b&m’s stunning garden sofa furniture is £800 cheaper than identical set from next - the best charcoal bbq

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-05-02
b&m’s stunning garden sofa furniture is £800 cheaper than identical set from next  -  the best charcoal bbq
Summer is coming and you may think it's time to sort out your garden furniture.
If that's the case, it's worth going to the nearest B & M as the discount store has just launched a range of looks --a-
Just like furniture, only a fraction of the cost of other stores.
This is what you need to know.
The best deal we found was a corner sofa and tea table set that cost £ 200 at B & M, while the next almost identical set cost £ 999.
The two groups look almost the same.
With greater flexibility, Next's product consists of five modular seating sections that can create different seating arrangements.
There is even an adjustable part that can turn into the sun for a long time.
At the same time, the cheaper B & M version may look similar to Next, but it's actually a corner sofa and a table, so you don't have the same flexibility.
It's also smaller so you can't sit so many people.
Aldi also sold a very sinilar corner sofa for £ 19.
99 stores and online
Same as you paid at B & M.
The next deal for B & M is the Hawaiian string bench, which costs only £ 50.
It's almost the same as the next bench that sells for pounds.
The cheap B & M version has white or gray, while the Next product has gray, natural or duck.
Apart from the change in color, it is difficult for us to distinguish between the two items, although the description says the bench for B & M is slightly larger.
The B & M bench is the cheapest one we can find.
The second cheapest is the black bench of JMart. co. uk for £69. 99.
The next item for B & M garden sale is a five-piece cube terrace for £ 50.
This is one of B & M's more expensive products, but it is still 16 cents cheaper than the almost equivalent offered by Asda, which costs 299.
Two sets of glass.
Table on top and four matching chairs woven in gray.
They all come with removable cushions.
We can't find a cheaper version online, which is the closest equivalent price for the series.
99, and Argos has a similar version.
Amazon often has good deals on courtyard furniture, so it's worth buying cheap furniture there.
If you are planning to host a lot of garden parties this summer, you may enjoy going to the terrace bar.
B & M introduced a bar with two stools and a glass top bar for only £ 50. Looks-
It is wise that it is very similar to this Argos one, and at 330 it is 80 more.
But with the Argos set, your money will get a lot more in return as it has a wine cup holder that is placed on the shelf to put your bottle in.
The collection also has its own terrace bar with a discount of £ 299 currently. 99 (saving £100).
The cheapest offer we can find is on Amazon, where you can get a terrace bar from £ 12.
99, but this is not as fashionable as the products in other stores, only green.
No barbecue, no summer party.
B & M's luxury Luiz Anna charcoal grill is just £ 20 and very reasonable.
It looks very similar to this stylish Texan smoker BBQ which is a little more expensive for a pound.
Version of 99The Range features a thermometer and adjustable charcoal tray with crankup system.
It also has a chimney that can be used to make that delicious smoked flavor, as well as a heating area, and a removable dishwasher safe grill.
B & M products have similar features. Its two-
Tier grill has a grill and a built-in grillin thermometer.
Although the convenient front door has easy access to the top
Use charcoal or wood chips.
It also includes a side shelf, bottom shelf, ash tray and two fixed wheels for easy movement and even a built-in
In the bottle opener
B & M is not the cheapest place to eat barbecue.
There are a lot of things to buy, so you need to do your research, but the price of Argos is the best we can find, the price is only 10, almost the same product.
Amazon has cheaper BBQ but we didn't find the same style.
Unlike other bargains in B & M Gardens, the Lay-
Z spa it sells exactly the same as you can buy elsewhere (
Not just similar). The six-
Inflatable hot tub is available indoors or outdoors and claims to be very easy to assemble.
B & M sells tubs for £ 350, which is much cheaper than the £ 599 for argos. 99 offering.
We can't find cheaper bathtubs online at the moment, but many retailers have regular hot tub deals, so it's definitely worth a stroll around before you buy them.
Amazon offers spring promotions at a discount of 8 days.
Argos has launched a massive half-price sale on hundreds of toys.
Asda launches sales of basic baby products including bottles, toys and car seats.
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