bad marks - what's the best charcoal grill

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bad marks  -  what\'s the best charcoal grill
People are talking about Ariana Grande's tattoo in January.
The pop singer has a pair of Japanese characters on his palm.
After her hit single, they should read the seven rings, but they actually read: "little charcoal grill.
"Look, it happened.
We all know that there are people who have misinterpreted, or vague "tribe" symbols, or unfortunate typos, or the names of people they no longer marry inked, forever, on them
Tattoo regret is true
Mary Wilson, 38, is a very good sport and she is willing to talk to the newspaper about the decision she made on her 21st birthday.
"I decided to take this down --
She paused and said, "a tattoo on the back.
Ah, yes.
The back tattoo has a very unfortunate nickname.
"To be honest, I 've never heard of it as a 'tramp imprint before, '" Wilson said '. ".
"Even my 21, I think. year-
If I heard, the old self would know more and better.
Anyway, I was dating a man nicknamed me Fox.
"So that's why I got my tattoo," she said . " She stopped to emphasize. "On my back.
"But wait, it was worse before!
"It used to be orange and yellow, but it has faded now.
It's big.
This is not a small word.
I remember I went home and gave my mother a look. she smiled and said, "you will regret it one day.
Of course, when you're 21, you think, "No, I won't ! "
That's who I am!
"Now I am not the wife of the man who gave me this nickname, I am 38 years old, yes, I regret it.
"My college friend Robin Brown also has a sorry story about a subordinateback tattoo (
I feel a theme here).
I asked her to set the scene.
Imagine: it's 2002.
To celebrate your 18 th birthday, your boyfriend bought a gift certificate for the tattoo you 've been talking about.
Your mom didn't like it, but you invited her to come along, hoping she would come over, and she reluctantly picked a star on the wall that looked good.
Know it looks like Supa
Fly in your lower back and you book it in.
Brown feels Supa-
Until two years later, one day she appeared at her server job and it was difficult for the kitchen staff to satisfy her eyes.
It turns out that there is the same tattoo on the bikini, in the same location
The sunny girl was dressed behind her back that day.
As she points out, this is a painful troughrise jeans.
"So, yes, they know it's the same," she said . ".
The permanent nature of the tattoo increases the likelihood of regret.
But there are ways to reduce the remorse of ink.
Winnipeg tattoo artist Tesia Rhind said: "Most people who know they want a tattoo
Line, realism and flower language.
"It's a question of finding the right artist for what you think.
Doing your research is the key, she says.
Instagram is a useful tool for you to see the artist's work (
Leinde @ tesiacoil, by the way).
If you find an artist you like but they have been booked for months, Rhind suggests waiting or finding another artist that can perform what you want.
"Don't walk into a shop with empty rooms and ask, 'Who can do this? '?
"Don't look at their work," she said . "
"This is what people often regret.
"The consulting process involves managing customer expectations and providing design solutions.
"A lot of people have a vision that you can put a lot of things in a small space," says Rhind . ".
"But you have to tell them the age of the tattoo, what it will look like in the future, do a finer line tattoo --
This is something I did.
"Some may fade faster than the thick line in a few years, but the thick line may blur," Rhind said . ".
"People need to know this.
People also need to know what benefits some parts of the body look like.
"With this in mind, there are a few tattoos that Rhind won't do at all.
"If people under the age of 26 don't have other tattoos, I won't get them hands or neck," she said . ".
"I let some 18-year-old kids in and they want a rose and they don't have anything else --
I wouldn't do that, and I don't think a lot of tattoo artists would.
I don't like making fingers because they are not very old and are basically a waste of money, but I will do it.
"Obviously I don't get any hate symbols tattooed," she said . ".
"I'm not going to tattoo the band logo on an 18-year-old.
"It could be a good time for me to lift my skin in this game.
I have a stamp of Pearl Jam.
This is the Matchman logo on the cover of living singles.
I got it when I was 19.
What I want to say is that we all have our own foxes.
Although I certainly won't get a tattoo right now, I don't have to regret it.
In fact, before I get reminded by a particularly talkative massage therapist, I usually forget that I even have it.
Regret is different from dislike.
"I have a tattoo that I don't like but I don't regret it," Rhind said . ". "Cover-
Ups is usually possible unless super, super dark, then your only option is to cover it up very dark or remove it a little so it can be covered.
If you regret your tattoo, there is a way.
Basically, all you need to do is get more insurance or pay for the relocation, which is painful and costly.
"Wilson considered deportation.
"I have considered covering it up with other things that better reflect who I am," she said . ".
After all, it is possible to get the tattoo you like --
Whether the image is symbolic or only the skin --deep.
Even if you are out of love, tattoos will become as immutable as your hands, knees, or feet.
This is part of you.
"It's hard because you said, 'Sit a little'
But I give tattoos to people in their 40 s and they say, 'I think it's been 20 years and I 've been changing my mind,' "says Rhind.
"But I find that once you get the tattoo you like and think it's really beautiful, or talk to you, it does a good job, it's just a part of your body, you won't change your mind because you know it's there and it's another way to love your body.
This is another extension of yourself.
"Wilson also has two tattoos that she doesn't regret.
One is the initials behind her neck and wants to add the initials of her child.
The other is a little lady on her ass.
There is a story about that: when she was 18, Wilson asked her mother what she would get if she had a tattoo, and her mother decided that a little bug might
So this is what Wilson got.
"I want something she won't be too angry with," she said with a smile . ".
"I never regret it. "jen.
Zoratti @ freepress. mb.
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