barbecue grill for camping Spanish Tapas Is Perfect For A Barbecue Grill

by:Longzhao BBQ     2019-08-20
barbecue grill for camping Spanish Tapas Is Perfect For A Barbecue Grill
"To Spain again?How wonderful!Many friends said to me.Well, not actually.Yes, I admit that the weather has had a pleasant change from the dull precipitation in the northwest of England, and I do have some good friends working in Spain, but at the end of the day, it's not a holiday that is a job.It's frustrating enough to fly to Alicante for a vacation in a suit and tie, but then it's a taxi to the factory, work all day in the air-conditioned office, and then take a taxi to the hotel.
Come back to the factory in the morning and wait all day.etc…..Did you take pictures?What does the weather have to do with it?It is food that keeps grace for me.For me, Spanish food is the same as Italian food because it depends on the freshness of the ingredients and the simple cooking process.
The only difference is that there are a lot of snacks in the bar-snacks.Thanks to the simplicity and diversity of cooking, many snacks are suitable for BBQ smokers and have entered my free BBQ recipe page.Every day, I try a new bar, a new snack, ask the bartender how it was prepared, and then put it on the laptop on the plane back home.
After all, maybe business travel is good.
The word Tapas (plural) comes from the word tapa, meaning the cover.In the days before the air, bars and bodegas in Andalusia-Con, the bar owner will provide a tapa to cover the customer's sherry glass to prevent the fly from entering.Soon the bartender will put a little bread on the Tapa, which is the beginning of the evolution of the snack.
Technically, snacks are appetizers, and you can have appetizers in the bar before you go home for lunch and of course have a nap.The snack revolution now means that they can be served at any time, and many can be eaten at the same time, making a meal by themselves, which is the concept that makes snacks an ideal choice for barbecue shops.Some people do need a bit of adaptation, such as Esgarrat, which roasted red peppers with bacalao (dried salt squid) and olive oil.
The sweetness of the pepper is perfectly combined with the salt of the cod, resulting in a wonderful combination of flavors.Share a plate with friends and soak your bread in oil-it's amazing in the hot summer!It takes time (a week) to prepare Esgarrat, using two basic techniques of barbecue smoking, first curing, then fire roasting, so how to do it below.Take 150 grams or 6 ounces of cod tenderloin (skin) and put it in a plastic bag containing two tablespoons of salt.
Seal the bag and put it in the refrigerator for a week.On the day of consumption, remove the cod Ridge from the bag, wash it under the faucet, and slice it like smoked salmon.Technically, bacalao should dry in the air, but I found the process above to be very adequate and of course the best I can achieve in a humid British marine climate.
When the barbecue charcoal is good and hot, put two red peppers on the smoker's Grill and bake them until the skin is black and bubbling and the meat becomes soft.After completion, put the pepper in a plastic bag and cool after sealing.When it's cool, take the pepper out of the bag and peel off the black skin and you'll get a nice soft sweet pepper ready to slice.
Cut into strips, put on a shallow plate, add salt cod, add olive oil-the work is done, and in order for the taste to mix together, give it an hour and you are ready.Enjoy the Esgarrat and enjoy the rest of the summer, and I'll be back in the fall for more Spanish cooking adventures and smoker BBQ recipes
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