people may want to take a walk on the new horn track and get to a good vantage point over the port.
To find a more secret place, either go east from the mountain or go around the front shore to Cape Horn, you will find a small sand bay without a name in front of the Cape.
Get there: Park between 34 Canberra Avenue and 36.
During the summer and winter months, on numerous beaches from Long Beach to Cheltenham, people gather at the rahobala beach on the East Coast.
Along the coast, many small beaches have small local followers.
My friend Doug McIntyre drew my attention to the beach of La Jolla, where his family spent many happy days in their 1970 s.
The beach, also known as the 21 Point Beach, is not as private and secluded as it used to be due to the north shore coastal trail.
If families with children are tired of the beach, the playground at the nearby Kennedy Memorial Park is one of the best playgrounds in Auckland, and Mr. Hubby's van often stops.
Get there: depart from Kennedy Park on castors Bay Beach Road and walk 75 m south to reach the first gunner.
A path leads to the stairs to the beach.
South-East Auckland's Tawhitokino is an unspoiled beach on a series of beaches between the township of o'rept and papanoui Pt.
Close to the east coast of Thames Bay.
The best thing about Tawhitokino is that it can only be reached by foot or by kayak or other boat at low tide.
The beach itself is 1.
Only two streams broke 4 km long.
Good Beach Guide in New Zealand: this is also mentioned on North Island.
Get there: Drive past the end of the Kawawa Bay coast road.
Follow the Tawhitokino tracks around the rocks and Papanui Pt to the beach.
For an average healthy person, 45 minutes walk.
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