Barbecue CO gas killed camper Hazel Woodhams - charcoal barbecue ireland

by:Longzhao BBQ     2020-04-30
Barbecue CO gas killed camper Hazel Woodhams  -  charcoal barbecue ireland
A survey reported that a camper died of carbon monoxide poisoning during a barbecue, which claimed almost the lives of her partner.Hazel Woodhams, 30, from Slaithwaite near Huddersfield, died in July in a tent at Camp Clippesby Hall near Yarmouth.Norfolk coroner William Armstrong recorded the verdict of accidental death at Norwich's hearing.The hearing was told that her partner, Roland Weslin, was seriously injured.Investigators heard the charcoal barbecue they used to cook, and after they brought it into the tent, they put toxic carbon monoxide gas in the tent for the night.Mr Wessling woke up around 06: 00 and BST lost direction due to carbon monoxide poisoning and called emergency services.Mr Armstrong said: "This tragedy should be a warning to the people who cook the barbecue and they should leave them...Don't bring them in outdoors."Mr. Weslin had almost lost an arm due to poisoning, which also damaged a kidney and he was still on sick leave.Mr. Armstrong said he would raise safety warnings for barbecues to the Minister of Business Innovation and Skills to see if anything could be done to make people more aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoningMiss Woodham was at the crime scene of a police officer in Leeds.
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