Ault Glazer & Co., Inc. names Bill Dully CEO and Chairman. - camping gas grill

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Ault Glazer & Co., Inc. names Bill Dully CEO and Chairman.  -  camping gas grill
Duoli, the parent company of eBay's exclusive partner, Irvine Bay (Calif), is at the helm.--In the third chart, the second sentence published, the URL of the Adult Entertainment Capital CompanyShould read: the corrected version is: ault glazer & CO., INC.Appointed Bill Dudley, CEO and chairman of the board of directors, to be at the helm of the parent company of eBay's exclusive partner, Orte Glazer, Inc.(Pink Sheets: AULT) ("AGC") came into effect today.As announced before August, Bill Dudley served as the CEO and chairman of the holding company.12.The change coincides with plans for global sports and entertainment later this month.The company plans to adopt the new name "Global Sports and Entertainment Co., Ltd""Global Certification Holding Limited, based in St Clement, will focus on its core operations(GAI)."I am very happy to have the opportunity to run a listed company with shares in so many unlisted companiesTap potential ."Very slow to his appointment."I look forward to completing the process that former CEO Milton Todd Orte started, and he wants to be a fully-reported listed company early next year," said Dudley .".Mr.Orte resigned as CEO and chairman of the board of directors, focusing on the development of adult entertainment capitalAnd the merger of ZATS and Global Access Holdings, LLC."Focusing on sports and entertainment is a natural fit and opportunity for me to stand out from these areas, my more than 20 years in these areas have allowed me to build many connections to the company and the expansion will continue.""As I have done with other companies, I have seen a real opportunity to create value and help grow the assets of Ault Glazer & Co, Inc.They include adult entertainment capital companies.(OTCBB: ZLST) (Patient Safety Technology Co., Ltd), (OTCBB: PSTX) (Global Certified company(Digicorp, Inc .)(OTCBB: DGCO) (Hayes brothers snowboard company ("My background is suitable for many of this typeThere are many operations, "commented Du Li.Bill Durley, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer of Nasdaq 3DO, has operated a variety of companies over the past 22 years, including nine years of work on the upper deck and the upper deck,Mr.Dully is also considered to be a credit for the aroundDonruss/Score Entertainment trading card company as its president, COOand CFO.About the murder of Glazer & Co., Inc.Alte Glazer & Co., Inc.(www.aultglazer.Com), a holding company, through its wholly owned subsidiaryThe subsidiaries and a small number of interest groups owned are engaged in a variety of business activities, including: commercial banking;Enterprise loans;Rights protection of shareholders;Internet sales and marketing;real estate;healthcare;energy;Consumer products and services;Insurance and mediaAbout Global certification companyGlobal Certified companyCA-based SanClemente ("Global") provides grading and certification services for desktop industry and online usersOnline shopping communities like eBay, backlog.And Amazon.Com, especially in sporting goods and signature items like baseball cards, the falsification of these items is a special problem.Global is just one of the contaminated companies selected by eBay as part of its trust and security consortium to prevent online fraud by collectible buyers.Global's services are also used for other widely collected items such as coins, comic books and stamps.For more information, please visit towww.gacard.net.About Free BBQ LimitedFree BBQ CompanyDesign and provide innovative products and accessories for the car tailgate, camping and outdoor activities market.The company combines the boom in the fast-growing professional automotive aftermarket with the American desire to cook better both indoors and outdoors.The company's innovative market enters the product-free grill FG-headquartered in Poway, California100 (TM), easy to transport, highPerformance gas grill designed for extreme follow-up crowds.The new FG-50 (TM) is the first grill specially designed for viewing and performing on the back of the vehicle and on the table top or trolley.For maximum versatility, the grill is mounted on any standard tractor holder.The grill is installed outside the vehicle and there is more room in the vehicle for equipment, food or passengers.The swing arm and high-quality gas grill are ideal accessories for trucks, SUVs and RV.With the "official Grill for tailgate (TM)", outdoor cooking has become more convenient than ever before.The free Grill is the perfect choice for leisure, camping, fishing and hunting, and even a barbecue on the deck, terrace or backyard.For real BBQ enthusiasts, grgrilleven offers a range of award-winning BBQ sauces from the fire brand.The company's products are sold through professional barbecue retailers, sporting goods stores and hardware stores.For more information onFreedom BBQ, Inc.Please visit the company website atwww.freedomgrill.com.Forward-The information contained herein includes forward-looking statementsLook at the report.These statements are related to future events or our future financial performance, involving known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may lead to our actual results, level of activity, performance, or achievement is fundamentally different from any future result, activity level, performance or achievement expressed or implied by these forward-looking --Look at the report.You shouldn't rely too much on the striker.Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that, in some cases, are beyond our control, it is likely to have a significant impact on performance or achievement on actual results, level of activity.Any forward-Forward-looking statements reflect our current perspective on future events and are influenced by these and other risks, uncertainties and assumptions related to our operations, operational results, growth strategies and liquidity.We have no obligation to update or modify these forwarding-Looking for statements for any reason, or updating the actual results may be different from what is expected in these forward-looking reasons --Look for statements even if there is new information in the future.Safe Harbor aheadForward-looking statements contained in the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 protect companies from forward liabilityIf the declaration meets the requirements of the act, please check.
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