barbecue grill designs How to Paint a Barbecue Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-11-20
barbecue grill designs How to Paint a Barbecue Grill
If that old grill looks better, you might want to know if it's a replacement or a renovation.A still solid, usable grill can re-look almost new with fresh paint, saving you the cost of buying a new grill.A special high-Designed for hot paint on a grill where the temperature may become extreme is necessary for a suitable paint finish.Other types of paint may burn or fall off once the grill gets hot.Remove accessories such as propane tanks, cooking trays, and grill from the grill.Clean the painted grill surface using gentle household cleaners and wet wipes.Let the grill dry completely.Cover the work area outside with a newspaper.Put the grill on paper.Scrub any rust on the grill with a brush.Polish the entire painted surface with fine sandSand grinding blocks.This will wear out the external coating on the grill and provide better grip for the paint.Wipe the dust with a damp rag.Let the grill dry completely.Apply the tape of the painter to any place that will not be painted, such as a thermometer built into the lid.Shake the paint can in the time recommended by the manufacturer, usually about a minute.Spray the grill and lid with smooth, uniform arm movements.Draw a consistent row or column for uniform coverage.Let the paint dry and apply the second layer of coating.
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