Barbecue Basics: How not to blow up the backyard - gas barbecue grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-24
Barbecue Basics: How not to blow up the backyard  -  gas barbecue grill
A steady stream of beer and sangria.
The lights on the patio are flashing.
The party began and the guests were hungry.
Even st éphane Dorion, who is in charge of fire prevention in Monterey City, admits that when he gets off work, he sometimes forgets his own barbecue safety guide
Responsible for your own grill.
Outdoor BBQ is one of the biggest pleasures of summer life, but it is also full of potential troubles.
Dorion says gas barbecues are completely safe as long as they are maintained, cleaned and used wisely.
Every year, the fire department conducts a publicity campaign to remind barbecue users to pay attention to safety rules.
Still, the two fires were the cause of the two fires that Montreal firefighters responded to in 2014, and there was another fire this season.
This does not include all minor accidents, as well as the damage caused by the burned backyard and patio grille during the process.
"Things get festive and we don't take care of them anymore," said Dorion . ".
"But there's something you need to do to stay safe.
This means developing good habits and paying attention to problems.
An apartment in downtown Monterey
Residents learned that when he put a portion of broccoli on his gas grill a few weeks ago and was ready to eat later, it was a tough way
Dinner on weekdays evening
He turned the heating to a low level, returned to the room to prepare the rest of the meal, and closed the patio door behind him.
The night before he used the barbecue without accident.
But he knew his barbecue was on fire.
The smoke alarm sounded and neighbors shouted "on fire" outside in their pajamas ".
And then six firefighters burned it.
The remnants of his barbecue on the balcony railing.
"If the squirrel who destroyed my chair cushion also bit through the barbecue hose, the attachment to the propane tank is not properly screwed, the fireman thinks that there may be a leak in the gas pipeline," out of embarrassment, he won't let us use his name.
"Later, I talked to my neighbors and the insurance broker and found out that I was not alone.
These things happened.
"Justin Claude, a barbecue and outdoor kitchen store in StPatrick St.
Many people buy cheap gas barbecues and then treat them as "one-off" instead of putting in time or money to maintain them, says nearby Atwater.
Claude said a better one. quality, well-
BBQ cooking is better and lasts longer
Up to 15 years or more.
Many problems can be avoided, he said, simply brush the grill with steel wire after each use, and do several good cleaning of the grill in each season.
"If you get a lot of flash --
Ups, it's probably because you didn't clean the grill properly.
This makes the food taste bad but also increases the risk of fire.
Crowder said that people are eager to barbecue and often forget the spring maintenance of the barbecue.
He had his own very early. summer ritual.
First, he removed the lid from the grill and checked for rust on the grill surface
Free and in good condition.
If it is rusted, he will replace it or add a grill.
He then checks the guide plate above the burner, directly below grates, to make sure there is no grease build up.
After that, he removed the burner and inserted wires or paper clips into each hole to make sure they were not blocked.
Another important step is to ensure that there is no leakage in the attachment or hose that brings propane or natural gas from the cylinder to the barbecue site.
(To check, please apply a mixture of water and soap at the hose and connection.
If it has bubbles, there will be leaks and parts need to be replaced.
) Finally, Crowder ignites the grill to ensure it is easy to light up and reach the temperature.
He then heated it for a few minutes and let the cleaning product burn off.
(Or he uses a green cleaner and skim agent called BBQ Solutions, made of 100 of the natural ingredients.
) No dirt and sundries for the barbecue.
Use a pipe cleaner or wire to clear the spider web on the burner opening.
Check if the connection is tight.
There are no leaks in the natural gas pipeline that bring propane or natural gas from the cylinder to the barbecue site.
In a spray bottle, mix the water with a few tablespoons of soap.
Spray these along the hoses and connections to observe the appearance of bubbles.
If they do, it means a leak.
This part needs to be replaced.
A lighted gas or charcoal barbecue enters the house, garden cottage, or garage (which people sometimes do when it starts to rain ).
There is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning.
But, Dorion says, propane is a heavy gas that is not easily discharged.
Instead, it accumulates and stays on the ground where it can burn.
Open the lid to light the barbecue.
Otherwise, the gas will build up and form a fireball.
Don't try it all the time.
After two unsuccessful attempts, close the burner, open the lid and wait for a few minutes to try again.
Then press the ignition button again.
The risk of a serious oil fire, do not let the oil pile up.
Put on oven gloves and heavy aprons so as not to get scorched by yourself.
Burn yourself and run the affected area under cold water for 5 minutes.
If the situation is serious, go directly to the hospital.
Oil fire with water.
This will only cause the flame to burn.
All areas of the barbecue are at least 24 inch (60 cm) away from the doors and windows ).
This ensures that the barbecue is well ventilated and smoke does not enter the house.
On a solid, horizontal surface.
If it's a charcoal grill, make sure the platform is not wood or other flammable material.
Also, be sure to stay away from wooden fences or privacy walls, trees with low branches and roofs above your head.
When grilling, first close the valve on the propane cylinder.
Then wait a few seconds and turn off the controls on the barbecue.
This allows the gas in the line to burn off.
A rusty propane tank (with a maximum service life of 10 years ).
In the empty propane tank to be refilled, make sure it stays upright with a safety valve on the top.
Transport it to the floor of a passenger seat to make sure it doesn't fall.
Open the window.
There is a propane cylinder in a car parked in the window.
(There is a risk of explosion as heat increases.
) Charcoal grill, use only the appropriate lighting liquid.
Never use gasoline!
Let the liquid settle for a few minutes before lighting.
Stand back from the grill when lighting.
Be sure to make sure the container is safe from the lighter liquid.
Barbecue, make sure the coal is completely extinguished before handling the coal.
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